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These are stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately one year ago this week.

Abandoned Child Chapter 5

Most of the day Charlie and Jessie listens to music on his laptop. Jessie dances a little for the entertainment for Charlie and his baby sister to some of the music Charlie played for him. He can’t remember the last time he has had so much fun. The snow had slowed down outside.
Charlie looks over towards Jessie “why don’t you get bundled up and we’ll go and get some dinner?”

“Okay!” Jessie puts his mother’s coat on and bundle up Maggie so she would be warm. Charlie checks the steps to make sure they were safe to walk down. They could tell the parking lot had been plowed.

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 2

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 2

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel the first effects of all the magic in my system. I was overflowing with energy, and had real trouble staying still. Since it was spring break and I didn’t have school, I went over to a nearby park and ran around, doing gymnastics I had never tried before, but no matter how hard I pushed myself, I couldn’t seem to feel any less energetic.

The Waitress : Chapter 12 : Friends


The Waitress


Copyright© 2017 Anna Hurley (BrokenFox)
All Rights Reserved.


Synopsis: Jen gets to know Alex a little better.

Thundering Force: Chapter 12: “The Masks We Wear.”

Chapter Description: Chapter Twelve: After the events on Inoc Sev, Padme has taken leave back to the Senate for a few weeks. Though, during this time she will be reunited with someone from her past that will force her to confront who she was and who she is.

Meanwhile, Loki and Dooku have their reckoning. Loki has a few surprises ready for Dooku, with the fallout reshaping the fate of the entire Galaxy.

And a horror beneath the surface of the Senate District of Coruscant, in the lower levels of the planet, is slowing making himself more known.

Class Reunion Part 1

This is the first of at least three, maybe four parts. This is a direct sequel to the reunion chapter in "True Friends and Family" that introduced Willie, Paul, and Juan. Timeframe is simply last week of April roughly two weeks after Ella's surgery.

The Lucky Charm Chapter 11

The Lucky Charm

Chapter !!: Let the Games Begin Part 2

Last Time:

They were pointed, like an elf or such. When she cleared her throat to break my staring, "Hi, I'm Ranger Lawrence, but my
friends call me Freya." Then in a whisper, "I can tell you're a very 'special' girl, most people don't see my ears being
different because of a glammer."

I stammered out. "I'm ... Georgie, um, Georgette Lawrence. We have the same last name." Smiling warmly returning hers.

The Christmas Party – Part 2

Karen let me in her house, and Sid was out watching football at the pub. We sat and chatted for a while, just drinking tea. About six o’clock, Sid came home and we ordered a take-away, while me and Karen went to see what to wear that night. In the end, I borrowed the red bandage dress she wore when we last went clubbing, leaving my new dress hanging in the wardrobe of her spare room. We left at about eight, with me sitting in the front of the cab and the driver looking at my legs.

Freddy On the Loose: Part 6

TFOS: Freddy On The Loose


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

"Another two months and I'll have enough for a car!" Karen enthused, as she pulled her bike up even with his.

"Now what do you want with a car when you have a bike?" asked Freddy, grinning.

"Two words: Bad weather!"

"You don't even have a license, yet," Freddy pointed out.

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 3

Help! My Girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 3

I was really glad that Melody was there at that moment. She recovered from the shock before I did, and swept me up into a hug to prevent me from totally freaking out.

Eventually, I stopped shaking, and she said, “You ... need some clothes.”

Oh yeah. I was naked.

A half-hour later, I was dressed in pants and a t-shirt borrowed from Melody, and eating some soup while waiting for my mom to get back.

Nine Months (Month 7)

Nine Months Month Seven

Kelly is a 36-year-old man trapped in the body suit of a 25-year-old pregnant woman.

Kelly and Bill head north to meet the mother who abandoned them. Back in London Fiona, Matt and Saff come to terms with the attack.

Month Seven

The house looked like any other - a modernish 80s style house. The front garden had a low hedge and a large oak tree. I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe something with turrets and a moat? The witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel?

Turnabout Part 12

The saga of Dan and Jessa continues

Jessa learns that sometimes to get what you want you have to let go....

Thanks as always, Lizzy Bennet for your comments and kind words.

Abandoned Child Chapter 6

Charles was meeting with the president, vice president and sergeant of arms of the MC. He was still waiting on information about the person he saw with his son. He knows he has seen him around before, but couldn’t place his finger on where he has seen this man before.

“So, what have found out? You called all of us here.” Jerry Pike hadn’t even had his first beer this morning when he got a call from Charles about knowing where his deceased wife might have hidden the micro SD card of pictures she took.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – 2 Nightmare to Continue

A Good Samaritan is mistaken for a rapist...
Women took justice into their hands...
Results are life changing and come with rape charges...

Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 6

August was walking through the storage hangar where the parts for the German bomber were being stored along with the fighters from that era. Since, everyone had the day off today with pay. She wanted to explorer the old plane and see what it felt like to fly in these things. This one wasn’t going anywhere, but it wouldn’t hurt to explore.

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 4

Help! My Girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 4

I got through the first day back without any major difficulties. The people who would have said “hey” as I walked by before said “hey” as I walked by. Teachers hesitated for a second on my name like they were expecting a different name in that spot, but quickly that passed as well, and it seemed like as far as anybody at school was concerned I had always been a girl.

That said, I was glad I didn’t have gym this semester, as I was not ready to share a shower with a bunch of naked girls.

Freddy On the Loose: Part 7

TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 7


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

"I can't believe they're going ahead with the plan, in spite of what happened yesterday," muttered Freddy, sourly.

Black and White

Black and White
By: Light Clark

Synopsis: Alyssa and Noah had been friends ever since they were kids, but high school was complicating that. She was one of the popular girls, and he was a ‘nerd’. Unfortunately for the two of them, things only got more complicated from there.

A Gentle Soul - 1


A Gentle Soul

This story started to write itself after the second of my three eye surgeries. I filled it out a bit today, and feel the need to post it and get some feedback. It has not gone to my editor, so blame all the errors on my shoddy proofreading. Of course, let me know if it is something you want to see more of. It will not be worked on weekly, but I might be able to get a chapter up every month or two: Dawn.

Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 16-- Weekend chores and Tim

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

The week...lessons? What chores must be done on weekends and seeing Tim for his choice in life!!

We take a break for the madness of Rohanna and join Vantier in her first week at school!

11th Sun: Chapter 4: Speculation

“How has your week been?” Dr. Jordan has a plate of chobbish and is munching away. I have (ugh) noodle rations. We’ve been having dinner together once a week for four weeks now. It’s been about four days since I managed to get off for the first time, and now I’ve been doing it at every opportunity. Sometimes I dress up, sometime just my thoughts are enough to get me off.

“You said I’d have a teenager’s libido. That’s pretty much true.” I still fantasize about Dr. Jordan’s mouth, but I’m learning to control it.

Glimmer Girl #4 - "Dementia Pugilistica" (Part 1)

For Judith Kramer, the script for ‘Growing Old Disgracefully’ was a life preserver in an ocean far from the shores of her former career. The project had been assigned two award-winning actors to star alongside her, and a number of television sketch comedy stars to keep the youth market happy. After eighteen years of struggling for air, both figuratively and literally, it was like returning home.

Amadeus Irina ~ Part 31

A lonely young boy is torn between two worlds. Which will he choose—that of his father OR that of his mother?


Amadeus Irina

By Shauna

Copyright© 2017 Shauna
All Rights Reserved.
Splash collage courtesy of Dawn Natelle
(all image originals sourced from Creative Commons)

Author’s Note:
Hi All,

There is only one more chapter left after this one until the conclusion of the book! I hope you continue to enjoy them!

Now for more new stuff…


A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed -- Chp. 22 My Love Sonnet

I got to know Doug so quickly in fact that it felt like I knew him my whole life. Nothing seemed out of bounds, except my dark secret. And even there Doug got to know me better than I know myself. The real me.

A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed


Copyright © 2017 by AuP reviner

Roomies - Part 7

I wanted to see the town, but it was already well into the evening, so I decided to get a good night's sleep and 'do the town' well rested the next morning. As I went to put my phone on its charger, I noticed a text from Tina.

“Thanks for meeting my friends. They love you and say I did well ;-)”

I grinned at texted back. “Glad to hear. I thought they were great too. …..Could any of them talk with your dad? :-)”

And I pulled the comforter up and drifted off to sleep.

The Waitress : Chapter 13 : The price of hormones


The Waitress


Copyright© 2017 Anna Hurley (BrokenFox)
All Rights Reserved.


Synopsis: Alex gets to know Jen a little better, and finds out she knows a lot more than she lets on. She also learns whether or not Jen will help her get hormones.

The Italian Job - Part 12

After dinner, I told Luca about the auction and the antics of Mrs Federov, he Luca laughed his head off. His board meeting had gone very well so we were both in a great frame of mind. He’d also been meeting with his lawyers about something to do with the children. He was a little reluctant to tell me and I didn’t want to push it.

Our brief period of happiness didn’t last and we were brought down to earth with a bump when two days later when we were just about to leave for the airport and our flight to London when Gina arrived on the scene.

Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 4

Dreams of dancing in the Sky

Jordan Price was like most boys on New Holland. He dreamed of dancing in the sky like the Sky Dancers. To fly among the clouds under his own power. There is only one problem. Only women could be Sky Dancers, and Jordan was a boy. Then came the day that would all change

Abandoned Child Chapter 7

Charles had gotten the information from his contact at the police station. Once Charles heard the name, he knew who he was, he was a friend of his sister-in-law and now he knew why he was here. His son must have found the letter his sister-in-law sent agreeing to be his godmother. If that were the case, it would mean his son knew where the micro-SD card was. If he was here then it meant his sister-in-law was on her way, they needed to find him quickly.

Class Reunion Part 3


The news spread of the engagement of Juan and Lindsay and of Lindsay's pregnancy. As he expected, Juan was called before Louis Reagan to answer why he had proposed to her without his consent. He tried to keep an angry face but seeing the genuine terror on Juan's face showed he didn't have to put on the act and embraced Juan as his new son.

Freddy On the Loose: Part 8

TFOS: Freddy On The Loose


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

Adventure 8

The four guys - one an Earthling, the others aliens - waited outside the alien goods store. Freddy sat on a bench, Hub sat on the edge of a sturdy planter, Ramet leaned back against the planter beside Hub, arms folded across his chest, and Bl'fff simply stood on his eight spindly legs.

Tight Knit - Volume 1: Part 9

The penultimate chapter
of Volume 1.
While being victimized by Aphrodite,
Jesse encounters the most
vivid vision yet.

Tight Knit

Volume 1

Part 9

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright© 2017 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.


It was the evening before the Halloween weekend.

Children were trickling into the big hall for Rutherford B. Hayes Middle School’s traditional fancy dress ball. There were male and female pirates, princesses with reluctant princes, cowboys and cowgirls, ballerinas (one with a VERY reluctant and embarrassed partner), zombies, ghosts … all hoping to win the prestigious price for the best disguise.

Ashley, part 10

I fidget in my seat, trying to get comfortable as the train rushes through the French countryside to our destination. It’s not my clothes that are making me restless, of course- my pleated white miniskirt and loose patterned tank top feel perfect against my smooth, hairless skin. It isn’t even the disapproving stare of my father at my long, slender legs that makes me uncomfortable. The source of my restlessness, for once, is my three younger sisters- or rather, the thing that’s also making them restless!

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 5

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 5

“Sorry hon. You’re an attractive girl. You’re gonna get some attention from boys.”

“Well, I guess they can look but no touching.” I said.

“You say that now ...” she said with a smile.

“Wha... what do you mean?” I asked nervously.

“I’m sorry to tell you, hon, but most unicorns are straight.”

“So? ... Oh. You mean I might start liking boys?” I said in shock.

“I don’t know for sure. You might end up ... flexible.”

The Seven Deadlies: Chapter 1

“Oh jeez, another big American Pop group performing at the mega concert hall around. Please just gag me with a knife or a rusty spoon” Craig muttered, putting down the newspaper he just bought at the gas station. “Why do I even bother to hope, in the Midwest or the dead spot of the U.S. for foreign musical groups? I mean I know Chicago scores sometimes but generally most popular foreign groups may hit the coasts and that's it. Sure there are SOME foreign artists at cultural events but they're generally no name and some, if not most, are traditional music.”

Roomies - Part 8

By the time I got to Olive garden, Tina and her friends were working on dessert and Tina was nursing an espresso. I raised an eyebrow at Tina the part time barista. She read my mind.

“Just checking out the competition” she smiled raising her demitasse cup to me.

I nodded back with a smile.

“So Chloe... where you been keeping yourself girl?” Tina's friend Lauren asked.

“Oh, I was just exploring Greenville....” I smiled.

“Ooooh. City mouse!” Suzie chuckled.

Secondhand Life - Part 50

The Philippines gig was cut short. We did some press interviews but no live events. It seems the movie was less of a cult hit and more of a lightening rod. Conservative Catholic groups were quite upset about the story of a priest who fathers an illegitimate child. But still, Eoin wasn't the one getting the death threats. It seemed there was a much bigger furor over the 'harlet' who tempts the priest to break his holy vows.

“These people DO understand, don't they, that we're actors playing roles?” I asked one of the interviewers, who just replied with a noncommital shrug.

Summer of Love - Part 14

Life went on. I worked my crazy schedule of part time jobs, still volunteered at the shelter when I could, but I couldn't shake thoughts of Kesey when I was there and I slowly began to emotionally withdraw to the point where Maria and Steve noticed. They were kind enough to ease me out and make it seem like a mutual decision. I truly believed them when they said they would miss me, but they were already missing the old me while the withdrawn me was still there. We all agreed it was time for a change, wished each other well and promised to stay in touch.