The Devil's Chamber Part 20 (Finale Chapter)

Leslie looked at all her stuff as they moved it to a house that Casey recently bought for them. She couldn’t believe how little she had. She’s been living with Greg and Arthur for a long time. Arthur’s girlfriend was going to move in with them.

When she put in for an address change and added Casey Holland’s name to her contact list. She was called in to speak with her division supervisor. He wanted to know what her relationship was to Casey Holland.

Leslie told him about their relationship. After a few days, she got a response from her supervisor. He cleared Casey. She just smirked, because she knew Countess Basset would have chewed his ass out.

Casey noticed Leslie thinking about something. She wonders if Leslie was having second thoughts.

“Regretting your decision already, luv?”

“Nope, I was thinking about my division supervisor. He wanted to know about you.” Leslie place a box on the bed of her things.

“That’s standard MI 5 procedure. Anyone related to you has a background check done on them. When your division chief went to request background on me. He was probably visited by my aunt. She would want to know why he was looking into my file.” Casey knew how her aunt thinks.

"I bet he was surprised when the Department head of his department wanted to talk to him." Leslie figured he was surprised.

“It’s nice that this place has a gymnasium. I can work out and work on my tricks.” She starts unpacking her stuff.

"How good ar you at escaping from being tied up and such?" Casey had a mischievous smile on her face.

"We can find out later, if you want." Leslie raises her eyebrows.

It takes Casey and Leslie a few hours to get settled. They freshen up and go out for dinner. While they are enjoying their dinner. Leslie looks at Casey “you know I am still thinking about getting the operation.”

“I know, but can I suggest something? Why don’t you save some of your semen? That way if we want to have children later, we can.” Casey knew the family would want her to have children later.

“That’s a good idea. So, are you hinting that you might want to be a mother sometime down the line?” Leslie watches Casey’s facial expression.

Leslie has learned that Casey could be hard to read, but if you knew what to look for, you could read her. She didn’t mind if Casey wanted children later.

“Let’s just say my family would like it if I did. Even if we adopted children they wouldn’t mind. Most of my relatives are children that were adopted by the Bounty family one time or another.” Leslie found that out when she researched the family.

When they come back home. Leslie and Casey fool around some, before drifting off to sleep. Around one in the morning, Leslie wakes up and stare up at the ceiling. She’s found someone she loves and a new job that is going to be dangerous, but exciting. She glances at Casey’s sleeping form.

A smile appears on her face as she closes eyes.

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This story is 540 words long.