Sparrow and Falcon

Ranger Creek Road, Boerne, TX.
Sparrow looks at all the sympathy cards she received because of the passing of her mother. She looks at the picture of her mother on her desk. The desk was the same one her mother used when she was alive.

She couldn’t believe how many people had shown up for her mother’s funeral or how many of them used to work with her mother. There were several at the funeral that scared the daylights out of her. There were a few that didn’t have to say anything, but just look at you.

“How are you holding up baby?” Randy comes walking into the office and looks at his white hair beauty.

“I’m doing okay. How is Jinx doing?” Sparrow looks at her handsome boyfriend.

“She’s going to recover with a minimum of scars.” Randy couldn’t believe what happened to the poor girl.

“I can’t believe what happened to her. Who would beat and brainwash a child, like Jinx?”

“A sadistic person who has no morals at all. I’m going to be worried about her mental state. Those men you rescued her from, did a number on her.” Randy had to control his anger when he saw what jinx had been wearing and what they did to her.

The poor thing was dressed in bondage gear and wearing a corset so tight, that it was crashing her ribs. There were whip marks all over her body where she was whipped on a daily base. She was going to need a lot of physical and mental therapy.

“I feel so bad for Jinx, I can’t imagine what she went through.” Sparrow saw how the people she killed kept Jinx.

“How are things going with your mother's assets?” Randy knew Sparrow has been working hard on her mother’s assets.

“There is so much, spread out around the world. Also, there were things I didn’t know my mother had or was protecting.” Sparrow was surprised when she learned about them.

“Well, your mother was a retired CIA agent.” Randy knew Sparrow’s mother was a famous CIA agent along with several others that attended her funeral.

“So, was my dad until my mother was forced to shoot him,” Sparrow remembered the day her mother told her.

“What? Why did your mother have to kill your father?” Randy hadn’t heard about this.

“Dad switched sides and the agency sent one of the deadliest assassins in the agency to eliminate him. Fortunately, this assassin was friends with my mother and gave her the choice of doing the job herself or her doing the job.” Sparrow had been surprised that her mother killed her own father.

“Damn! That is messed up. How did you handle it, when she told you?” Randy watches Sparrow.

“I know my mother didn’t want to do it. However, according to her, the person who was assigned to kill my father was the best. She was the agency’s top assassin at the time. As for how I feel about it. My mother had to do what was right. I understand why she did it.”

“That had to be hard on your mother.” Randy couldn’t imagine having to do that to Sparrow or any of the women she worked with.

“It was, because at the time. She was pregnant with me.” Sparrow knew it was hard for her mother, knowing she was taking away her father.

Randy’s eyes get big when he hears that. That would throw a monkey wrench into any assignment. He just shakes his head and turns around to leave Sparrow’s office.

Sparrow watches as Randy leaves her office. She goes back to work on what she was doing before he came in. She still had a bunch of stuff to do.

A few hours later, there is a knock on the office door. Sparrow looks up at the door and notices Samantha standing in the doorway “what can I do for you, Sam?”

“Lunch is ready, Mrs. Sparrow.” Samantha looks at Sparrow.

“Thank you, Samantha.”

Samantha turns and walks away from the office. She walks back towards the kitchen to prepare a plate for their other guest. The one known as Jinx was sound asleep in the room, she set up for her.

Sparrow knew her mother wouldn’t approve of her eating lunch in her office and she couldn’t remember her mother ever doing it. Sure, her mother would drink coffee in the officer or water, but nothing else. She gets up and walks into the kitchen to see what Sam made.

A smile appears on her face, as she notices a nice American sub with everything she liked. She spotted Randy outside on the patio eating his. She picks up her plate and glass of iced tea. She walks outside to the patio where Randy was.

Randy looks up as Sparrow comes walking outside. A smile appears on his face when he sees her “coming out to join the help?”

“You’re more than the help, Randy and you know it.” Sparrow sits down at the patio table next to him.

“I know sweetie.” He leans over and kisses Sparrow.

Sparrow returns the kiss. She loved kissing Randy and she knew he knew she swung both ways. Which he didn’t mind, because he didn’t mind sharing her with another woman. Another man, that might be a different story, but another woman he had no problem with.

The two of them sit outside and enjoy their lunch. They watch as the clouds drift by.

“You know, that one looks like an upside-down castle.” Randy points at the one he was talking about.

Sparrow tilts her head to see if she saw what he saw. A smile appears on her face “you’re right, it does look like an upside-down castle.”

“It’s amazing how some clouds can look like ordinary things.” Randy loved watching clouds.

“I agree. When I was little, I and my mother used to lay out and watch as the clouds drift overhead.”

“Sounds like you your mother was close.” Randy looks at Sparrow as she spoke.

“We were. She was my best friend and my mother. She encouraged me to join the local police department.”

“How come you're not working for them now?” Randy was curious.

“I and my Captain got in a disagreement over a case. He wanted me to squish a DUI ticket of a local politician and I told him no one was above the law. So, he started making life hard for me. He assigned me a new partner that was a royal pain in the ass. He would make all sorts of sexist remarks and try his best to put me down. Even the politician I gave the ticket to, tried to make life difficult.

So, one day I punched both of them in the face. First my Captain and then the sleaze ball politician. When the politician threatened to sue me, my mother pulled him aside and threaten to release some information she had collected on him.”

“Oh, he should have realized who your mother was.” Randy could only imagine what a retired CIA agent could do.

The two of them make small talk as they eat outside on the patio. Most of it was plans on what they were planning on doing next week. Randy had to go back to work, but he was thinking they could go out to dinner at O’Shea’s. It was an authentic Irish Pub and it was their favorite place to have dinner.

After lunch, both Randy and Sparrow go to the gym and start working out. Randy use to be a personal trainer before he joined the fire department. Sparrow was trained by her mother, so the two of them work out together.

30 miles West of Boerne, TX.:
Falcon looks around outside the warehouse she had heard was producing drugs. She finds a trash can that she could turn upside and stand on. She hated being short, but those were the ropes. She climbs up on the trashcan and uses her mini binoculars to look into the warehouse.

Falcon looks around, but couldn’t see anything. She puts the binoculars back into the pouch on her utility belt and lift herself up through the window. She could hear voices, but it sounded like it was coming from a different area of the warehouse.

She lowers herself down from the window and slowly, but quietly starts looking around. She should have informed Sparrow about this operation, but she didn’t have time to. She hears music and spots two Latinos guarding a door. She pulls her blowgun out and loads a dart.

Falcon brings it to her mouth and blows a dart at the first guard and then a second one at the second guard. She watches as both young men drop to the floor. She moves quickly over to them and secures their hands with a set of quick cuffs.

Falcon pulls out a borescope and attaches it to her cellphone. She slips the borescope under the door and looks on the other side. She spots kids on the other side of the door measuring some sort of drug. It looked to be a bluish/purple color.

She pulls her mask up to cover her nose and mouth. She wasn’t going to take a chance with whatever that drug was. She pulls two disks off her utility belt and presses the middle of the disk to break the capsules inside to activate the chemical reaction.

Falcon pulls a fast-action acid pen off her belt to eat through the lock. Once the lock is eaten through. She opens the door slightly and slides the disk inside and shut the door. She hears the bodies of everyone inside start hitting the floor.

A smile appears on her face, beneath her mask. She counts to ten and slowly opens the door. She walks into the room and holds her breath. It was going to take a while for the homemade knockout gas to disperse. She walks over to the gang members to remove their weapons and cellphones.

She pulls out the quick cuffs and secures their hands behind their bodies. She also takes pictures of everything in the room. She knew Sparrow will want to see everything. Once she has everything recorded. She calls Detective Kuroki to let him know where he can pick the trash up and how many kids are involved as well.

Boerne Police Department:
Detective Kuroki was sitting at his desk finishing up on a report when his cellphone starts beeping. He looks at the text and notices it was from a block number, but the emoji of a Falcon let him know who it was from.

Lately, he has been working with Falcon and Sparrow on the mysterious drug that has appeared in Boerne. He didn’t approve of their vigilante activities, but they got the job done. He knew who Sparrow was. She was the daughter of Cynthia Drago and a former Boerne police officer.

She was suspended from the force for striking her Captain and for striking counselor Voss. His jaw was still wired shut. He knew Voss tried suing Sparrow, but because of Mrs. Drago’s fortune and connections. It didn’t go anywhere and he was threatened by Mrs. Drago as well.

As for Falcon, he didn’t know much about her. She just recently started working with Sparrow about a month ago, after Mrs. Drago’s death. All he did know about her, as she was short and very talented. She could build anything from whatever material was around her. She was a female MacGyver type of person. She also worked with Sparrow.

He picks up his cellphone and let her know he was on his way to her location. He grabs his gun from the bottom door of his desk and put it in its holster. He also let dispatch know he was going to need backup.

Abandoned Warehouse:
A smile appears on Falcon’s face when she receives a return text from Detective Kuroki. Sparrow had informed her, that if there was anyone on the Boerne Police force, she could trust. It was him. There were others, but Detective Kuroki was the best choice.

After a while detective Kuroki shows up, along with several police officers. Falcon walks over to the detective.

“They’re all yours, detective.” Falcon was wearing a mask that disguised her face and voice.

“Thanks, falcon. Why do you do this?” Detective Kuroki looks at Falcon for an answer.

“For the jazz, detective. For the jazz.” Falcon was a big fan of the old A-Team television show.

Hannibal Smith was her favorite character on the show. If he was a real person, she would try to seduce him. She liked that old matured look that some men have.

Detective Kuroki just shakes his head. He knew he heard those words spoken before, but where he couldn’t recall.

“Thanks for the help, Falcon.”

“Any time detective.” Falcon starts walking off.

She walks towards where she hid her motorcycle and mount it. She puts her helmet on and drives towards Sparrow’s place, instead of her camper van. She moved around like Scout did so certain people currently looking for her, don’t find her.

Sparrow’s Place:
Jinx wakes up and finds herself in a bedroom laying on a bed and wearing a peach color nightgown. She notices her wrist wasn’t cuffed and secured to the bed. She lifts the covers and notices neither were her ankles either. She feels around her neck to make sure the collar she has been forced to wear since she was kidnapped eight years ago was gone.

She saw that the door to the bedroom was slightly ajar. She also saw a note on the nightstand next to her bed. It said that she was free to move around and if she wanted anything to press the remote.

Jinx presses the remote and a few minutes later, a woman wearing a pair of black dress pants and a nice blouse comes walking into the bedroom. She looked old enough to be her mother. She had dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders.

“Ah, you’re awake. How can I help you?” Samantha looks at the young teenage girl sitting on the bed.

“Where am I?” Jinx was curious about where she was. The last thing she remembers was being drugged by the guys that kidnapped her.

“You are at Mrs. Drago’s ranch house.” Samantha couldn’t believe how malnourish the poor girl was. She also saw the track marks on her arms from the drugs she had been given.

“Am I a prisoner?”

“No ma’am. You are free to roam around the house and the grounds. If there is anyone you want us to contact, we can.” Samantha wanted to help this young girl.

“No, my parents are dead.” Jinx could still remember the night that she was kidnapped. Her parents were killed protecting her.

“How about I fix you something to eat?” Sam smiles at Jinx.

Jinx perks up when she hears the word food. She barely got anything to eat while she was being kept.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Is there anything you like or do you mind if I choose something?” Sam wanted the girl to feel like she was safe and could have anything she wanted.

Jinx has been wanting fried chicken for a long time. She hasn’t had it for the past eight years.

“C-c-an-n I h-h-a-ve-e f-fri-ed-d c-chic-ken-n p-p-lease-e?” Jinx was finding it hard to speak, because of how nervous she was feeling.

A smile appears on Sam’s face “you can have whatever you would like.”

“T-than-k-k y-you-o.” Jinx felt safe with this woman.

Samantha turns and leaves to go and cook some fried chicken for the young girl. She passes one of Birdie’s puppies in the hallway. Sam kneels and picks the puppy up “what are you doing up here?”

The puppy wiggles in Sam’s hands and tries to lick her. It was wagging its tail.

An idea pops into Sam’s head. She turns back around and walks back to the young girl’s bedroom. She puts the puppy down by the open door and watches as it enters the bedroom.

Jinx was walking around the bedroom looking at things. When a little golden-looking puppy comes walking into the bedroom. She kneels and looks at the puppy. A smile appears on her face as it walks over to her.

“W-who-o a-a-re-e y-you-o?” She pets the little golden fur puppy.

Sam peeks into the room and saw the young girl petting the puppy. A smile forms on her face, as she turns and heads downstairs to the kitchen to begin cooking. She noticed that Randy and Sparrow had gone down to the gym to practice.

A few hours later Falcon arrives at Sparrow’s ranch. She pulls up to the gate controls and enters her assigned security code into the keypad and waits for the wrought iron gates to open. Once they are open, she guns the engine and speeds up the long ass driveway towards the main house.

Falcon knew she was being monitored by all the sensors hidden along the driveway. Sparrow’s mother took certain security measures to protect her property from some of the enemies she made while working for the CIA. She finally arrives at the huge mansion house and parks her motorcycle under the brick carport so it was out of the sun.

Falcon walks towards the main door and rings the doorbell. A few seconds later, the door opens. Standing on the other side she spots Samantha “hey Sam.” As she walks into the house.

“It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Latcha.” Samantha shuts the front door behind Falcon.

“God, I hate my last name.” Falcon stops to look at Samantha.

“Well, you do know I am not going to address you by your code name, Katja.” Samantha refuses to address anyone by a nickname or code name.

“You address Sabrina by her code name.” Katja looks at Sam when she mentions that.

“Not all the time, Katja. Now, if you’ll follow me, please.” Samantha starts heading towards the gym.

“How is the young girl doing?” Katja didn’t know the girl’s name.

“She’s doing fine. She’s going to have a long road of recovery after everything that has been done to her.” Samantha escorts Katja down to the gym.

The Gym:
Randy faces off against Sparrow. He knew she was trained in several different styles of martial arts since she could walk. Her mother was a big believer in her daughter learning how to defend herself.

Randy makes the first move against Sparrow. He manages to grab her and toss her like she weighed nothing. Follows up with a spin kick, but is blocked by Sparrow. He jumps back after his spin kick misses her.

“You better retreat.” Sparrow smiles at Randy.

“Are you going to talk or attack?” Randy was trying to rile Sparrow up.

Sparrow steps close to randy and delivers several quick punches to him. She was using how close she was to him to make it harder for him to block. The thing is, Randy was just as quick as she is and receives several punches to her body.

Randy hits Sparrow hard, but not too hard, and watches as she falls backward on her ass. An evil smile appears on his face as he looks down at her “you were saying?”

Sparrow springs back up and goes in hard and fast against Randy. She tries several times to put him into arm locks and such, but he manages to escape them. She feels herself grabbed and put into a full nelson and lifted off the training mats.

She manages to break free and flip behind him. She spins around on her right foot and stops just before she knocks his head off his shoulder.

“Why did you stop? I was enjoying watching you two.” Falcon was leaning against the weight machine mounted next to her.

“Because this is practice Falcon, not combat.” Randy grabs his and Sparrow’s towel. He tosses her towel to her.

“Thanks” As Sparrow catches it.

She wipes herself down with it. While she is drying off, she looks at Falcon and notices she was wearing her suit and utility belt.

“Alright, spill. What have you been up to this morning?” Sparrow grabs her water bottle and takes a sip from it.

“I managed to track down that gang we have been looking for.” Katja watches as Sparrow and Randy look at her.

“Did you engage with them or do I and Randy need to join you?”

“I engaged with them and took out their process lab. They were making this.” Falcon pulls a vial filled with blueish/purple powder.

Sparrow holds her hand out for it. She wanted to see if this powder was the same stuff that turned Scout, one of the twins, Hawk, Dove, and Falcon herself. She knew all the ladies found by her mother used to be men.

Falcon walks over to Sparrow and put the vial in her hands. She had another vial in a compartment on her belt.

“I’ve heard rumors about this stuff, so be careful.” She made sure to wipe the outside of the vial after filling it.

Sparrow and Randy look at the powder inside the vial. It had a weird blueish/purple coloring to it.

“We need to send a sample to Lise and have her analyze it. Maybe she can tell us what this stuff does.” Sparrow was curious about it.

“Well, if she needs a second sample. I have a second vial.” Katja figures she might as well inform Sabrina.

“Good thinking, Katja.”

“I thought so. Has anyone heard from Dove lately?” Falcon hadn’t been at the meeting.

“She’s made contact with Mrs. Felica Harding and is staying in a condo in Dallas.” Randy had been in Sparrow’s office during the meeting.

“That’s good. Four members of her old boyfriend’s motorcycle gang are looking for her. They want to pay her back for putting him in the hospital.” Falcon had a person she trusted at the bar the motorcycle gang likes to hang out at.

“If they don’t forget about Dove, I’ll inform them what happens when you come after one of us.” Sparrow didn’t like anyone coming after her women.

“Oh, please can I be there? Pretty please?” Falcon loved to fight.

Randy just chuckles as he listens to Falcon pleading to fight them. He knew she was a spunky little person. If there was one thing, he has learned about her. She didn’t fight fair. She wasn’t above using every dirty trick there was in the book.

“If it comes down to that, you have my permission to enjoy yourself.” Sparrow knew keeping Falcon back would be a mistake.

“When do you want to get these samples to Lise?” Falcon saw that Randy and Sparrow needed to hop into the shower before they did anything.

“Tomorrow morning. I have some business I need to tend to in Austin tomorrow.” Sparrow had to go to Austin to check on an art gallery her mother owned there.

She was the new owner of it and several other businesses her mother invested in. The medical research lab Lise worked at was located in Austin. She was one of their leading research technicians.

“So, what are you doing for the rest of the day?” Randy looks at Katja.

“I’m heading back to my Rv and getting out of this suit of mine. I might cook out on the grill tonight. Do you mind if I check on the girl we rescued?’ Falcon wanted to make sure she was okay.

“Go ahead. While you’re doing that. Randy and I are going to freshen up.” Sparrow had Samantha keep an eye on Jinx. That was the name that was printed on the collar that was around the girl’s neck.

The twins were still researching where the girl came from and what her real name was. So, until they could get the girl to tell them her real name. They were going to call her the name they found on the collar.

Randy and Sparrow head towards their bedroom and take a shower in the master bathroom. While they are doing that, Katja checks in on the girl and saw that she was playing with one of the puppies from Birdie’s litter. A smile appears on her face as she watches them play.

Falcon turns around and walks downstairs towards her motorcycle. Just before she leaves, she stops to speak to Samantha. She finds her in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Watch you making, Samantha?” Katja loved what she was smelling.

“Pork Marsala, Katja.” Samantha looks at Katja as she stood nearby.

“Man, now I wish I was staying.” Katja loved Pork Marsala.

A smirk appears on Samantha’s face. She goes about preparing everything.

“Look if that girl needs anything, let me know, please. I have a teenage girl staying with me right now.” Katja had taken in a transgender girl after her father tossed her out of the house.

“I will, Katja. And if you need anything, please let me know as well.” Samantha looks at Katja when she says that.

“I will.” Katja starts walking towards the front door.

Falcon’s Campervan, Cactus Jack’s RV Campsite:
Debbie moves carefully as she moves around in the van. Katja informed her that she had some things she had to take care of this morning. So, she would have the van to herself. There was plenty of food and drinks in the van to help herself. If she decides to go swimming or ride her bicycle leave her a note and take the cellphone, she left for her.

Debbie was grateful for everything Katja did for her after her father threw her out of the house. He had finally gotten fed up with her wearing women's clothing. She had gone behind his back and bought some estrogen pills from a person who sold drugs. The pills had started to affect already on her body.

She was already developing breasts and her testes and penis were getting smaller. She also noticed her hips, voice, and butt were making her sound more like a young woman. She now sounded like her cousin Carol in Huston.

She decided to spend time down at the lake that Cactus Jack had. She digs out the bikini she bought a while back and put it on. After she puts it on, she looks at herself in a mirror and you couldn’t tell she was a male.

She fixed herself a lunch to take with her and everything she wanted to take with her. She takes a lawn chair for her to sit in with her. She walks down to the man-made beach and spends all day down there.

Falcon arrives back at the RV park and puts her motorcycle away inside the trailer attached to the back of her campervan. She also takes her gear off and secures it in the trailer as well. She was standing in the trailer in just the nude body suit she wears under her suit. She locks the trailer up and enters her campervan. She spots the note Debbie left her informing her she was down at the lake.

A smile appears on Katja’s face as she goes about gathering the ingredients she needs for dinner. She hopes Debbie likes chili because she was in the mood for homemade chili. She changes out of the body suit and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top.

She starts making the chili and lets it cook for a while. She gets another pot and makes some rice to go with it. While the chili is simmering on the stove, Katja grabs the portable table from a hidden compartment inside the van and sets it up outside.

When Debbie walks back to the camper van, she notices Katja had set up everything to eat outside tonight. She spots Katja inside stirring a big pot on the stove “did everything go okay?”

“Everything went fine. I hope you like chili because I made a lot.” Katja noticed Debbie was wearing an age-appropriate bikini for a girl her age. She looked rather cute in it.

“I love chili. What do you think of my bikini?” Debbie wanted to know Katja’s opinion about how she was dressed.

“It’s cute and age-appropriate. If it was any more revealing, I think you would be in trouble.”

“Thanks, Katja. You don’t know what that means to me.” Debbie walks into the van and hugs Katja.

Katja returns it. She holds onto Debbie and lets the poor girl know she isn’t a freak like her father called her. After a few minutes, she let’s go “let’s sit down and enjoy this chili.”


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