Going Home Chapter 14

Terry suckles on her mother’s breast as she laid close to her in bed. She was extremely hungry when she woke-up and she tiptoed into her mother’s bedroom. She knew her mother had company last night. The scent of the guy she went to bed with was all over her mother’s body and in the space next to her mother.

She was excited that the item she ordered for her mother and grandmother was arriving today. She switches from the breast she was suckling on to the other one. After fifteen minutes of suckling on her mother’s breast, she stops.

“Are you finally done, my little kitten?” Catlin rolls onto her back, pulling Terry along, so she was laying on top of her.

Terry looks into her mother’s eyes “yes ma’am. I’m finally full.”

Catlin just holds Terry in her arms as they laid in bed. She remembers the day she met the poor girl. The Theocratic System doctors were slowly turning her into an organic robot.

The Theocratic Systems doctors had performed surgery on Terry body and replace a few items inside of her. Terry had told her that she remembered the pain as they removed and replace parts of her body they took out and replaced with advanced cybernetic systems to make her a better tool. They had left her vocal cords intact as they removed parts of her body without numbing or knocking her out. According to what Terry told her, she had screamed the whole entire time they operated on her. They had peeled her skin off and laid down a sensory web over her whole entire body and ran leads to her brain and replaced parts of her brain with cybernetic systems. They had cut off her right arm and attached a cybernetic one after removing all her bones. Terry’s masters had replaced her bones with lightweight polymer composites.
They reinforced her spinal cord and her rib cage. There were times when the sensory web they had installed under her skin made her feel uncomfortable when it was active. It sent a tingling sensation throughout her body. The information was sent to the computer chips in her head and gave her headaches from all the information being given to her all at once. Both her eyes had been replaced to make her see her work better.

The cybernetic systems were only one reason why she hated them so much. The loss of her parents when she was just three years old was another reason, she hated them. Her mother and father had died from an explosion from one of their left-over mines. What happened to her birth parents was a constant reminder to her? It was why she hated the Theocratic Systems Confederacy so much.

When Terry had been nearly killed in an explosion aboard the Revenge. They took Terry’s DNA and combined it with an egg from Catlin and cloned her a new body. Catlin was happy to be Terry’s mother. The cloning hadn’t worked as they had hoped. Terry had turned out to be a throwback to when the Ailuros people were small and childlike.

Catlin rubs Terry’s back and gets her purring. She holds her against her body and loved the fact that she got a second chance to be a mother after her abduction. She holds Terry for a little while longer.

“Alright kitten, I need to get up and go to the bathroom.” Catlin transfers Terry to the spot next to her and gets out of bed.

Terry watches as her mother heads to her private bathroom. She looks at the time and gets up and dressed. She wanted to meet the transport that was bring her gifts for her mother and grandmother at the space dock. She sticks her head into the bathroom “mom, I have something I need to go and take care of.”

“Alright, sweetie. Remember, grandpa wants you at the meeting today, so don’t be late.” Catlin looks at her daughter as she steps into the

“Okay, mom.” Terry turns around and heads towards the spaceport.

Ailuros Capital Spaceport, pad 5:
“Monkey Wrench to Ailuros Capital Spaceport, requesting permission to land.” Vicky stretches as she waits for Capital control to give her permission to land.

Jax was sitting next to her and was ready to land and get off the ship for a while. Jax was missing her playmate back at the station.

“Vic, how long are we going to be here?”

“A few days. We’re picking up a load heading to Echo station.”

“Isn’t that along the Ailuros boarder and the Draconic Empire border?” Jax couldn’t remember exactly where it was.

“Yep. Don’t worry, the Revenge is going to meet us there.” Vicky wouldn’t normally go there, but the Revenge was going to be making an appearance there to discourage any aggression

The Draconic forces in that area have had their butts beaten several times. Every time the Revenge had an encounter with the draconic forces in that area. They beat them and took away the area the draconic had.

“Good! I hate that area of space.” Jax sits back in her seat and waits.

After ten minutes “Ailuros Capital Spaceport to transport Monkey Wrench, you have permission to land at spaceport 5.

“Thank you, Ailuros Capital Spaceport.” Vicky follows the flight path they sent for her to follow down to the spaceport.
Passenger Quarters, Monkey Wrench:

Juno looks up from the book she had been reading. It was one that she found in the small library aboard the Monkey Wrench. She felt the ship shake and could tell from the shaking that they were entering the atmosphere. She gathers her stuff and prepares to get ready to disembark.

The week that took them to get to the planet had been interesting. The captain was a gracious host and showed them some old movies from a place called Earth.

She especially enjoyed the food that the captain cooked for everyone. It was tasteful and flavorful, and it didn’t bother her stomach at all. She feels the ship touch down.

Juno waits a few minutes before Captain Vicky lets them know that they can disembark. Knows she’ll have to go through screen screening when she leaves the ship, but it didn’t bother her. All her ids were on the up and up. Also, with the way she looked, the Ailuro authorities won’t look that hard at her id’s.

Spaceport 5:
Terry was waiting for the loading doors on the Monkey Wrench to lower. She had accessed the cargo manifest that had been filled with the spaceport. Her items were aboard the transport. She watches as the cargo ramp lowers and the captain of the vessel walks down the ramp.
Vicky spots a young Ailuro waiting for her when she exits the ship. She also spots that she had two royal security guards with her.

Terry walks up to Vicky “Captain Vicky, I’m Terry, daughter of Princess Catlin. I was wondering if I could get the cargo unit that has some items, I have been waiting for to arrive from you?”

“All cargo has to pass through customs and inspected before it can be offloaded, you should know that.” Vicky looks at the young girl. She looked like an earth puma.

“There are exceptions, Captain. Since I am a member of the Royal family I can have any cargo that belongs to us by-pass customs.” Terry sometimes loved she had the authority of the Royal family.

Vicky just shakes her head “which cargo unit is it?”

“DH-21” Terry shows the cargo manifest to Vicky.

“Alright, let me get some cargo handlers to unload the area that unit is in.” Vicky was about to walk off.

“I have you covered, Captain.” Several cargo handlers come over after Terry sends the signal.

A few minutes later, an inspector comes walking over to investigate why the ship was being unloaded. Crock didn’t like it when Captain’s took
the matter into their own hands. They knew the rules.

As he gets closer “Who gave you permission to unload your ship?” He was looking at Vicky and the cargo handlers.

“I did, inspector.” Terry still had her guards standing near her.

Crock turns around to see who just spoke and spots a young puma looking girl with two Royal security guards standing next to her. It took him a few seconds to recognize who the Puma girl was.

“I’m sorry Lady Terry, I didn’t know you had authorized the unloading.” Crock wishes she had constituted him first.

“Sorry for sidestepping you Inspector Crock, but there are some special gifts on that transport for my mother and the Queen.” Terry had looked
high and low for these special gifts.

“I’ll let it pass this time, Lady Terry, but next time please talk to me first.” Crock looks at Terry.

“I promise.” Terry waits until the handlers had the unit she wanted.

Juno goes through security to be cleared. She shows her Id cards and waits as they are scanned. The port security guard looks at Juno and
backs down at her cards.

“You’re clear.” He hands the cards back to her.

“Thank you.” Juno accepts them and places them in her belt.

She takes a transport into the Royal city and books her a room at one of the medium price lodging. She notices that there were areas that humans and other species weren’t permitted to go to the Royal city. Only Ailuros were permitted.

The lodging she got was nice and clean and there was a hover pool that she could swim in if she wanted too. She leaves her bags pack in the room as she leaves to look around the city.

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