The Past Comes Knocking Part 20

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Days Before Aylin and Family Come To England:
Amelia stares into Ralph’s brown eyes as he kisses her. She felt his thick manhood pump in and out of her body. She digs her nails into his back, leaving light welts as she rakes his back. She was enjoying the feeling of her husband inside her body. Every time, he bottomed out inside of her body. She felt him hitting her cervix. It was a little painful, but she didn’t care.

She had her birth control device removed a few days ago. She loved feeling his body pressing against hers. The two of them cum together as she holds him tight against her body. She feels him erupt inside of her body.

A smile appears on her face as she rubs his back. She knew she left welts on his back from her fingernails. Her fingernails weren’t very long because of her being a chef.

“Ready for round two?” As Amelia kisses her husband.

Ralph shakes his head as he returns his wife’s kiss. He knew they weren't getting any sleep when she was in this type of mood, and he didn’t mind.

“Only if you are.” As Ralph nuzzles Amelia’s neck.

The next few hours, Ralph and Amelia make love to each other. Amelia tries not to be too loud during their love making but fails. She hoped she didn’t wake their girls.

They finally fall asleep at two in the morning. Ralph was holding Amelia tight against his body, with his manhood still buried inside of her body. He left a few hickeys on Amelia’s neck and her breasts, right on her nipples.

In the morning time, both his girls give him and their mother looks. Carrie and Angela couldn’t believe how loud their mother had been. They could hear her moaning all the way to their bedroom.

“Mom, was Dad that good that you couldn’t keep quiet?” Angela looks at her mother with a smirk on her face.

“Sis!” Carrie couldn’t believe her twin sister just said what she had said to their mother.

Amelia looks at her daughters with her cheeks red. She hadn’t realized she was that loud.

“Your dad is very talented in the art of loving making.” Amelia has already had the birds, and the bees talk with her daughters.

“Well, I hope I meet a guy as talented as Dad.” A teasing smile appears on her face when she says that.

“I hope not until you’re older.” Amelia didn’t want to be a grandmother at a young age.

“You weren’t that old when you and Dad had us.” Angela looks at her mother when she says that.

“True, but I already had the restaurant, and your dad was working for his father.” Amelia knew she had become pregnant on their honeymoon.
She didn’t get the birth control implant until after the girls were born.

It wasn’t until recently that she decided to have it removed. Now that she was older and the girls were in their teens. She was considering having another baby.

Amelia gets dressed and takes the girls to school. She does her morning shopping and when she arrives at work. She spots someone digging through the trash. Sometimes, some homeless people dig through the trash, looking for food. She parks her car, walks toward the back of the restaurant, and spots a young girl digging through the trash.

“If you're hungry, I can fix something for you.” Amelia wonders how old the girl is.

Amy turns around when she hears a female voice. She was hungry and sore from the whipping her drunk mother gave her. Her eyes still hurt from where the alcohol from one of the guy's glass spilled onto her face. Her mother had backhanded her, and she hit the table with her back where the guy’s glass was sitting.

Amelia watched the girl as she stood near the trash cans. She noticed the poor thing had bruises on her arms and face. She was wearing no shoes, and it looked like the girl had some dry blood on her head.

“I promise you’ll like it. I have two girls of my own, and they love my food.” Amelia was trying to coach the girl too.

Amy feels her tummy growl and rumble. She looks at the woman and starts walking towards her. She was really hungry and didn’t like eating out of the trash.

Amelia holds her hand out to the young girl. She felt sorry for the poor thing. When she feels the girl’s greasy hand grab hers, she doesn’t flinch.

Amelia looks down at the girl “Let’s go and get some food.”

Amelia walks towards the back door and opens it. She escorts the young girl inside. She takes her over to the sink and cleans her up.

“Now, let’s cook you up some food.” Amelia begins fixing the young girl some food.

Amy watches as the woman cooks. She saw what she was adding to the food. She loved how it smelled.

Amelia looks at the young girl. “My name is Amelia, and I own this restaurant. What is your name?”

Amelia stirs the food she was cooking for the girl.


“Well, Amy. Do you live near here?” Amelia doesn’t recall ever seeing the girl before.

Amy shakes her head yes.

“Does your mother know you are gone?”

Amy shakes her head no. She didn’t want her mother to know she ran away.

Amelia finishes cooking the food and puts it on a plate for the girl. She looks at Amy “Let’s go and sit in the dining area.”

Amelia carries on a tray and pours the girl a glass of juice. She escorts Amy to the dining area and the staff table.

“Here you go, Amy. Enjoy. If you're still hungry, let me know, and I’ll fix you some more.” Amelia still had to bring the groceries she bought this morning inside.

Before Amelia walks off, she watches as Amy starts eating. She walks away and goes to get the groceries she bought this morning. She wonders
who Amy belonged to. The poor thing was dirty, and from the way she looked. It looked like someone had abused her.

While Amelia goes about getting everything ready to open for lunch, she checks on Amy and notices that half of the plate of food is already gone. She figures Amy must have been very hungry.

“Amy, would you like more juice?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Amy was enjoying the food and the juice.

Amelia refills Amy’s glass with more juice. She was curious why Amy was out on the street and why she was so hungry.

“Amy, did you run away from home?” Amelia watches Amy's expression.

Amy looks at Amelia “Yes ma’am. Please don’t send me back.”

“Why don’t you want to go back? Are you being abused?”

Amy shakes her head yes. She didn’t want to return to her mother’s or her friends.

“Why don’t you finish eating your food? I’m going to call a friend of mine.”

Amelia stands up and heads back to the kitchen. She pulls out her cell phone and calls a booby. She knows the guy personally because he always comes to the restaurant. She hopes Freddie will be able to help her. If nothing else, Amy could stay with her and her husband until everything is figured out.

After leaving a message for Freddie, she calls her mother and asks her to stop by a store and pick up some clean clothes for Amy. She could stay here with her at the restaurant for the day.

Just as Amelia gets off the phone with her mother, it rings, and she notices it is her brother. She presses accept.

“Hi Archie, what can I do for you?”

“Everything is a go, sis. Aylin and her husband want to meet you and your husband.”

“I didn’t think she would. Well, we could meet here at the restaurant. My place is too small for everyone.” Amelia figures Archie would want to be there as well.

“I think your restaurant is the perfect place. What time and day would you want to meet?” Archie thought the restaurant was perfect.

“Okay. What day?”

“Would this week be okay?”

“Sure, but it would have to be on Thursday night. Fridays are our busy nights.”

“What time?”

“Either before I open or afterward.” Amelia didn’t want to interrupt business.

“I think later would be better. They have to drive from where they will be staying.”

“That’s fine. Let’s say around eight o’clock.” Amelia didn’t think her patrons would mind her closing early.

“Cool. I’ll inform Aylin, sis. See you then.” Archie ends the call.

Amelia looks out into the dining area towards Amy and hopes she can help the poor girl. She walks back out to her.

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If Amelia can't get the help Amy needs .

Samantha Heart's picture

Leave it to Aylin as she knows rolity not to mention people high up in MI 5/6. If there is a way to help Amy Aylin & Mark can get it done.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


It seems that both sisters share a caring attitude towards neglected and abused children.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin