On the Highway Chap. 9

Sidney pauses the movie she was watching on her tablet. She glances at the clock in the room and notices it was almost noontime. Jochen has been in the warehouse for the past few hours, and she was starting to get bored.

She pulls some money out of her purse and walks over to the vending machines. She looks at the selection of items available and spots a few items that she likes.

“Hhmm???” Sidney puts her money in and selects a few items.

Once they drop down, she retrieves them and step over to the soda machine, and selects a Pepsi. Once she has all her selections, she heads back to her seat. She opens her first bag of snacks and starts munching on them, while she continues to watch her movie.

Around one in the afternoon, Jochen enters the waiting room. He looked exhausted. He looks at Sidney “are you ready to go?”

“Yes, but can we stop somewhere and get some lunch, please?” Sidney was still feeling hungry.

A smile appears on Jochen’s face “I think we can work that in.”

“Cool.” Sidney packs up her stuff and walks over to Jochen.

Jochen watches as Sidney gathers her stuff up and throws away her trash. He just watches her as she makes sure nothing was left.

“Looks like you have everything, lets getting going.” Jochen turns to walk out of the room.

“Can I use the bathroom, before we go, please?” Sidney didn’t need to use the toilet while she was sitting down.

However, when she stood up and started moving around. Her body started giving her clues that it needed to go. She crosses her legs and starts doing her little pee, pee dance.

A smirk appears on Jochen’s face “yes, go ahead.”

Sidney rushes towards the Women’s bathroom. She barely gets her panties down as she sits down before she starts peeing. All the soda she has been drinking filled her bladder up.

Jochen wonders how many sodas’ Sidney drunk while she was waiting for him. He knew she has been waiting several hours for him to come out. He watches as Sidney finally exits from the bathroom.

Sidney comes walking out of the bathroom feeling better. She not only had to pee but take a poop as well. She looks over towards Jochen “I’m ready.”

“Good, let's get going.” Jochen escorts Sidney to Matilda.

As they are walking towards her “where are we going now?”

“First Texas, to one of Blake’s medical research hospitals and then to Mexico to one of their research facilities.”

“I’ve never been to Mexico or Texas.” Sidney wonders what the places were like.

“Well, this will be my fourth trip to those places.” Jochen climbs into Matilda’s cab and starts her up.

Sidney climbs into the cab on the passenger side and puts her safety harness on. She turns to look at Jochen “so, where are we going to stop for lunch?”

“Frankie’s truck stop. It’s on the way out to the interstate.” Jochen starts heading towards Frankie’s truck stop to get them some lunch.

Sidney watches as Jochen drives. She wonders how long they were going to be on the road. It wasn’t like she didn’t mind traveling. She loved traveling with Jochen as he drove.

After twenty minutes, they arrive at Frankie’s Truck Stop and buy a few sandwiches to take with them. Jochen wasn’t planning on stopping anywhere on the route to Texas. Sidney got several of her favorites and ate one.

She looks over towards Jochen and knew what he had gotten. She knew he had several that he liked.

“Is the load we are transporting, expensive?” Sidney was curious.

“It’s mostly normal medical equipment, nothing special.” Jochen couldn’t tell Sidney the real truth.

They were also carrying some experimental medical equipment as well. Some of it was based on the technology that the headquarters found.
Also, there was a more advanced medical bed scanner. Jochen also found out that the older medical scanners beds could be upgraded with newer modules that could be changed out.

After a few hours, Sidney curls up on the passenger seat and falls asleep. While she is sleeping, Jochen looks over at her and wonders why Sidney would need to steal the diamonds he found her with. He hasn’t heard back from headquarters about the piece he sent them.

The next few days, Matilda heads towards Texas. The only time Jochen stopped was when both of them needed to stop for a bathroom stop. He noticed that a few times when Sidney was asleep. She would toss and turn.

When they arrived in Texas, Matilda let Jochen know. While they are traveling down Interstate forty-five towards Fort Worth. Two black drones appear out of nowhere and start following them.

“Jochen, are we supposed to have drones following us?”

Just as Sidney says that the drones open fire on Matilda. The bullets bounce off the protective armor protecting the trailer. The second drone fires at Matilda as well.

Jochen maneuvers Matilda out of the way of fire. He flips a few switches and activates the weapon systems. The defensive system comes online as well.

Bart was heading towards Fort Worth when he spots two black drones with fans appear in midair. He has only seen something similar to that with the vehicles Terry built. He watches as the two drones fire at an eighteen-wheeler several car lengths ahead of him and his family.

Caroline spotted the drones as well. She looks over towards her husband “what are they?”

“I don’t know. Take a picture of them, so I can send it to Terry to identify.” Bart has never seen anything like them before. They weren’t like the drones Terry build.

“What’s going on, dad?” Julie leans forward to see what her parents were talking about.

Angel was traveling with Bart and his family. They had gone on vacation for a few weeks and were now coming back. She watches as Julie leans forward to see what her parents were talking about.

“Julie, please sit back in your seat, sweetie.” Caroline looks at Julie.

“Yes, ma’am.” Julie sits back against her seat.

“I’m pulling off the road.” Bart pulls his SUV over onto the emergency lane.

Caroline looks at her husband “don’t do anything dangerous, sweetie.”

“I won’t.” Bart checks his handgun and gets out of the SUV. He starts firing at the drones, but the bullets bounce off of them.


Bart tucks his handgun into the back of his waist. He walks back to the SUV and opens the back hatch. He lifts the carpet covering a secret compartment and inputs a code into the electronic lock. He opens the secret compartment “let’s see how you handle this.”

Bart lifts a rifle that was a duplicate of Anika’s sniping rifle out of the compartment. It had all the same functions and abilities hers did. He switches out the normal rounds the gun carried with the special depleted uranium rounds Rachet sent him and Anika.

Red lights start flashing on Matilda’s windshield. Sidney looks towards Jochen “what’s going on?”

Jochen notices that the rear tires on the trailer had been hit. He starts losing control of the trailer.

“We lost the rear tires on the trailer.” Jochen manages to keep from losing the trailer. He manages to pull Matilda over onto the shoulder.

Jochen sends out an emergency signal to Blake rescue team. Right now, Matilda was a sitting duck.

“Jochen, what are we going to do?” Sidney was scared.

“We’re not out of the game, yet.” Jochen targets the drones with the mini-missiles Matilda kept in reserve.

Just as he launches them at the two drones, one of the drones explodes. The other drone explodes as two missiles hit it. The damaged drones fall out of the sky.

Bart manages to shoot one of the drones with two rounds from the rifle. He watches as it explodes into a bright fireball. Just as he was aiming for the second drone, it explodes as what he guesses were missiles hitting it.

He spots the eighteen-wheeler parked on the side of the interstate with the trailer tires completely gone. Bart puts the sniping rifle back where he got it from. He looks at Julie since she was looking behind and at him “I’m going to go and check on the driver. You girls stay here.”

“Be careful, Bart.” Caroline had turned to look at her husband.

“I will.” Bart closes the back hatch and starts walking towards the semi-truck.

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