Angel's Honeymoon

Angel glance’s over towards Carols sleeping form as a smile appears on her face. They had waited a year before going on their honeymoon. Carol and Angel wanted to give the twins time to adjust; so they didn’t feel like they were being abandoned again. It wasn’t like the twins were by themselves. They had their grandparents, their Aunt and her boyfriend looking after them.

Angel couldn’t wait till they boarded the cruise ship. They were taking a seven-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, Puerto Rico and flying back home. They could had driven from Georgia down to Florida, but Carol and Angel didn’t want to. So, they were flying down and taking a cab to where the cruise ship was docked. They had come with a few other couples from their hometown. Angel smiles as she slips her fingers under her wife’s waistband and slowly rubs.

Carol moves some as she opens an eye and looks at Angel.

“What mischief are you up too?” Carol grabs Angel’s hand and brings it up to her lips and licks her fingers.

“Just seeing if you were really asleep or playing possum.” Angel had a smile on her face.

“Is that the best lie, you can come up with?” Carol lets go of Angel’s hand.

Angel leans towards her wife “I actually want to molest you some before we landed.”

Angel places a kiss on Carol’s lips and then leans back.

Carol had a pleasant smile on her face.

“Now, sit back and enjoy the flight. We can molest each other on the cruise all week long.” Carol closes her eyes and takes a nap.

Angel just smiles and relaxes against her seat as they continue to their destination.

Once they arrive at the airport, Carol and Angel hurry and get their bags and head out to share a cab with the several other gay couples that came with them. Carol and Angel had flown down with Sera and Angela, their cousin Ralph and his boyfriend. A few other gay couples came with them as well.

“Come on guys, hurry up!” Angel was holding the door open for everyone.

It didn’t take them to long to get to where the boat was docked. Their luggage was taken to their rooms. Angel was walking behind Carol and
notices she put a little bit more wiggle in her walk, just for Angel. Angel steps closer and gently caresses Carol’s ass. Once they arrive at their room, which was a Veranda Stateroom and give them a sea view.

“Wow! The extra money we paid for this room was worth it.” Angel flops backward onto the bed and stares up at the ceiling.

“You did well.” Carol said, hanging up the dresses they had brought with them.

Angel grabs her camera to take pictures of their room and of Carol putting their clothes away in the drawers.

“You might want to keep our bikinis out. I think we’ll be spending a lot of time in them on this trip.”

“If you had your way, we wouldn’t be leaving this room the entire time, while we are on this cruise.” Carol was looking towards Angel when she said that.

“Well, isn’t that what married couples do? Spend their first few nights in bed making love like rabbits?” Angel wiggles her eyebrows.

“True, but we did come to enjoy the cruise and spend time with some friends.” Carol walks over to Angel and wraps her arms around her waist.

Angel leans in, gives Carol a kiss. She just enjoys being held in her arms. She loved her wife so much. They stay like that for a while,
afterwards they change clothes and head up to the restaurant to join their friends for dinner. Then they head for one of the nightclubs and dance well into night. Carol and Angel do a lot of bump and grinding. Angel just let herself relax and enjoy herself with her wife. There were no kids to interrupt them and neither one of them was tired from working all day long on motorcycles or cases.

Carol was no longer the receptionist at her work. D.A. had taken Carol under her wing and was teaching her to be a para-legal, once she felt comfortable with being a para-legal. D.A. was going to help her pass the Bar. Most people went law school and such, but the bar did accept law students who were taught under a licensed practicing professional lawyer. Since D.A. was a practicing professional lawyer and owned her own law firm. She could take Carol under her wing.

The motorcycle shop was doing well and they hired two part-timers to come in and work the front of the store and to help back in the shop area. Angel’s uncle had teamed up with a few pickers and was restoring antique motorcycles and scooters. The antique restores were bring in some good money to the shop and bringing them more business. Even the custom builds they did, was giving them a reputation.

When three in the morning comes around, Angel takes Carol back to their room and begin undressing each other while kissing one another. Angel lets her dress slide off her body as she undresses Carol. She kisses down Carol’s body as she removes her clothes off her body. As they take the love making to the bed.

Angel straddles Carols waist and stares into her eyes. She leans down and starts nibbling on her neck and shoulders. Carol caresses Angel’s side and massages her breasts. Angel slowly grinds herself against Carol’s clitoris as Angel moves down her body trailing kisses. She sits up as she feels Carol pinch and squeeze her breast. Angel loves Carol’s breast, because they were bigger than her own.

“I love you so much.” Angel was looking down at her wife with lust and love in her eyes.

She really did love Carol. She loved every little thing about her. Carol may be five years older than she was, but she still loved her. Next to
Carol she looked like a teenager, where Carol looked like a grown woman.

“I know you do sweetheart. I love you as well.” Carol was staring up into Angel’s emerald green eyes.

Carol sits up and takes a nipple into her mouth and rolls it around with her lips. She teases Angel’s breast as she rolls Angel over, so she was
laying on her back and Carol was over her. She gently nibbles on it as she moves to the next one and does the same thing. She reaches her hand up in between Angels legs and slowly insert one finger. She moves it in and out as Angel wiggles under her. She was tormenting her wife’s breast and between her legs. When she feels Angel getting wetter she slips two fingers into her and start moaning.

Carol continues to finger Angel and slips three fingers into her. She could feel Angels body under her as she continues to arouse Angel. She stops and kisses down her body till she gets in between Angels legs and start licking.

Angel and Carol make love till early morning. When they finally wake-up, both just stay in bed looking at each other. Angel licks her lips and could still taste her wife’s fluids on them.

“God, that was so wonderful last night.” She leans in and kisses Carol.

“I agree with you. You were wonderful as well.” Carol returns the kiss that Angel gave her.

“Come on, let’s go and take a shower. We can go outside and get some sun.” Carol was starting to get up out of bed.

“Do we have too? Can’t we stay in bed?” Angel was giving Carol her puppy eyes.

“Come on lazy bones. I want to show my beautiful wife off to people.” Carol smacks Angel on her ass and gets up out of bed.

“Ow!” Angel rubs her butt as she follows Carol into the bathroom and does her business, before getting into the shower with her.

They spend a while in the shower exploring each other’s body some more. Angel enjoyed eating her wife out. They finish dressing and slip on
their string bikinis. Angel had talked Carol into getting a string Bikini. Carol didn’t like them because of how she looked. She was much fuller and curvier. She had a more pronounce breast than Angel did. They had gotten waxed before they left, so they had no pubic hair to spoil the look.

They head up to Deck 10 to spend time sunning themselves and meeting their friends. Carol puts suntan lotion on Angel and let her hands roam to areas on her wife’s body. She tickles Angel in her ticklish spots.

“Oh, you know I am going to pay you back, don’t you?” Angel had a mischievous look on her face.

Angel puts suntan lotion on Carol and her hands spend a lot of attention on Carol’s breast. She loved her wife’s breast. They were a lot bigger
than her B cups. She slips her hand down between her legs and rub a finger against the fabric covering Carols vagina, till she feels it get wet.
Angel just smiles at her wife. She could tell she was turned on.

Angel leans in close to Carol “if there weren’t any people around us. I would continue.”

Angel does sip her finger underneath Carols bottom, pulls it out and sucks on it.

“Oh, you are going to pay tonight for that.” Carol had a smile on her face.

The two of them tan for a few hours. A few women do stop to look and ask about Angel’s tattoos. They ask about the tattoo’s stating why each woman had one saying who they belonged to. There was no way Carol could cover up the tattoo on her neck saying she belonged to Angel. Carol had a tattoo with a big angel surrounded by two smaller angels on her left shoulder. There was a tattoo on Angel’s right breast that said in big bold letters that she belonged to Carol. Angel had gotten a vine tattoo on her right arm that had flowers blooming representing her children, Carol and her mothers. She had the symbol of the Sirens motorcycle club on her left shoulder.

When they pulled into port at Labadee, Haiti. Carol and Angel goes for a nature hike and do watersports after their hike. They buy some souvenirs for the girls, her sister and Angel’s mothers. They take plenty of pictures of everything for their children. Angel does call home to check on everyone and make sure the girls are doing okay.

Carol and Angel take an Island tour with her friends when they dock at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They pick-up more nick-knacks for the family and plenty of pictures. Also, enjoy one of the restaurants while they are there. When they dock at St.Croix, US Virgin Islands. Carol and Angel visit the preserved Danish town of Christiansted, and the Captain Morgan distillery and learned the art of rum-making at the
distillery. At night, they go dancing till all hours into the night.

Carol had brought a huge strap-on to use on Angel all night long. She was going to use it to cause Angel to walk funny the next day. Carol was paying her back for the stunt she pulled up by the pool.

The next day, Carol just smirk when she notices how Angel was walking. At St.Lucia, Lesser Antilles. They spend the day at the beach to allow Angel to heal some. When they meet up with their friends that day. They teased Angel about the way she was walking. When her and Carol go swimming at the beach, Angel steals the bottom part of Carol’s swimsuit and dangles it in front of her. They were waist deep out in the ocean, so no one could see that Carol was nude under the water.

Carol chases Angel in the water and manages to yank Angel’s swimsuit bottom off. Carol holds it up out of the water.

“I’ll trade you sweetheart.” Carol was careful when she yanked Angels bottom off.

“I can just wear yours. It might be a little big on me, but mine will be small on you.” Angel slips Carols swimsuit bottom on and tighten the string.-

“Oh no you don’t.’ Carol leaps forward and grabs Angel and start kissing her.

Angel slips Carol’s bottom off and give them back to her. Angel lifts Carol’s top and kiss down her neck to her breast and suck on her nipple.

“Get a room you two!” Angela had spotted Carol and Angel out in the water making out.

Angel looks over towards her friends and bury her face against Carol’s breast out of embarrassment. Carol slips Angels swimsuit bottom back
on her. Angel helps Carol put her bottom off and swim back towards the shore.

Angela and her wife Sera were probational members of the Sirens. Angela worked with Carol up at the law firm and Sera worked at a bakery.
Sera was twenty-one and Angela was thirty-one. Angela was the butch of the two. She wasn’t too butch that she stuck out at the law firm, but she normally liked being the male in their relationship. Sera was like Angel and Angela didn’t mind that she was born a male. Angela came from an Irish family and Sera came from a mix family. Her mother was oriental and her father African American.

Carol and Angel swim towards the shore and walk up to their friends.

“You two look like you were enjoying yourself.” Angela had a silly look on her face.

Sera was trying to keep a straight face.

“You know how it is, when you have a wonderful wife.” Angel rubs Carol’s behind.

“You two are bad. We are heading to a restaurant a couple recommended. Do you two want to come along?”

“Sure, do we need to change?” Angel had to readjust her bikini bottom.

“Nope, just come like you are dressed.” Sera had her arm around the waist of her wife and her hand was resting in bottom part of her swimsuit.

Angel notices that Carols bottom wasn’t sitting right. She steps behind her and readjust her bikini bottom.

“Having swimsuit problems, Carol?” Angela had a smile on her face.

“Not really. My wife stole the bottom of my suit.” Carol had a smirk on her face.

Angel walks back around to stand next to her wife looking all innocent and such.

“Maybe you should spank her.” Angela looks at Angel when she says that.

“I might do that tonight.” Carol does give a light slap to Angels butt.

Angel does jump some from the slap. Her and Carol follow Sera and Angela to the restaurant. They order drinks and have a nice dinner and
then more drinks. By the time they get back to their stateroom. Angel was totally drunk and so was Carol. Angel falls asleep on top of Carol. She was resting her head on Carol’s breast using them for a pillow. When Carol wakes-up from her bladder being pressed against. She feels Angel lying in between her legs and her head on her chest. Carol pushes Angels off her and stumbles into the bathroom. Her head was hurting her. She comes back into the bedroom to find Angel on the floor crawling towards the bathroom. Carol helps Angel to the bathroom and listens while she worships the porcelain god “Ralph”.

Carol decided that they needed some relaxing time. Since they were at sea, Carol and Angel decided to spend a relaxing time by the pool.
Some of their friends stop by to see how Angel was holding up. She drunk way too much alcohol the other night.

“How are you feeling, Angel?” Carol was looking at her wife with concern on her face.

“Like I did on my twenty first birthday when I got so messed up I took all my clothes off in public. Please tell me I didn’t do that again.” Angel
glances over towards her wife.

“No, you didn’t, but you were so horny last night that you begged me to use the strap-on on you again. That’s why your hurting in between your legs again.” Carol saw the strap-on laying by the bed.

“No wonder I hurt so much.” Angel just closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Carol keeps an eye on Angel as she slept. She didn’t want Angel to get to burned. Angel does turn over to tan her back after taking her top straps off, so she wouldn’t have tan lines. Carol wonders where her cousin Ralph and his boyfriend was hiding. She hadn’t seen them at all since they have been onboard.

Carol does wake Angel, to let her know she was going to take a swim in the pool.

Angel follows her into the pool and the two of them get into a water volleyball match with a few other women. Angel and Carol end up being on different sides of the volleyball game. Angel does give her wife’s side a run for their money. Carol knew how competitive Angel was. They blame D.A.’s blood for that. Angel had needed a blood transfusion for an injury she had gotten when she was twelve. It was a matter of life and death for her. D.A. was O positive and donated her blood to Angel on the way to the hospital. So, when Angel started taking sports in high school. She showed she was very competitive and blamed D.A.’s blood for it, because D.A. was very competitive.

By the time the match ended, Angel’s team had won. She had spiked the ball a few times on her wife. Just as Carol spiked a few times on her.
They have a quiet dinner with their friends. Ralph showed up with his boyfriend. Tomorrow was their last day on the ship. Carol and Angel just retire for the night and spend it just snuggled against one another. Angel was happy she had such a loving wife. When they dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They get a hotel room for a few nights and tour San Juan taking in some of the historic sites and foods. Plus, they buy items for everyone back home.

Everything they bought while on their trip, they ship overnight back home. They make sure everything is secure and packed securely. After a few days touring San Juan, they fly back to Georgia and get picked up by Angie and the girls.

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