School Life Chp. 25

“God! How hot is it?” Ian looks at the thermometer mounted on the wall in the garage.

“It’s 100 degrees out here.” Jamie wipes away the sweat beading on his forehead.

“How many more people do we have to audition?” Lindsey takes a sip from her water bottle.

They have been at it since 9 o’clock auditioning people. Some were good, and some were just out there. They couldn’t keep time with Ian or they tried to showboat. Some couldn’t even sing or carry a tune.

“We have two more to go, before we have to start practicing for the upcoming concert.” Terry looks at the list he made of people who had gotten back to them.

The next person that showed up for auditions, did alright. He managed to keep up with Ian and was able to follow along with them as they played. His name was Jermaine and could play any guitar they had. He preferred to play bass, but Terry played bass.

“Thanks for coming Jermaine, we’ll call you tonight to let you know our decision.” Jamie watches as he leaves.

“Well, what do you guys think?” Jamie looks at everyone to gauge their assessment.

“He was good on the guitar, but we need someone that can trade up with me when I switch instruments.” Lindsey knew they had to use the other instruments in the songs they played.

Tessa looks at the address Lindsey sent her for the audition. They had met up at the LGBTQ center and talked. At first, Tessa thought Lindsey was a natural girl, with the way she looked. She didn’t know she was like her. Lindsey had shared some of her stories about the different foster homes she had lived in and how her foster parents dealt with having a transgender child.

It was just her mother and her living together. Her father had run off with a younger girl. He also couldn’t deal with his only son being different. Her mom worked three jobs to support them and she worked part-time at the local pizza joint. The manager was nice to her. He gave her the time off to come and to audition for the band.

Tessa pulls up into the driveway where she notices the garage door was opened and everyone was sitting around waiting for her. She turns her scooter off and takes her helmet off.

“Sorry, for keeping you waiting.” As she walks into the garage.

“You’re fine Tessa. Let me show you my keyboard.” Lindsey shows Tessa her keyboard. She gives her a quick rundown on how it worked.

“So, do you think you can play this?” Lindsey looks towards Tessa.

A smile appears on Tessa’s face “I think I can play it.”

“Good, I’m going to go over here and play the guitar. Let’s play Run Away.” Lindsey knew it was written just for the keyboard.

Lindsey picks up the spare guitar and starts off the song. She left the sheet music the song was written on at her keyboard, so Tessa could play. Lindsey watches and listens to the song as Tessa played.

Tessa followed along with the band and was getting into the spirit of the song. She starts singing as she played. She loved the rhythm of the song and how the lyrics flowed with the music. She even starts to dance as they played.

Lindsey and the guys noticed how Tessa was responding to the music. Lindsey changes the tune some and listen as Tessa noticed what she did and adjusted the way she played the synthesizer. She looks over towards Lindsey with a smile on her face.

Lindsey just smiles back and changes up the tune one more time. She listens as Tessa catches on and adjust her playing. They finally come to the end of the song and look at the guys.

Ian nods his head yes. She looks at Terry and Jamie and they nod their heads yes. She looks towards Tessa.

“Welcome to the band, Tessa. You might want to tell your mother and your boss at the pizza joint that we need you for a gig this weekend down in Virginia Beach and in Newport News. We also need you on Wednesday of next week as well. We’re the opening act for Pallbearer.” Terry had finally informed them who they were opening for.

Tessa looks at everyone “I can’t afford the cost.”

A grin appears on Lindsey’s face “we pay for everything, Tessa. Plus, you get a share of the profits as well. Your mother can come along with us.”

“When are you guys leaving for the trip?” Tessa knows she needed to inform her manager and mom.

“We start loading the bus, on Thursday night and leave early Friday morning. For the trip to Charlotte, we’ll pack everything Tuesday and leave
that night.” Lindsey knew how Krist likes to leave early.

They were going to take their new bus. The crew that did the remodeling of the interior of the bus had done a good job. It was ready and had everything they had wanted inside of it.

Tessa didn’t know what to say to everyone. She had tears sliding down her cheeks. She wipes them away.

“I think we better call Jermaine as well. He can play the guitar parts that Dan and I played.” Lindsey had been thinking about adding a second synthesizer player to the band.

“What are you thinking Lindsey?” Terry looks over towards Lindsey.

“I figure we can have two keyboard players and our normal guitar player. That will still free me to play the saxophone and the other instruments.”

“That makes sense. I’ll call Jermaine after we finish practicing.” Jamie knew the guy and was hoping the band would add him.

“Sounds good, let’s get to practicing.” Terry hopes they will be ready for the gigs and the concert.

They continue to practice for the next few hours. Lindsey gives Tessa a USB drive that has all their music on it, including the sheet music she could practice at home. Lindsey knew Tessa had a baby grand piano at home that use to belong to the lady that taught her to play the piano. Lindsey had seen it when she went over to the apartment Tessa lived in.

Tessa pulls Lindsey aside to ask her something “Lindsey, will the guys mind that I’m trans?”

Lindsey looks at her and could tell she was scared “the guys could care less. All they care about is how well you play. Now, why don’t we go and get you a costume for you to wear at the gigs and for the concert.”

“Is it okay if I leave my scooter here?” Tessa was worried about her scooter.

“It will be okay. My mom is coming to get us and after we finish shopping. We’ll come back and get your scooter.” Lindsey knew Mr. and Mrs.
Knotts wouldn't mind Tessa’s scooter being stored in the garage.

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