School Life Chp. 28 (Final Chapter)

Terry, Lindsey, Tessa, Jamie, Jermaine, Maxine, and Ian were all nervous as they waited backstage to go on. They managed to get a rehearsal in before they were supposed to play. They had to do some retuning of their instruments. The humidity outside where they were playing, had affected their guitars and drums.

Once the instruments were right. They changed into their outfits. They decided to go with their Steampunk outfits. Jermaine’s was different than Terry’s or what Dan’s use to look like. Tessa’s outfit was different than Lindsey’s. Where Lindsey’s was leathers and dark colors. Tessa’s was white color, leather corset, fishnet stocks, and three-inch heels leather boots.

Maxine was dress in a gothic style dress with ruffles that leaves the front opened but covered her side and behind her legs. She was going to be present adjusting their sound and adding their special effects in. She wanted to have her own style different than Lindsey and Tessa.

The organizers of the event loved their retro look. As they get ready to go out and perform. Tessa stops and tries to gather her nerves.

“You’ll be fine, Tessa.” Lindsey walked up behind her and places her hand on her shoulder.

“I know, it’s finally sinking in.” She has never been the type of person to seek attention.

“Let’s go and rock this joint, Tessa.” They go out and start playing when they are announced.

Tessa and Lindsey start dancing at their synthesizers and the guys try to up one another on the guitars while keeping with the music. Ian was sweating his ass off. The lights shining on him glistened off his naked chest.

When it was time for Lindsey to use her saxophone. She puts everything into playing it right. She gives the guys a run for their money as she joins them in one song. By the time they are done playing, there was a loud applause.

Even some of the other performers that were there. They couldn’t believe how a thirteen years old girl could sound like one of the greatest sax players around. The band was asked to play one more of their songs, so they chose anvil and hammer. It was a drum-heavy piece and Ian showed off his drumming skills. The applause after that piece was louder than the first one.

When they finally exit the stage and went to the after party. They socialized with some of Nashville’s best. Lindsey was complimented on her saxophone playing. Pictures were taken of them as a group in Steampunk outfits. A few record producers were setting up appointments with Brenda.

They stay in Nashville for a few days and do some school shopping. Everywhere they went, they were noticed, and people wanted their autographs. They finally head back to Warrenton, Georgia.

Krist was waiting for them at the airport, along with several of their schoolmates and friends. They take the band’s van back and drop each band member off at their house. All their sound equipment was going back to Terry’s and Jamie’s place. They still needed to find a studio of their own.

Lindsey was happy to be home. Barbara helps her with all her instruments and take them to the spare bedroom. She also helps her take all her dirty laundry and put them in the washer.

Her stage outfit is set aside to be dropped off at the cleaners. The band had an account with one of the local cleaners that took care of their outfits. Lindsey made sure that Tessa and Jermaine knew.

Lindsey gets everything prepared for the start of school This year she was going to be in tenth grade and she had all AP classes like she did last year. There was a message for her from her band teacher, Mr. Simmons. He wanted her to come in early to speak to her. It was about the music she gave him last school year.

“I wonder what Mr. Simmons wants,” Lindsey remembered giving Mr. Simmons some music from her and Ian.

“Well, you could find out, Lindsey. Now, why don’t you get ready for bed? You have school tomorrow.” Barbara knew Lindsey and the other
band members are going to be happy to go back to school.

“Okay, mom.” Lindsey gives her mother a hug, before getting ready for bed.

Tessa’s Place:
Tessa was so glad to be back home and set the synthesizer up the band got her from the music store. Now, she had the piano in the living room to play on and the synthesizer. She was so excited by their performance that she didn’t know if she would be able to sleep. She knew she needed to because she had school tomorrow.

“Well, sweetie. It looks like you’re on the road to the big times.” Carol looks at her daughter as she was stripping out of her costume. She had to admit, it looked nice on her.

Tessa looks towards her mother “it’s because of you, mom. I was born with your gift.” She walks over and hugs her mother.

“No baby, you were born with your own gift. I was born to sing, you were born to play the piano.” Carol never regretted not going professional with her singing.

She became pregnant with Tessa after prom. After Tessa was born, her husband left her and Tessa. Which put them in a bad spot. Her parents wouldn’t help, so she had to raise Tessa on her own. She worked three jobs to provide for Tessa and herself. Now, her baby was off to the big times.

Tessa just holds her mother for a while. Carol hugs her daughter back.

“Now off to bed with you sweetheart.” Carol places a kiss on Tessa’s cheek and send her off to bed.

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