Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 16

Main Conference Room, The Next Day:
Sonja looks at everyone sitting around the conference room table. She was naked and sitting on Honey’s lap. Her body was sore from all the biting and clawing Honey did to her body. Not that she didn’t like it. She enjoyed it a lot.

Sitting across from her and Honey was the teenage girl with butterfly wings. She looked nervous, but Letno and Andrew were sitting on either side of her and holding her hands. Rebecca was sitting next to her father and had a cheshire smile on her face.

Alice was sitting next to Job and watching everyone. She noticed the young girl that had been found was naked and sitting on Honey’s lap. She also noticed the mating bites at the bottom of the girl’s neck and how protected Honey was being with the young woman.

The ten-year-old girl that they found, was sitting on Erin’s lap. She was leaning back against Erin’s chest and watching everyone. She was also wearing a tiara that Letno made for her. She was dressed in a Princess dress that Letno whipped up for her.

Job had gotten in late last night and was updated by Erin. He knew everything that has been going on with his pack. The other people that had been turned into elves were sitting at the huge table with everyone.

Job looks at everyone sitting at the conference table. He couldn’t believe that Honey wanted to display her new mate. He’ll have to talk with her later about that. He stands up and looks at the other people “I know all of you have questions. We’ll try to answer those questions for you. Until we get this matter taken care of, you will be staying here under my pack’s protection.”

“Are we in danger?” One of the male elves that had been found looks at Job.

“No, you’re not in danger, but the world isn’t ready to learn that creatures like you exist.” Job knew the world wasn’t ready to learn about them

“How did this happen to us?” The young woman that had been found with the young man wanted answers.

Job motions for Alice to stand up and explain to the young woman. Alice looks up at Job and shrugs her shoulders. She stands up as Job sits down.

“What we found out, was that you and your boyfriend stumbled into a fairy ring. Hidden beneath the ground was an artifact that changed you.” Alice wasn’t a witch or wizard. So, she didn’t know how she should explain everything to the couple.

Shirley sat next to her boyfriend dumbfounded. She didn’t know what to make of what was being said to her. She feels her hand grabbed by her boyfriend and given a little squeeze.

Dylan reached down and holds his girlfriend’s hand. He felt how scared she was feeling like they were connected.

“Can we at least let our families know we are alright?” Dylan was concerned about his parents and brother.

Alice looks towards Job. Only he could answer that question.

“At this time, that would be a bad idea. We have learned in the past that when people have been changed and they reveal themselves to their former family. It not only jeopardizes them but also their family. So, for now, until this matter is taken care of. Please remain patient and we’ll come up with a way for you to contact your families.” Job looks at the young man and woman.

“Does that mean we are prisoners here?” Another woman that had been found looks at Job.

“No, you’re a guest here on my property. So, feel free to explore and talk with anyone here.”

“If you don’t mind me asking. What are you and your people here? Because you don’t exactly look like any of us.” The woman looks at Job for an explanation.

“I’m a Werewolf and so is everyone else on this ranch. The only exception is Alice here and Letno here. They are elves like you. Just different species.” Job lets his eyes flash to make his point.

“Are there any more questions?” Job looks at all the people turned into elves.

The teenage girl with wings raises her hand.

“Yes, Kimberly?” Job already knew who the young girl was.

“Was this planned, or just dumb luck why we were changed?” Kimberly still felt a little scared around everyone.

“That’s a good question and to answer it. I’m going to say, just dumb luck that all of you were changed.” Job smiles at Kimberly, trying to relax her. He could tell she was nervous.

“Oh!” Kimberly felt a little embarrassed asking that question.

Letno looks at Kimberly and gives her hand a little squeeze. She and Andrew have decided to adopt Kimberly, so Rebecca will have a little sister. Plus, Letno was going to teach Kimberly how to use her wings.

Job sits down and Erin stands up “if any of you have a problem, come and see me. I’m Job’s wife and I handle everything that goes on this ranch. If it is important or needs an immediate response. I’ll tell my husband.”

“Are there any more questions?” Erin looks at all the new people.

She sits back down and puts the little girl back on her lap. She feels the young girl make herself comfortable as she leans back against her body.
Job stands back up “since there aren’t any questions. Our chef has notified me that lunch will be ready in an hour or so. So, go ahead and talk among yourself or explore the grounds.”

“Good!” Honey stands up and carries her mate back upstairs to her room.

“We won’t be seeing them for several days.” Erin felt sorry for the poor girl.

“You remember those days, don’t you?” Job looks at his wife and the little girl sitting on her lap.

“Yes,” Erin remembers how Job didn’t give her any rest for three days.

“Now, who is my new daughter.” Job kneels and looks at the little girl sitting on Erin’s lap.

A smile appears on Alice’s face as she walks out of the conference room and outside. She was going to contact Lady Betty and find out what was going to happen next.

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