Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 17

Lady Betty’s and Karen’s Condo, Ocean Front, Virginia Beach, Va.
Karen chases Ruby around the condo. Both of them were running around in the nude. Lady Betty was watching her wife and adopted daughter have fun. Ever since they adopted Ruby and nursed her back to health. She has been aged backward from breasts feeding from Karen.

Karen wanted to keep their adopted daughter at ten years old and let her have a new childhood. While she watches her wife and daughter play, the doorbell rings.

“I got it, kids.” Lady Betty gets up from her favorite recliner.

She walks to the front door to place and look through the peephole and spot some friends of hers. She unlocks the front door and smiles as she looks at a huge muscular guy standing in the hallway. Standing next to him is a smaller woman with long silver color hair.

“Andrew, Sara what brings you to my neck of the woods?” Lady Betty looks at them as warriors.

“Business, unfortunately. May we come in?” Sara looks at Betty.

“Please.” Betty stands aside to let Andrew and Sara come into the place.

Sara walks in first, followed by Andrew. The two of them have been to Lady Betty’s place before. They spot Karen chasing around a naked ten-year-old girl.

“New pet?” Andrew watches as Betty closes the door behind them.

“Nope, my adopted daughter.” Betty knew Andrew and Sara haven’t met Ruby yet.

They watch as Karen catches Ruby and hugs her. She looks up and notices the two newcomers “Andrew, Sara. What brings you guys here?”

Karen holds Ruby in her arms as she looks at Andrew and Sara. She wonders why they were at their place.

“We have a problem.” Sara looks at Karen when she responds.

“Let me guess, it has something to do with people being turned into Elves?” Lady Betty just got contacted this morning by an agent of hers in
New York City.

Recently twenty LARP players were turned into real elves by a stranger. He had performed some sort of transformation spell using an ancient mystical crystal. By the time they got there to investigate what happened. The mysterious person turned out to be demon-possessed and was going to put all the people he turned into elves under his control.

“Yes, and just not in New York either. It’s happening all over the US at nexus points and over in Europe as well.” Andrew has been in contact with his brother over in Ireland.

“That’s not good. I know Job and his pack just recently rescued at least twenty people who have been turned into Elves just outside his territory.
His people found several artifacts that were responsible and a mystical tome that one person used to turn themselves into a blue-haired elf.”
Lady Betty was planning a road trip to see Job.

“You know, this is getting serious. Why out of millions of years is this happening now? And why now?” Sara was curious.

“I don’t know, but we will get to the bottom of it. I have to travel down to see Job, unless you two want to go, instead.” Betty looks at Andrew and Sara.

“If we do go, where are we taking the people to?” Sara was curious.

“The Chilmark, Massachusetts property. We own three hundred acres up there and there is a nice 20-bedroom mansion up there as well.” Betty knew the council has been buying up a lot of property lately.

“I could use a road trip.” Sara was gamed.

“Sound good to me as well.” Andrew didn’t mind a road trip.

“How are we going to transport everyone?”

“I’ve chartered a luxury bus for the trip. The owner and driver do work for the council. So, you can trust them.” Betty knew she could trust the driver with the people.

“Sounds good to me. So, where do we go to meet up with this person?” Andrew watches Karen as she tickles Ruby.

“I’ll have him meet you up at the Pavilion center.” Betty was going to meet the driver there.

“Sounds good. Now, why don’t you introduce me to your daughter.”

Thunder Creek Ranch:
Job’s Bedroom:
Job looks at the little girl snuggled between him and Erin. They found out that her name was Cindy and she loved being a princess. Her mother uses to enroll her in beauty pageants. A smile appears on his face as he watches Erin holds Cindy.

He gets out of bed and walks into the nursery to check on his son. He looks down at his son as he slept in the crib. His son had his mother’s blue hair but had his shape-shifting ability.

He turns around and walks out of his son’s bedroom. He walks out of his bedroom and heads downstairs and into the kitchen. He spots Honey in the kitchen with her mate. He could smell Honey’s scent all over her mate’s body.

“Decided to take a break?” Job walks over to the huge refrigerator and grabs some eggs, sausage, and a few other items to fix some breakfast.

Honey turns around with a smile on her face “Hey, boss. My mate’s tummy was rumbling because she hasn’t had anything to eat for the past few days.”

Sonja blushes when she hears Honey’s comment about her stomach. She notices Honey’s boss was looking at her. He had a smirk on his face, as he watched her.

“Do you mind me asking, why you used a spell to change yourself?” Job was curious about Sonja.

“I wanted to have the body I have now and knew I would never be able to get it the other way.” Sonja knew plastic surgery would have been expensive and wouldn’t have been able to do what she wanted.

“That makes sense, I guess. Where did you get the book?” Job was watching Sonja.

“It’s been in my family for ages. I come from a long line of witches.” Sonja knew she and her cousin Gloria were the last witches in her family.

“So, you’re a witch?” Job knew witches, and warlocks were rare nowadays.

“Sort of. I come from a long line of witches and I have their magic, but I’m still new to the art.” Sonja hasn’t been practicing long.

“Why did you pick that spot where you were found?” Job was curious about that.

“It’s a nexus point at certain times. The quartz crystal you found, was designed to harness the mystical energies in that area.”

“Which allowed you to power your spell.”


“Here you go, sweetie.” Honey sets a plate of pancakes, covered in real maple syrup in front of Sonja.

“Thanks, sweetie.”

“You’re welcome. Hey boss, do you want me to fix you some breakfast?” Honey looks at Job.

“If you don’t mind, Honey.” Job could fix his own, breakfast.

“I don’t mind, boss. I know what you like.”

“Thanks, Honey.” Job sits down next to Sonja.

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