Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 18 (Final Chapter)

The next few days, everyone at the ranch is interviewed and told that they will be moved to a community of Elves in Chilmark, Massachusetts.
Those that don’t want to go, and who want to contact their families. They will be allowed to do that, but are warned that they might not be accepted by their family.

Out of the twenty people of Job’s pack that were rescued. Two couples wanted to stay. Their families were contacted and met at a neutral location. Several of the wolves were there at the meeting to protect the two couples.

After the meeting, two couples inform Job and Erin that they want to stay with their family. Their family has asked if they could help with others who have been turned or hear about anything unusual going on in the area they lived. They wanted to help others who might have been changed like their son and daughter.

Job and Erin talked about it and decided to give it a try. Job explains to them that there were organizations that hunt down people like them and they might come after them. Job smirked when the father of the daughter that had been changed dared them to come. He was willing to show them what he learned overseas as a special force person.

That got a smirk from Job when he heard it. Job was going to stay in contact with him and help him and his family out. He watches as the two families leave the ranch.

Erin looks at her husband “looks like we just got a new ally.”

“We’ll see.” Job felt the person will honor his promise.

“Oh, you’ll be pleased to know that Mace is going to be adopted by the organization he works for. I told him he was welcome to stay here with us.
But he wants to go back to hunting demons again. The family he will be staying with, are demon hunters. So, he’ll hunt with them.”

“You would think that being turned into his dead daughter would stop him.” Job didn’t think he could do that if he was changed.

“He’s bound and determined to rid this world of all demons. I can’t fault him.” Erin would continue hunting people down for revenge Job’s death.

“How is Clair doing?” Job heard Clair was pregnant.

“She’s doing fine. Letno informed me that after Clair has her first child, she’ll be having another child.”

“Oh?” Job was surprised by that statement.

“Stan wants a big family and what Letno and Rebecca did to Clair, will make it so Clair gets pregnant easily.”

“Oh, that’s not playing fair.” Job knew Clair would never get any rest.

“Well, when Stan merged with Clair, he felt that she wanted a big, loving family as well.”

“So, he arranged it?”

“Yep. One more piece of news for you. Andrew managed to track down the people who sent those drones.”

“Where are they now?” Job looks at his wife.

An evil smile appears on Erin’s face “having their minds wiped clean after we get everything about what they know. Andrew knew a strong mind reader and he is taking everything from their minds. Afterward, he’s going to give them false memories and send them on their way.”

“Andrew was always a vengeful person.” Job knew how vengeful his second could be.

“Well, he’s been working on who those men were and who they worked for while you were gone.” Erin knew Andrew hasn’t gotten much sleep.

“He is one person I wouldn’t want to have come after me. He never gives up on who he is hunting.” Job leans down and kisses Erin.

A few days later, Andrew and Sara show up to transport the people who were turned into elves. Stan and several guys helped the people load the Luxury Bus with their new luggage and snacks. Job and Erin watch as they drive off a few hours later.

As Erin and Job stand in the driveway watching the luxury bus drive off. Erin turns towards her husband “I have a feeling this matter isn’t over yet.”

“You might be right. However, that is a problem for another day.” Job kisses Erin before the two of them turn and walk back to the house.

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