A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 15

Frances watches as Colette sits on the shoulders of Jessie as they played volleyball in the deep end. He noticed that Colette was wearing a new bikini that was nothing but a piece of dental floss covering her groin area. The small triangle piece of fabric looked like it was giving her a camel toe.

He noticed that Colette had brought a new thermal cup with her that had clowns juggling pins on it. He watches as she manages to send the huge beach ball back over the net. The girl he has been keeping locked up and using for his pleasure had been left out in the middle of nowhere in just her birthday suit.

He had made sure to scrub her body and uses a douche product to clean her vagina of any of his semen he left inside of her. He didn’t have to worry about leaving any pubic hair, because he was cleaned shaven down in his groin area. Plus, giving her a bath to remove anything left on her body washed away any hair he might have left.

He watches as Colette falls backwards off the shoulders of her partner and into the water. Hopefully, he can finally have his way with her. That other girl was a poor substitute for her.

Colette spatters as she surfaces from falling backwards from her friend Jessie’s shoulders. She shouldn’t have tried to intercept the beach ball when it came towards her. Now, she and Jessie were out of the game.

She looks towards Jessie “sorry for getting us disqualified from the game.”

“It’s no problem. So, how are things going between you and your new girlfriend?” Jessie had spotted Colette with a new woman at the club last Friday night.

“She’s remarkable. I love the way she makes me cum.” Colette loved how Katrina took control during their love making and how she brought her to orgasm.

A smirk appears on Jessie’s face “I don’t think I have ever heard a woman talk like that.”

“Well, I’m only a proper woman in public and a slut in the bedroom.” Colette didn’t feel any shame on admitting that she liked sex with her girlfriend.

“I know what you mean. Sex between me and Joey has been remarkable. We’re talking about going on a cruise in December.”

“Where too?” Colette was standing near Jessie cooling off.

“The Caribbean. We’re going to Florida to go on a cruise for a week. I can’t wait to spend some alone time with Joey.”

“That should be fun. What are George and William going to be doing while you guys are gone?” Colette knew Jessie, Joey, George, and William shared a house together.

“They are going camping up at Sherando Park for a week. You know how us bears are, we love mother nature.”

“And leather, chest hair and a few other things.” A playful smile appears on Colette’s face.

“Only George and William are like that. I like my men without any body hair and a thick cock.” A playful smile appears on Jessie’s face.

Colette shakes her head and gets ready for another game. She teams up with Jessie again and tries this time not to get kicked out of the game. They managed to stay in the game long enough to win.

After the game, Colette gets out of the pool and grab a plate of barbecue, potato salad and macaroni salad. She walks over to her lounger and spots Frances standing nearby. He smiles at her.

“That’s a cute outfit. Is it new?” Frances saw that Colette’s nipples were pressing against her cups.

“Yeah, I just bought it yesterday.” Colette spreads her towel out on the lounger and sits down.

“You look like you could go for a cold drink. Why don’t I get you one.” As he reaches for her thermal cup.

“Okay.” Colette smiles at Frances and wonders if he was going to make his move on her now.

“What would you like to drink?” Frances picks the cup up.

“Coke will be fine.”

“One coke cola coming up.” Frances turns and walks off with the cup.

He screws the top off and fills it with some ice and dumps some a little clear liquid into the cup. Afterwards, he fills it up with coke cola and screws the top back onto it. He twirls the liquid inside to mix the drug with the cola.

Colette pulls her tablet out of her beach bag and uses the app that allows her to access the camera on the cup. She turns it on and watches as Frances fixes her drink. She does notices he adds something from a little bottle to her drink, after putting the ice in. She watches as he pours cola into the cup and the blurry image of the cup being twirl around.

“Gottcha!” Colette saves the footage and put her tablet back in her beach tote.

“Here you go, Colette.” As Frances hands the cup back to Colette after walking back over to her.

“Thanks.” Colette pretends to take a sip from the cup but doesn’t.

Frances sits down on the lounger next to Colette’s and watches her. He knew it was going to take more than a small sip to make her pass out.

“So, what have you been up too since last time?” Frances has been watching Colette from a distance. He knew she was dating a cop.

“Not much. I’ve met someone new, and we have been hanging out a lot.” Colette takes a bite from her barbecue sandwich.

She pretends to take a sip form her cup afterwards. She knew she’ll have to pretend she is getting tired suddenly. She eats some more and takes another fake drink.

Frances was watches Colette and wonders how soon with the drug kick in. He knew the dose was strong enough to put a light weight like her out. He was getting anxious and wanted to fuck her soon. He could feel his cock getting hard just from thinking about it.

After a few more sips from her cup. Colette pretends to be getting tired. She looks at Frances “I must have been more tired than I thought.” As she slurs her words on purpose.

“Here, let me escort you to one of our bedrooms.” Frances helps Colette up off her lounger and grab her tote as well.

Colette pretends she is being affected by the drug as she leans heavily onto Frances. She was going to wait for the right time. As she feels him support her.

Instead of going to a spare bedroom, Frances escorts Colette to his bedroom. She could scream all she wanted too in there and no one would hear her. He had the room soundproof and he had handcuffs and ankle cuffs attached to his bed frame to secure her.

When they make it to his bedroom, he shuts the door behind him and locks it. He slowly moves her over to his bed, as he drops her tote on the floor.

“This isn’t one of the spare bedrooms.” Colette has spent the night here before and knew what they looked like.

“No, it isn’t. It’s where you are going to please me.” As Frances pushes rips Colette’s bottom and top from her. He pushes her onto the bed.

An evil smile appears on Colette’s face as she rolls backwards off Frances’s bed. She looks at him “did you honestly think I didn’t know you have been drugging me?”

Frances looked surprised when Colette rolled backwards off his bed and stood up. He looks at her naked body in surprised “I don’t care if you did or not. One way or another, your sweet ass is going to be mine.”

“Fat chance, dumb ass.” Colette uses the wall behind her and jump towards Frances, shoving him into the wall behind him.

“Hump!” As Frances feels his back hit the wall behind him.

He goes to grab Colette, but she had already moved. He knew she was quick, but he hadn’t realized how quick she was. He charges towards her and knocks her backwards onto his bed. He forcefully kisses her mouth.

Colette grabs Frances lips with her teeth and bite down hard, while bring her knee up to his groin and knee him hard. She wasn’t going to let him get the better of her. She digs her fingernails into his back and scrape hard leaving bloody welts on his back.

Frances flinches when he feels Colette’s teeth grab his lips and when he feels knee hit his groin area. He knew he was lucky when she hit, because she missed his testes by a few inches. He arches his back, when he feels her sharp fingernails dig into the flesh of his back.

He yanks his mouth free and tries to punch her face with his right fist. He watches as she moves her head in time and feels her get her leg up under him. The next thing he feels is her kicking him in the chest and sending him falling backwards from her.

Colette kicks up after sending Frances falling off her body. She was lucky she was so nimble and could get her legs up between them. She walks over to Frances in the face.

She follows through with another fist like her older brother taught her to do. She saw that Frances was trying to block her punches, but she faked him out.

“I bet you never got beaten by a woman before.” As she kicks him hard between the legs.

Frances doubles over when Colette’s foot connected with his groin area. He spits up blood from the force alone. He looks at her standing naked before him “how?”

“Because I’m smarter than the average BEAR!” As Colette knocks Frances out.

She looks around notices her straw hat was nearby. She grabs her sundress out of her tote and unlocks the door to the room. She goes to find
Peter and George to let them know what happened.

She spots Peter and later finds George as well. He looks at Peter “you need to come with me.”

“Alright.” Peter wonders why Colette was dress the way she was.

All three of them walk back into the house and towards Frances’s bedroom. When they enter the room, they find it in a shambles with Frances knocked out on the other side of the bedroom. He was bloody and had blood coming out of his mouth.

“What happened?” Peter looks towards Colette for an answer.

“This.” Colette pulls the footage she recorded from her hidden devices.

The three of them watch it as Colette kicks Frances’s ass. They hear everything he said to her before and during the fight. Peter glances over towards Frances as he laid unconscious.

George looks at Colette “damn, girl. You are flexible.”

Peter and Colette shake their head at his comment. They knew what he meant and couldn’t believe he had commented on it.

“Thanks for showing me this, Colette. I had no idea Frances has been doing this to you.” Peter didn’t know every time Colette came over Frances was drugging her.

“I don’t blame you, Peter.” She lays her hand on his shoulder.

Frances is picked up by the police and all the footage Colette has, she makes a copy of and gives it to the detectives handling her case.
Afterwards, she heads home and runs a bath. By the time the tub fills up and she was undressed. She collapses in the tub and freakout.

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