A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 2

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After letting her stomach settle. Colette makes some toast and smears some apple butter on it. Normally, she would eat some cereal, but with the way she was feeling, she didn’t want to upset her stomach again. While she is nibbling on the toast. She tries to recall what happened yesterday.

She remembers being at the pool party and drinking virgin pina coladas. She also ate the food as well. The thing was, every time she came back from swimming or drank all her pina colada, a fresh one was waiting for her. She knew you could hide the taste of alcohol in the drink if it was done right. However, the way she was feeling reminded her of something that happened when she was younger.

A shiver runs down her body as the memory of what happened to her surface. Everything she was experiencing now brought back the buried memories of that day. She drops her toast on the kitchen table and shakes as tears leak from her eyes. She was finding it hard to breathe as her body started shaking. She grips the kitchen table as she starts feeling dizzy.

Everything she was feeling caused her body to remember it has experienced this before. She grips the table harder to keep from falling out of her chair as she tries to get her breathing under control. She squeezes her eyes closed as feelings of what happened that day come back to haunt her.

Troy wakes up and tries to remember where he was, as he gets up off the sofa he had fallen asleep on and stumbles towards the bathroom. He walks past Colette’s bedroom and notices her door was open, but doesn’t spot her in there. He steps into the bathroom and closes the door behind him as he does his business. When he is done, he steps out of the bathroom and walks towards the kitchen, where he spots Colette sitting on a chair with tears streaming down her cheeks. He notices she was shaking and gripping the kitchen table for support.

“Shit!” He walks over to Colette and wraps his arms around her.

Colette feels someone wrap their arms around her body. She opens her eyes and through blurry vision, she makes out Troy’s face. She wraps her arms around him and buries her face against his shoulder. She holds onto him and cries.

Troy holds Colette’s petite body against his as he feels her shake. He doesn’t know what brought this on, but he has never seen Colette like this before. He knew nothing was done to her, but for some reason, something was causing her to melt down like this.

He rubs her back and tries his best to calm her down. He has never seen her act like this, but there was still a lot he didn’t know about her. He rubs her back and tries to reassure her that everything was okay and that she was safe.

It takes a while, to calm Colette down, but he manages. Once she was calm, he picks her up and carries her to the sofa, and set her down. He covers her with the three stooges blanket she keeps on the sofa.

“Your safe, Colette. Just relax and I’ll get you something to drink.” Troy turns to walk away.

“Thank you.” Colette was still feeling scared, but she tries to get her emotions under control.

She watches as Troy cleans his mess up, before walking into the kitchen. She looks down at the blanket covering her and noticed that the image of Curly was smiling up at her. She takes a deep breath and holds it. She tries to center herself and get her emotions back under control. She knew something was wrong, but what it was, she couldn’t recall.

Troy returns a few minutes later and hands Colette a glass filled with fruit punch he found in the refrigerator.

“Drink up.” Troy sits down on the recliner near the sofa.

“Thanks.” As Colette accepts the glass and takes a sip from it. She drinks half the glass before she puts it down on the coffee table.

Troy watched as Colette downed half the glass of juice. He watches her hoping she is feeling better. He also wonders what caused her to break down like she did. Once she puts the glass down on the coffee table “Can you tell me what you remember?”

Colette looks at Troy “I remember playing volleyball with you and the guys. I also remember eating some food and drinking a pina colada someone left for me.”

“Can you recall who might have left it for you?” Troy knew that Colette didn’t trust many people.

“No. I know every time the drink I was drinking was low or I finished. Another one would be waiting for me.” Colette knew she shouldn’t accept drinks from anyone unless it was someone she knew.

“I can’t say I recall if I saw anyone bring you drinks.” Troy had been busy himself.

“I wish I knew who did, because whoever it was drugged the drink. I’ve felt the effects of being roofied before from when I was younger.” Colette shivers just from thinking about the memory.

“You were roofie before?” Troy was surprised by that statement.

Colette shakes her head yes. She has never told anyone before about the incident.

“If you don’t mind me asking, do you know who it was and why?” Troy was curious if Colette knew who it was.

“Yes, but that person wasn’t at the pool party the other day.” Colette knew the person who roofied her before was behind bars.

“Do you remember anything from the other day, other than enjoying yourself?” Troy wanted to know who would roofie Colette.

“All I can recall from the other day is feeling sick and looking for George and you guys. How did I get home and why do I feel like something huge was shoved up inside of me?” Colette watches Troy and how he reacts. She was good at reading people.

“What do you mean, feeling like something huge was shoved up inside of you?” Troy was curious now.

“Like I just said. It feels like someone shoved something up inside of my vagina. It hurts and I found some blood in my bikini bottom.” Colette had been surprised when she spotted the blood.

Troy looked surprised because as far as he knew, Frances was carrying Colette in his arms. He looks at Colette with a thoughtful look on his face “Do you remember Frances carrying you?”

“No. Why was he carrying me?” Colette had a puzzled look on her face.

“He said he was carrying you to one of the spare bedrooms at Peter’s place. He said you were stumbling around like a drunken sailor.”

“I don’t remember being held by him. Hell, I don’t remember anything except feeling sick.”

“Well, we brought you home and asked Markus to come over and check on you. He took some blood from you and was going to have it analyzed. He suspected that someone roofies you as well.”

“Thanks for looking after me.” Colette trusted Markus.

“It’s no problem. Look, are you going to be okay?” Troy didn’t want to leave Colette by herself if she wasn’t.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll stay here on the sofa and watch the boys today.” Colette knew if she didn’t want to be by herself, she could call her friend Susan or Kirk.

“Alright, but if you have another panic attack like you did. Call me or George and we’ll come running as fast as we can.” Troy stands up off the recliner.

“I will and thanks for everything.” Colette reaches out for Troy.

Troy bends down and lets Colette hug him. He hugs her back “Rest up so we can go out and cause some trouble.”

“I will.” Colette releases Troy and watches as he leaves.

Once he leaves, she gets up and walks over to her DVD collection, and pulls the box set out of The Three Stooges. She’ll watch them first and later watch Abbot and Costello afterward. For lunch, she makes herself a Cobb salad and drinks more of the fruit juice she likes.

The rest of the day, Colette tries to recall what happened to her, but couldn’t. She gets up and walks over to her bookcase and looks for her old high school yearbook. She finds it stuff between a book about famous mimes and a book about the Three Stooges.

She pulls the book off the shelf and sits back down on the sofa. She starts flipping through the pages until she comes to the team football photo. The person she was looking for was in the back row center. She holds her breath as the memory of what happened that night surfaced.

Everything she experienced that night matched how she felt when she woke up. The upset stomach, the dizziness, the memory loss, and the pain afterward. Except, the pain she was feeling now, wasn’t as bad as the pain she felt back then.

She shuts the yearbook and lay it on the coffee table. She was upset that someone would do this to her again. She starts crying and after a while. She stops and gets up and heads towards the bathroom to wash her face. While she is in the bathroom, she hears her cell phone beep.
She dries her face off and heads back to the living room and pick up her phone. She notices that the text was from Markus. It was the result of her blood test. It showed that she was drugged and what it detected.

Markus sends her a second text asking her how she was feeling.

Colette responded telling him she was still feeling the effects of the drug, but she had the boys to keep her company.

Markus: A smiley face appears on her screen.

Colette types back: Thanking Markus for everything he did for her.

She watches as Markus sends: you’re welcome and calls if you need anything.

Thanks, is Colette’s response.

Colette looks at the time on her television set and decides that she’ll take a shower and order from her favorite Chinese restaurant. She places her order for delivery and while she waits for the delivery, she takes a shower. By the time she finishes her shower and put her nightshirt on.

She hears a knocking on her front door. She looks through the peephole and spots the delivery driver. She pulls three ones from her wallet to give the driver a tip. She paid for the delivery online.

“Thanks.” As she hands the tip to the driver.

Once the driver leaves, she closes the door and sits back down on the sofa to enjoy her dinner. She presses play to continue watching the three stooges.

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Colette's Mime act

It looks like Colette needs to liaise George and Troy.

Frances needs to be punished.
What about the story of the bank robbery? Where is it?
still the story has great potential. Keep it up.

Polly J

Bank robbery

Mime your own business is the title of the story.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Glad Colette is feeling better

Samantha Heart's picture

Once all the pices are put together someone is in for it for SURE! NEVER mess with a mime espicilly one who knows WAYS of getting even lol.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.