A Mime’s Job Is Never Done Part 10

Mona’s House, Charleston, S. C.:
Colette couldn’t believe she let Rebecca talk her into being in the nude. Her arm was still in a sling, but they were in the backyard lounging around the swimming pool. Rebecca’s girlfriend Mona was sitting in her favorite lounger in the nude. Her friend Carol was walking around in the nude as well.

Between the four of them, Mona’s breasts were bigger than all of them. They were like two huge globes resting against her chest. On top of that, Mona’s whole body had a nice dark tan to it. Not one inch wasn’t tanned. Rebecca on the other hand, had tan lines from where she wore her thong bikini to cover her body.

Carol on the other hand was as pale as herself. The two of them stuck out like a sore thumb with their pale skin. Carol was a nurse who normally worked the night shift at Thomas Medical Hospital. Rebecca was a dancer and normally traveled with her dance troupe.

Colette was lying on her stomach with Rebecca rubbing suntan lotion onto her body. Every once in a while, Rebecca’s fingers would rub the side of Colette’s breasts. Colette felt Rebecca straddling and sitting on her butt.

“Turn over, I want to put the lotion on your chest.” Rebecca stood up so Colette could turn over.

Colette turns over and looks up at Rebecca’s face “You just want to feel me up.”

“That too.” A playful smile appears on Rebecca’s face.

“Rebecca, you are such a flirt.” Carol looks over at her friend.

Carol knew Rebecca was married to Mona. The two of them have been lovers ever since college and when same-sex marriage became legal. They went to Vegas and got married.

Mona inherited her fortune from her grandfather and invested half of it into Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and a few other tech companies. She had a natural talent when it came to money. She knew which stocks or investments would do good and which ones wouldn’t. She didn’t have to work if she didn’t want to.

As for her body, she was never happy with the one she was born with. So, she has had several plastic surgeries and trained hard to achieve the look she has today. She has always wanted to have big breasts.

Rebecca straddles Colette’s waist and sits right on her groin area. She made sure her vagina folds of skin were covering Colette’s. An evil smile appears on Rebecca’s face as she squirts some lotions onto Colette’s chest and starts rubbing it in.

Colette shakes her head as she feels Rebecca rub and grope her body. She knew Rebecca was a big flirt and loved playing with a woman’s body. What she knew of Rebecca’s background, she knew Rebecca came from a conservative family and attended catholic school her whole life.

Colette knew Rebecca’s life changed when she met Sister Mary Jo. It was during that time she went to a convent in Europe to see if it was what she wanted. The feelings she had been burying for a long time surfaced, thanks to sister Mary Jo. During her entire time in Europe, she learned what it was like to be a lesbian from Sister Mary Jo.

When she came back to the United States and started changing. Her parents didn’t know what had happened to her and when she turned eighteen years old, she joined a dance troupe and started traveling to get away from her family. It was while she was at a party she met Mona and they started seeing each other.

While Rebecca is straddling Colette’s waist, she looks down into Colette’s hazel eyes “When was the last time you had sex with anyone?”

“When I healed from my surgery. I went out and had sex with five guys.” Colette wanted to try out her new vagina and so she went bar hopping looking for just one-night stands.

“When was the last time you had sex with a woman?” Rebecca leans down and kisses Colette on the lips.

Colette returns the kiss. She has never had sex with a woman. She thought about it, but she wanted to try to be a normal girl and enter into a male and female relationship. She loved how Rebecca tasted and the feeling of her hands on her breasts.

The next thing Colette feels, is Carol and Mona joining them. Carol was bisexual and enjoyed her boyfriend's thick cock inside her pussy. However, she did like eating out a woman and tasting their juices.

For the next three hours, all four ladies enjoy each other’s bodies but are careful with Colette’s injuries. They slip into the pool to cool off. While they are relaxing in the pool, Mona calls her favorite Korean restaurant which delivers and orders food for them.

While they are waiting for the food to be delivered, Rebecca makes drinks for everyone. When she starts passing the drinks out and gets to Colette “Here, you’ll like this.” As she hands it to Colette.

Colette looked at it and normally, she didn’t drink alcoholic drinks. But since she was among people she trusted, she went ahead and drank it. She had to admit, that Rebecca was right. She did like it.

After dinner, Rebecca puts a show on for the group. She has Mona join her as they dance skin to skin. Rebecca and Mona pull Colette and Carol out of their lounger and have them join them. Mona, Rebecca, and Carol all sit and grind on Colette’s face. All three women make Colette drink their juices as it flows out of their bodies and into her mouth. They also please her as well.

Once all four women are worn out, they go inside and up to their rooms. Colette is pulled into Carol’s room, where the two of them make out for the next few hours before falling asleep. Colette slept like a baby from all the sex, and swimming they had been doing. She snuggles up against Carol during the night.

When she wakes up the next morning. She finds herself being held by Carol. Carol was pressed tight against her body and was holding her against her own body. Colette could taste Carol’s dried fluids on her lips. She was also enjoying being held by Carol as well.

She closes her eyes again and just enjoys being held and the warmth of Carol’s body against hers. She still didn’t know which way she preferred, but she was enjoying being held by Carol. She’s woken up when Carol releases her and sprints to the bathroom. She turns around and watches Carol's red burned butt as she runs towards the bathroom.

After a few minutes, she heard Carol letting out a moan as she relieved her bladder. Colette watches as Carol walks up to the sink and wash her
hands. Carol left the bathroom door open.

“Feel better?”

“Yes, how about you? How do you feel?” Carol walks over and sits on the bed, next to Colette.

“Confused and happy.” Colette knew it had been a while since she had had any sex with anyone.

The sex she had last night with the girls was enjoyable and pleasant. Even the sex she had with Carol was enjoyable.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” As Carol leans down and kisses Colette.

Colette returns the kiss. She loved how Carol’s lips felt against her own. After a while, she stops kissing Carol.

“Come on, let’s go and grab a shower together before we join Mona and Rebecca.” Carol grabs Colette’s good arm and drags her out of bed.

An hour and a half later, the two of them walk downstairs towards the kitchen. When they walk into the kitchen, they spot Rebecca dressed as a cat. The outfit she was wearing looked like something from Andrew Llyod Webber's musical CATS.

“What is up with Rebecca this morning?” As Colette feels Rebecca rub up against her.

Mona watches her wife as she acts like a cat. She knew Rebecca loved roleplaying and cosplay.

“She’s in one of her moods this morning.” Mona didn’t mind, because Rebecca’s antics made her laugh.

“Meow?” Rebecca looks at everyone with her cutest look.

“So, I take it that we are staying in today?” Colette didn’t mind.

“Since it is planning on raining in a few hours. I would have to say yes. I got a bunch of movies we can watch and if nothing else.” As Mona walks over to Colette “We can enjoy each other like we did yesterday by the pool.”

Colette’s cheeks turn beet red. She had to admit she enjoyed herself yesterday with all three ladies.

“Look how red Colette is turning.” Rebecca had an evil smile on her face.

“Alright, I enjoyed myself yesterday.” Colette couldn’t help it.

“Come on, let’s make some breakfast and watch a movie or two.” Carol pats Colette on her butt as she walks past her.

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