A Mime’s Job Is Never Done Part 13

Colette loved lying next to Katrina. The past two weeks since they started dating and having sex have been wonderful. She’s learned so much about herself from Katrina and about women as well. She didn’t know a woman was capable of squirting out a milky liquid or that when she brought Katrina to an orgasm, she squirted out a clear liquid. At first, she thought Katrina was peeing herself, but when she tasted the liquid. It didn’t taste like urine, but something different.

Whenever they licked each other’s vaginal and anal opening. She enjoyed it and she knew Katrina enjoyed it as well. She listened to Katrina’s breathing and could tell she was in a deep sleep.

Colette slips out of bed and puts on a t-shirt Katrina had in her dresser drawer from a former lover. Katrina had said the T-shirt didn’t mean anything to her. She doesn’t bother putting on any underwear. After all the licking and fingering they did last night, her groin area needed to be aired out. She licks her lips and still tastes a dry substance on them.

A smile appears on Colette’s face as she remembers how hard Katrina squirted into her mouth. It was like she had opened a flood from how forceful the fluid came squirting into her opened mouth. She enjoyed the warm fluid as she swallowed it.

Colette walks into Katrina’s kitchen and starts gathering stuff to make breakfast. While she is cooking breakfast. She listens to some music from her cell phone.

It was a good thing she knew how to cook. Once the food was done, she put it on a plate along with a cup of coffee and made it the way Katrina liked it. She finds the bed tray hiding in the pantry. She loved how it had folding legs.

Colette puts everything she made on the tray, including the coffee, and carefully carries the tray to Katrina’s bedroom. She notices that Katrina has changed how she was laying in bed. She sets the tray down on the dresser and walks over to Katrina’s sleeping form. She slowly moves the blanket down, exposing Katrina’s nipple. She leans in and licks Katrina’s nipple.

She hears Katrina moan, as she does it again, except taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. She watches as Katrina opens her eyes and holds her close to her breast. Colette gently holds onto Katrina’s nipple and she pulls away some. She hears Katrina moan even louder.

Colette looked up towards Katrina’s face and could see that Katrina was enjoying what she was doing. She sucks and stretches Katrina’s nipple. After a few minutes, she lets go and moves up to kiss Katrina.

“Good morning, sweetie. I made breakfast for you.” Colette smiles at Katrina.

“I thought you were breakfast?” Katrina looks at Colette’s face angelic face.

“I’m brunch.” Colette picks the tray up and sets it across Katrina’s lap.

Katrina removes the cover of the various dishes and inhale the aroma of the food. Everything looked incredible. Katrina takes a bite from the main course first.

While Katrina was eating, Colette’s cell phone beeps. She picks it up and notices it is a text message from her friend George. According to George, she and her girlfriend have been invited to Peter’s house for another pool party. They were celebrating Sam’s birthday.

Colette had to remember who Sam was. She has only met him a few times. After a few seconds, she remembers who Sam was. She had met him at Comic-Con last year. He was dressed as one of the characters from Overwatch. She couldn’t remember who the character was, but she did remember the character was from Overwatch.

Colette looks at Katrina “How would you like to go to a pool party, this weekend?”

“Whose house is it at?” Katrina has met some of Colette’s friends.

“My friend Peter’s house. He has a nice in-ground swimming pool and makes the best barbecue around.” Colette knew she hadn’t introduced Katrina to all her friends.

“Is he gay?” Katrina knew Colette had a lot of gay and bisexual friends.

“Peter is, but his roomie isn’t. His roomie is a manly man type of person who thinks women were made to worship him.” Colette didn’t like Frances that much.

Something about him turned her off about him. Her womanly intuition was screaming at her not to trust him.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?” Katrina noticed that Colette was thinking about something.

“Just some events that have been happening lately.” Colette knew everything started when she went to Peter’s last party.

“Like what?” Katrina was curious.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” Colette didn’t want to drag Katrina into her problem.

“Sweetie, if it concerns you, then I want to know. That’s what being in a relationship is all about.” Katrina looks into Colette’s eyes.

Colette looks at Katrina and wonders if should she pull her into her problem. She weighs her options “Here is what I know.”

Katrina keeps eating her breakfast while listening to Colette explain what has been happening to her. She knew Colette was cautious about what she drank and how many drinks she had. She knew from what Colette had told her, that what she had been experiencing, sounded like someone had been drugging her.

“Sweetie, from everything you have told me. Someone has been drugging your drinks. I have heard about several women who have experienced the same thing you have just told me.”

“The question is, who is drugging me? I know all the guys I’ve been around, except maybe a few of them.” Colette trusted a lot of the people she had been partying with.

“Do you have any footage from these pool parties?” Katrina was thinking maybe she might be able to search through the images.

“Are you kidding? My friends love recording everything. I’ll show you after you finish breakfast.” Colette knew her friends loved recording the
parties they went to or hosted.

After breakfast, Colette uses Katrina’s computer and shows the pictures on Facebook and TikTok of the parties her friends throw. She was sitting on Katrina’s lap as they browsed the pictures together. She feels Katrina’s hand down between her legs fingering her.

“I think between me and your friend Carol, we have corrupted you and turned you into a nympho.” Katrina wonders how long Colette has denied herself from any type of sex.

“You know something, I don’t care, because it is so fucking amazing.” Colette was enjoying what Katrina was doing to her.

A smile appears on Katrina’s face as she brings Colette to a massive orgasm. She could tell when it rocked Colette’s body. While she was pleasing Colette, she was looking through the pictures. She takes a few snapshots of several of the people.

“Sweetie, if your mind is still functioning, can you point out who Frances is?” Katrina knew Colette was still recovering from the orgasm.

Colette tries to concentrate long enough to point out Frances in one picture. The description she had gotten from her neighbor resembled Frances a little.

“My neighbor gave me a description of the guy that was in my apartment. I think he was describing Frances.” Colette wanted to feel more from Katrina.

Colette gets off Katrina’s lap and moves down between her legs. She leans in between Katrina’s spread legs and….

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