A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 3

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Colette smacks the alarm on the nightstand next to her bed, after what happened to her at the pool party. She didn’t want to get out of bed and face the world. She had a rough time dealing with the problem the first time it happened. However, she made a doctor’s appointment, and it would cost her money if she didn’t attend it.

She finally drags herself out of bed and takes a shower. She wasn’t in her normal, perky mood and decided to dress all in black today. She fixes herself a cup of coffee before she leaves. She grabs her backpack after putting her wallet in it and keys in it. She walks down to the parking lot and over to her Honda.

She made an appointment with her gynecologist to see how much damage had been done to her vagina. She hoped the damage wasn’t too serious. It takes her twenty minutes to arrive at the doctor’s office. She sits in the car and stares at the building. She knew she would have to explain to Doctor Ainsley what happened.

Colette takes a deep breath before leaving her Honda and walking into the building. She spots Carol through the glass barrier as she walks up to it. She was glad it was Carol instead of someone she didn’t know.

Carol was talking to another worker when she noticed Colette Thorton standing on the other side of the glass barrier. A smile appears on her face. “Colette, what brings you in here today?”

“Hey, Carol. I have an appointment with Dr. Ainsley.” Colette tries to seem happy.

Carol looks at Colette and notices something is bothering her. Normally, Colette was always happy and perky, but not today. She checks the schedule for Dr. Ainsley and notices Colette has a nine o’clock appointment to see Dr. Ainsley.

“Okay, I’ll let her know. Is your insurance still the same?”

“Yes, I think my insurance cards you have on file should be the new ones.” Colette couldn’t remember if she had updated the cards on her file the last time she came.

“Yep, I have them, and they are up to date.” Carol smiles at Colette as she looks back up at her.

“Good. I’ll be right over here.” Colette turns and walks towards the waiting area.

No sooner does Colette sit down and start watching the home improvement show on the television, than her name is called. She looks towards the nurse who was calling her name, standing up and walking towards her. She follows the nurse through the door and as she is being led to the examination room. The nurse takes her height and weight.

Afterward, the nurse takes her to the examination room and takes her blood pressure and pulse. The nurse asks Colette some questions and afterward leaves. Colette waits patiently as she hears voices on the other side of the door.

Dr. Ainsley walks into the examination room and spots Colette waiting for her. She knew Colette wasn’t due for her annual checkup until next year. Dr. Ainsley sits on the stool and looks at Colette. “Is everything okay, Colette?”

Colette takes a breath before speaking, “No, doctor.”

“Tell me what’s wrong, Colette.”


An hour and a half later, Colette walks out of the doctor’s office. Dr. Ainsley discovered that she had some minor tearing and lactation. She wasn’t going to need stitches or anything. She walks towards her car and gets in.

Just as Colette was about to start her car, her cell phone beeps, letting her know she received a text. She looked at the text, and it was a message from Mrs. Wilds. She wanted to know how much she would charge to perform at her daughter’s birthday party.

She texts Mrs. Wilds back, telling her it depends on what she wants her to perform as. She had different prices for whatever she was expected to do. Because she only knew a few magic tricks.

She starts her car and backs out of the parking spot. She didn’t like taking medicine that made her drowsy. Dr. Ainsley had given her one to help her sleep.

The results from the blood test had been forwarded to Dr. Ainsley, so she would know what was used to drug her. As she is sitting at a stop light, her cell phone beeps again. She glances at the message and saw that Mrs. Wilds wants her to perform as She-Ra, Princess of Power. The new one is on Netflix.

Colette waits until she is at another stoplight before sending a reply. She agrees to dress up as Adora/She-Ra for twenty-five dollars an hour. Her going rate for being a dinosaur or a robot was higher, but dressing as She-Ra or any of the princesses was twenty-five dollars per hour. She sends the info to Mrs. Wild before driving away.

When she arrives at the gas station, Mrs. Wilds sends her the time and date. Colette looks at the date and smiles because it was this weekend. That gave her four days to make sure she had everything she needed. She also informs Mrs. Wilds that she uses the cash app—that way the kids don’t see them exchanging money.

Once Colette sends the information, she gets out and tries to put fuel in her car. While standing at the pumps, something doesn’t seem right to her. The pump doesn’t turn on. She looks towards the building and notices that the attendant is being held up. She dials 911 to alert the police.

She reaches into her car and grabs her taser. She moves quickly over to the building, and just as the crook grabs the metal bar on the other side of the door, inside the store. She tasers the handle and watches as the person starts shaking from the electricity.

She stops after a few seconds. She watches as the person falls to the floor and the other person trips over their partner towards the door. She braces the door to keep it closed and watches as the other robber backs up. He points his gun at the glass door and fires at it.

“Yikes!” Colette moves aside before the broken glass hits her.

Colette could hear the sirens coming closer. As the other person tries to run out, she sticks her leg out and trips the person.

“Timber!” Colette watches as the other person falls face-first onto the asphalt.

Colette jumps onto his back and straddles his body. She couldn’t believe the body odor coming off the guy.

“God! You smell too high heaven!” Colette couldn’t believe the stench coming off the guy.

Colette holds the guy down as two police cars enter the gas station. She watches as they come to a stop not far from her and the guy she is sitting on. A smile appears on Colette’s face when she spots who the police officers are.

Officer Green and his partner Cruz spot Colette sitting on a guy. They spot his gun laying near him.

“How come, whenever there is trouble. You are always nearby or in the middle of it?” Green looks at Colette as she straddles the guy.

“I wasn’t looking for trouble. I stopped to get gas and I spotted this guy and the other one holding up the gas station attendant.” Colette stands up and let officer Cruz handcuff the guy.

“Tell me everything from the beginning.” Officer Green gets his notepad out to record what Colette tells him.

Colette informs Officer Green on what happened and how her taser accidentally made contact with the door and went off. She also describes how the guy fell and why she was straddling. She noticed the expression on Officer Green’s face when he hears her explanation.

Afterwards, Officer Green, Cruz and the other police officers that had arrived let her leave. She gets in her car and stops at the Wawa not far from her apartment for gas and a sub.

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I'm thinking the officers

I'm thinking the officers were laughing their butts off all the way back to the station

Good God girl

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She is a trouble magnet it seams lol Some kind of trouble ALWAYS finds her it seams.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.