A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 1

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Colette couldn’t believe it was summer already and the pirate festival was only a month away. She loved dressing up as a pirate and having fun. She knew her friends Troy and George were dressing up as pirates as well. She always dressed up as a pirate from history, but this year she was going to dress up as one of the pirates from the anime called One Piece.

She found out about the anime from her friends and started watching it on Crunchyroll. She has fallen in love with the anime and loved the characters of the Straw Hat Pirates. She couldn’t pick which character she loved the most from their crew.

Colette knew she didn’t need to make any costumes because of the clothing she had previously worn in the past for the festival. However, she had to check her black powder muskets and make sure they stilled work. She hasn’t fired them since last year.

She walks into her costume room and over to the shelves where she keeps her weapons and other supplies. She looks for the handcrafted box that held a set of muskets she bought online when she was seventeen years old. She finds the box hiding under her pirate hat. She takes the box out and over to her workbench and opens it.

Inside the box were two beautifully made muskets. The wood portion of the muskets was made from oak and the barrels were high-quality steel. The trigger was polished stainless steel, and the ramrod had a bass piece at the end of the rod. There were Celtic designs etched into the wood and on the trigger.

“Hello, beautiful.” Colette loved her musket pistols.

She closes the case and grabs the powder horn and the leather pouch holding the lead balls she made by hand. She makes sure she has everything she needs to fire her muskets. The gun range wasn’t far from her apartment, and she was taking the day off from performing. Not that she really needed to work much. Ever since the bank robbery, the bank rewarded her for stopping the robbers. She used some of the money to have some surgery done on her body. She put some of the money towards the loan she took out to pay for her SRS surgery. The rest of the money she put in the bank for a rainy day.

The insurance policy she took out on herself, since she was an independent contractor paid for most of her medical bills. The bank paid the rest for her. It was a good thing that the policy she had paid for had short-term disability, or she wouldn’t have any money coming in while she was recovering from her wounds.

Colette grabs her scooter keys and drives that over to the gun range. She uses her scooter more than she does her car, but she was glad she had a car. She recognizes a motorcycle of a person she knew and parks her scooter in the parking space next to it.

Colette takes her helmet inside the building with her. The one time she left it outside, someone who knew she was trans put dog poop inside her helmet. So, now she always takes it with her.

The gun range itself wasn’t anything special. It had several counters and a sitting area for those who didn’t like shooting guns. She spots one of the employees coming out of the back, where the entrance to the range was.

“Hey, Bill. How has business been this morning?” As Colette walks up to the display case he was standing behind.

Bill spots Colette walking towards the display case he was standing behind. He noticed she was wearing a backpack.

“Slow, what brings you up here today?” Bill knew Colette didn’t come to the range much.

He watches as she sets her helmet on the glass top of the display case. He knew she owned a scooter and an old Honda Accord.

“I want to use the range today. I brought my muskets with me, and I want to make sure they still fire.” Colette takes her backpack off and opens it.

She reaches inside and brings the custom wooden box that held her muskets out. She sets the box on the countertop and opens the box. She turns the box around so Bill could see her muskets.

Bill looks at the muskets and couldn’t believe how well-preserved they were. He picks one up and examines it.

He could tell these weren’t fakes, but real ones. He looks at it and loved how it looked. He looks at Colette “Where did you get these guys from?”

“I bought them from a gun collector online. He sent me all the paperwork to prove they were genuine and what the marks on them meant. He also replaced the trigger section with stainless steel replacements, but he left the originals in the box.” Colette shows the original triggers to Bill.

“Wow! I’m impressed with these.” Bill was no expert, but he knew these were old and had been restored by a professional.

Bill puts the pistol back in the well-made box. He noticed that the material lining the inside of the box was black velvet. He also noticed that the box itself used the old style of doing the corners with interlocking finger joints.

“Whoever you bought these pistols from did an excellent job of restoring them and constructing this box.”

“Thanks. Do you mind if I fire them on the range?” Colette couldn’t wait to see how they did.

“Do you have everything you need to fire them?” Bill didn’t know if Colette had the ammo or powder for her guns.

“Yep, I have everything I need.”

“Okay, do you need ear protection and goggles?” Bill didn’t allow anyone on the range unless they had proper eye and ear protection.

“I have my shooting glasses, but I need ear protection.” Colette never got around to buying a pair of ear protection.

“No problem.” Bill grabs a pair of ear protection for Colette and hands them to her.

“Thanks.” Colette heads towards the back of the shop and into the range.

She could hear the person she knew firing his massive handgun. She stops at stall four, which was where her friend Burt was. She noticed he had brought six gun cases from his collection with him. He also brought his AR 15 that she knew he had modified too fully automatic.

Colette knew Burt was ex-military and had a large collection of modern and antique handguns. He even competed in gun competitions that were held. The last one he entered; he was beaten by a seventeen-year-old girl.

She continues down to stall six and set up everything she needed to fire her musket pistols. She was going to test-fire them first with just black powder. As she prepares them, she measures out the powder and compacts it down inside the barrel.

Once the pistols are loaded, she puts her mickey mouse ears on and picks the first pistol up to shoot it. Her guns were flintlock-style pistols. She set the hammer and aim it down range. She pulls the trigger and watches as the powder explodes. There was a large flash of fire and a lot of smoke afterward.

“Well, that one works.” Colette puts the pistol down and picks the other one up.

She aims down range and pulls the trigger. Same thing happens like the first one. Colette starts coughing because of the smoke. The one
drawback of black powder pistols was the smoke from the gunpowder.

“Well, that works.” She puts the pistol down and starts prepping the pistol again, but this time, she puts the lead balls in the chamber after the powder.

Colette picks the pistol up and pulls the hammer back. She aims down range at the paper target she set up and fires. She watches as the paper target flutters as it gets hit. She puts the pistol she was holding down and picks the second one up and fires it.

She preps the pistols again and fires again and again. She keeps firing the guns until all the ammo she brought with her is gone. Once she is done, she brings the paper target back towards her and looks at where the lead balls hit.

A smile appears on her face because one of the lead balls hit center mass, whereas the others hit in different areas of the target. She at least had a killing shot.

“You did well for a girl.” Burt had heard the black powder pistols going off when he was reloading.

Colette turns to face Burt “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. So, why are you using those ancient things?” Burt was curious about why Colette was using such old guns.

“I’m going to use them during the pirate festival.” Colette couldn’t recall ever seeing Burt at the festival.

“Ah! That makes sense.” Burt knew they would be impressive.

“So, why are you up here today?” Colette looks at Burt and watches his reaction.

“Practicing for an upcoming gun competition. Palmetto Gun Club is hosting the competition.” Burt was a member of several different gun clubs in South Carolina.

“Cool, I wouldn’t mind attending to see how you do.” Colette liked watching Burt shoot.

“Let me see how many guests I can bring with me.” Burt didn’t mind Colette coming and watching him shoot.

“Okay, give me a call.”

“Alright.” Burt turns and walks back to his stall.

Colette packs all her stuff up and takes down the paper target. She folds it up and stuffs it into her backpack. She couldn’t wait to get a drink, to get the taste of the black powder out of it.

She walks out of the gun range and pays Bill the rental fee for the goggles, mickey mouse ears, and the range fee as well. She didn’t have a membership, because she didn’t practice with her guns a lot. She also didn’t own many guns either. The ones she did own, were black powder, except for her 9mm G26 Glock.

Detective Penn and Officer Cruz suggested she should buy a gun for personal protection after what happened to her at the circus and the bank. Detective Penn knew that some people might still hold a grudge against her. So, she came to Jim’s gun range and bought a small compact 9mm and also got her carry and concealed permit. He offered a free class to anyone who bought a new weapon from him.

She walks out to her scooter and put her helmet on. She starts the scooter and heads out of the parking lot and towards her apartment. She stops at the Wendy’s near her and orders a baconator combo. She orders a large sweet iced tea to go with her meal. When she gets it, she takes a sip from it, before leaving the parking lot.

Once she gets back to her apartment. She sits down at her workbench and eats her lunch. She was going to clean her pistols after she eats. While she is eating, she hears her cell phone beep, letting her know she received an email. She opens the email and reads it. The email was from Mrs. Fox over at the library. She was asking her if she could show up dressed in a dinosaur costume on Thursday.

Colette looks over towards her costume collection to see if she had one. She spots the raptor costume she wore last summer during dinosaur week on the boardwalk. She puts her burger down and examines the costume. It was still in good condition.

She walks back over to her cell phone and sends a reply to Mrs. Fox. Once that was done, she finishes eating her burger and fries. She throws her trash into the trashcan and heads back into her workroom. She grabs some newspaper and spread them out on her workbench and starts cleaning her pistols.

The rest of the day, after she finishes cleaning her pistols. She does some laundry and listens to some music. She flops down onto the sofa afterward and turns the television on. She had set the station for news last night and there was a newscast from yesterday about the Proud Boys harassing a drag queen at a local bookstore.

She wonders if they might show up at the library where she is supposed to perform at. She knew Mrs. Fox allows drag queens to come in and read to the children. She walks back into her workroom and goes over her specialty gag items.

Thursday Afternoon, Rosewood Public Library:
Colette decided to drive her Honda, instead of her scooter. Her dinosaur costume was in the backseat and as she pulled into the parking lot. She notices that a crowd was already starting to form with supporters and people against drag queens.

“This should be fun.” Colette puts on the costume and grabs her gag items.

One of the items was a portable fart-sounding device she bought. She saw Larry the Cable Guy uses the device inside a mall once on YouTube. He did it as a joke on some of the mall patrons.

Once she has the costume on. She pretends she is a raptor and heads towards the anti-LGBTQ crowd that came to protest. She notices the proud boys were there with their guns.

Since her head was covered up, the people couldn’t see the smirk on her face. She roars and makes the clicking sound the raptors from Jurassic Park movies made. She walks behind the proud boys and uses the fart-making device to make it seem one of them farted. She had brought the foul-smelling gag fart spray with her. She sprays the Proud Boy members and some of the anti-protestors with it as well.

She watches as the people she sprayed with the stuff and those around them, start gagging and retching from the smell. She gets bumped by a few protesters and sprays them without them knowing. Before long, some of the supporters of the LGBTQ community were being affected as well.

She didn’t mean to affect them, but she was glad that the others were being affected. She watches as the big strong men with guns were on their hands and knees throwing up everything in their stomachs. She holds her breath as she walks inside the library. Once she was inside, she releases the breath she was holding.

Mrs. Fox and several others were watching the crowd outside of the library retching. No one knew what had caused it. Mrs. Fox looks at Colette as she stood nearby “Do you know what happened?”

“I think one or several of the Proud Boys and anti-LGBTQ protestors had stomach problems. I heard a lot of farting going on.” Colette was glad that Mrs. Fox couldn’t see the smile on her face under her costume.

Mrs. Fox shakes her head as she watches the protesters and Proud Boys puke. She wonders if it was safe for the kids to go outside after story time.

“I’m going to go ahead and entertain the kids, Mrs. Fox.” Colette was still smiling as she heads to where the kids were gathering to hear Sugar Pop read to them.

Colette knew Sugar Pop and was surprised at how she was dressed. Normally, Sugar Pop was so over the top, that it was a surprise to Colette on how conservative she was dressed now. She looked like she could be someone’s mother today.

Colette roar and make clicking sounds like a raptor and surprises the kids. Her dinosaur costume had taken her months to construct because she wanted it to be so real-like. Even though she was a professional mime. She still enjoyed performing as something else.

By the time Sugar Pop was done reading. Mrs. Fox and another volunteer had set out snacks and drinks for everyone. Colette had several kids giving her hugs and taking pictures with her.

Colette managed to snag herself an apple juice box and was drinking it. She walks over to Sugar Pop “You did good reading that book and making the characters come alive in it.”

“Thanks, Colette.” Sugar Pop, aka Christopher Cole, recognized Colette’s voice.

“I thought you would recognize me.” Colette was smiling underneath her costume.

“I knew it was you from the moment I saw you. You wore that costume at the Pride parade last year.” Sugar Pop knew Colette was a big supporter of LGBTQ rights and such.

“I plume forgot that I wore this costume in that parade.” Colette has done so many jobs, that she sometimes forgets what jobs or performances she has done.

“Well, I know all the queens here in Charleston appreciate what you do for us. How are you doing after being shot?” Sugar Pop had heard about
Colette being shot a few months back.

“I’m doing fine. I only lost some muscle control of my right arm, but I can still perform.” Colette had lost some muscle control in her right arm.

The doctor said it was minor and she could still use her arm. But as she gets older, she’ll notice how much weaker she is in her arm. She was lucky that she was ambidextrous and double-jointed. She always knew she was double-jointed because she could do things her friends and siblings couldn’t do.

Her father still thought she was crazy for wanting to be a performer. He thought she should have gotten a nice paying job like her brother and sister. On top of that, her father was still adjusting to her being a woman, instead of a male.

“That’s good. So, are you still performing?” Sugar Pop knew Colette performed down at the boardwalk and in the park sometimes.

“Yep. I’ll be down at the boardwalk tomorrow.” Colette loved showing off.

“I’ll have to stop by and see you.” Sugar Pop winks at Colette, before walking off to see how the kids were doing.

Colette stays and entertains the kids some more after taking a break. Some kids were scared of her, while others loved her. Even the parents that had stayed to listen to Sugar Pop read were amused by her antics.

Colette waits until the kids have left before taking her costume off. She was wearing a leotard and tights underneath the costume. she was soaked with sweat even though she was inside a building with A/C.

Mrs. Fox walks over to Colette “The kids love you, Ms. Thorton.”

“Thanks, and please called me Colette.” Colette smiles at Mrs. Fox.

“Alright, Colette. You were good with the kids. I’m still puzzled at what happened outside.” Mrs. Fox was puzzled about what happened to everyone.

“Who knows? Me personally, I feel they got what they deserve.”

“You know, everyone has a right to their opinions.” Mrs. Fox believed in that. That was why their country was formed.

“True, they do. However, they should never push their opinions onto other people to cover up their prejudice and ignorance of things they don’t want to accept. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they see fit as long as they don’t harm others.” Colette knew what it was like to be bullied for being who she was.

“True, will you be available next month to entertain the kids again?”

“Sure, just let me know what date and what time and if you want the dinosaur again or something different?” Colette knew she could come as anything Mrs. Fox needs from her.

“I’ll do that. I have already deposited the money for this event to your account.”

“Thanks, and since this may turn into a steady event for me. How about I do a free event for you as well? Just let me know when you would like to redeem it.”

“That’s nice of you. I’ll do that.” Mrs. Fox liked that Colette was willing to do an event for free.

Colette gathers her stuff up and walks outside and past everyone. The paramedics had been called to help the people she sprayed with the fart spray. That stuff was going to be with them until they take a shower or wash their clothes. A grin appears on her face as she makes her way towards her car with her arms loaded down.

After putting everything in the back seat and getting in. Colette heads towards her favorite sub and buys a sub and onion rings to take home with her. While she is driving and listening to music, the song The Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton starts playing. She hasn’t heard that song in a long time and starts singing along with it.

By the time she gets home, the song had ended. She pulls into her parking spot and turns the car off. She gets out with her lunch and grabs the dinosaur costume from the back. She walks up the three flights of stairs towards her apartment with her arms loaded down with the costume and her lunch.

Once she is inside her apartment, she places her lunch on the coffee table and carries her costume into her workroom. She just sets it on her workbench, along with the fart machine and fart spray. She noticed she used half of the bottle on the protesters.

“I better order some more from Amazon.” She walks back into the living room and sits down on the sofa and enjoys her lunch.

Several days Later:
Colette was down on the boardwalk performing like she normally does. She was dressed as a mime and performing some new tricks she learned from a well-known mime she found online. While she is performing the tricks, an older woman in her late forties walks up to her.

“Why don’t you get a real job, instead of out here begging for money, like the loser you are?” Clair has seen the young woman who was dressed as a mime come out at different times and perform on the boardwalk. She has also seen the same young woman wear different costumes and such and help several businesses by stirring them towards their stores and such. Her business wasn’t doing very well, and she was blaming the young girl.

Colette didn’t take the bait and pretended that she couldn’t hear the woman because she was behind a wall. When that didn’t deter the woman, she pretended she was inside a very small box and make it look like she was by kneeling. She noticed that wasn’t going to deter the woman either. So, she stands up and starts mockingly copying the woman. That got a lot of laughs from the crowd that had formed around them, to see if Colette was going to break character.

The woman noticed that the only response she was getting from the mime was her mocking her. She wanted to reach out and slap the mime. Instead, she pulls her cell phone out and calls the police.

“I’m calling the police.” The woman looks at the mime as she dials the number.

Colette pretends she is doing the same thing and when the woman starts talking to the police. She mouths some words, but different from the woman.

“Leave the mime along, Mrs. Floss.” Greg saw Mrs. Floss outside of her store on the boardwalk harassing Colette. He knew she did a good job of performing and even helped out the merchants increase their sales with some of her antics.

Colette turns and smiles at Mr. Eisen. He was always nice to her and brought her a bottle of water or gave her a snack.

“Stay out of this, Greg.” Mrs. Floss looks at Greg when she responds.

“You have no idea how much our patrons like her.” Greg knew the people who visited his store and always wanted to know when Colette was performing next.

“I don’t care. She’s begging and that is making us look bad.”

“She is asking for donations. There’s a difference, Mrs. Floss.” Officer Sagar looks at Mrs. Floss when she spoke.

Officer Scarrett had responded to the call. They happened to be nearby and responded to dispatch.

“I don’t care, I want her removed.” Mrs. Floss was red in the face from being mocked by the mime.

Colette looks at the two police officers and waves at them. She was still in character and was having fun with Mrs. Floss.

Officer Scarrett walks over to Colette “Do you have your permits with you?”

Colette nods her head yes. She never speaks when she is dressed as a mime and most of the police officers that come down to the boardwalk
know this.

“Let me see them, please.” Officer Scarrett knew she wasn’t going to get a verbal response from Colette.

Colette walks over to where her stuff was and pull her permits out. She always kept them up to date. She shows them to Officer Scarrett.

Officer Scarrett looks the permits over and hands them back to Colette. There was a smile on her face as she hands the permits to Colette.

“You never fail to surprise me, Colette.”

Colette smiles at Officer Scarrett and accepts her permit back. She pretends to hug Officer Scarrett. She knew she couldn’t hug her.

Officer Scarrett shakes her head as she returns the hug without touching Colette. She knew Colette wouldn’t do anything to tarnish her reputation.

“Come on partner, let’s go and grab some lunch.” Officer Sagar looks at her partner when she spoke.

“Coming.” Officer Scarrett turns and walks towards her partner and Mrs. Floss.

“You’re not going to do anything to her?” Mrs. Floss looks at the two police officers.

“Nope, she’s done nothing wrong. All her permits are up to date and she’s not causing any problems.”

Mrs. Floss’s face gets even redder as she storms back into her store. She was pissed and would figure out a way to get even with the mime.

Colette waves goodbye to the officers and Mrs. Floss as she continues entertaining people. Thanks to Mrs. Floss's little temper tantrum. The people on the boardwalk donated more money to Colette’s decorated collection can.

Around two in the afternoon, Colette takes a break and grabs some tacos from a nearby restaurant. The manager on duty gives her a discount.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Keep doing a good job.”

“Thanks.” Colette takes a sip from her virgin pina colada.

Colette sits down at an outside table and watches as people walk back and forth on the boardwalk. She loved the boardwalk and watching the waves as they crashed on the beach. There were some people down on the beach, enjoying the warm weather.

She’ll have to pull her bikini out and go to the beach tomorrow. She takes another sip from her drink and enjoys the ocean air. After a few minutes, her waitress appears with her order. Colette gives the young woman a five-dollar bill to bring to her.

While she is eating, her friend George and his buddies spot her. They walk over to her table “Hey Colette, do you mind if we join you?”

“Nope, please have a seat.”

“Thanks.” George sits down, while his friend Tony goes and orders lunch for them. His other friend Marcus sits down at the table as well.

“So, what are you guys up to, today?” Colette wonders what mischief George and his friends were up to.

“Not much. A friend of mine named Lucas Green is throwing a pool party this weekend. Why don’t you come with me and the guys? I promise you’ll have fun.”

“Sure, why not. I trust you and your posse.” Colette knew George and his friends were nice guys.

“Cool. I’ll text the address to your cell phone.” George pulls his cell phone out and texts Colette the address.

Colette hears her cell phone beep. She pulls it out and notices that George had sent her the address. It’s been a while since she has been to a pool party.

Tony and Marcus return with their lunch. They sit down at Colette’s table and pass the food out. They noticed that Colette was in the process of eating, so they didn’t get her anything.

The four of them sit and talk about the upcoming pirate festival and what everyone was going to wear. When Colette tells them about the One-Piece anime, she has been watching lately. They were interested, especially George. He loved manga cartoons and such.

After lunch, Colette goes back to work. She chooses a different area on the boardwalk, so she didn’t have another run-in with the woman who harass her before. She was honored when several of the owners and managers of the other stores stood up for her.

When Colette gets home, she looks through her collection of swimsuits. She has been buying them ever since she decided to become a girl. Some of them she uses in her performances.

She picks out a nice aqua-blue one that shows off her breasts and ass. She tries it on, just to be on the safe side. She notices it still fits her after
all these years. She has to shave down in her private area, but she doesn’t mind.

Colette jumps into the shower and shaves her whole body. She made sure that there wasn’t any pubic hair or stubble showing. After she finishes shaving, she applies some coconut oil to smooth the area to prevent ingrown hairs from forming.

Peter Crosses House:
Peter and several of his friends have been busy all week organizing and inviting people, mostly friends of theirs to a massive pool party. Peter has heard back from everyone he had invited. His friend George had called and told him that he was bringing a friend.

Peter didn’t mind and wanted to know who it was. Once he learned it was the mime that had been involved in the bank robbery. He was thrilled to have her at his party.

Frances looks at himself in the mirror in the bedroom at Peter’s place. He looked good in his swim trunks. He knew Peter had invited a bunch of good-looking women to the party. He couldn’t wait to see who shows up, because he was in a frisky mood.

He checks the pills he bought to drop into some of the unsuspected women’s drinks tonight. He was going to pick his prey out and bring them back to this room and have fun with them. He makes sure he has plenty of condoms to use. This way they can’t use his semen to get a DNA match on him. He learned his lesson the first time he did this. It’s too bad, the cops near found the woman that he raped.

He leaves the room he was staying in and goes outside to join everyone. He was going to scout his prey out and see which woman he was going to enjoy tonight. A smile appears on his face as he thinks about the fun he is going to have.

Colette arrived with George and his friends. She trusted him and has been friends with him since she moved to Charleston. Plus, he made her laugh with some of his corny jokes and such.

Since she was going to be swimming and such, she wore a sun dress over her bikini. She had a pair of fresh underwear and such in her beach bag. Along with her favorite suntan lotion.

She is shown where she could put her beach bag and get undressed. Once she removed her sundress and walk outside in her bikini. She gets several wolf whistles from George and his friends.

She looks at them “You guys really know how to make a girl feel.”

Frances had been watching the women who had arrived with their boyfriends and such. He spots a short black-haired girl wearing a cute aqua-blue string bikini talking to a group of guys. He liked how she looked. She wasn’t very tall and had a nice build to her. She looked like the type of girl that took pride in how their body looked. He watches as she dives into the swimming pool.

He spots Peter talking to a cute dirty blonde hair girl. He walks over to Peter to find out who the dark-haired girl he spotted was.

“Hey, Peter. Who is that dark-haired girl wearing the aqua-blue string bikini?” Frances points her out.

Peter looks at the girl Frances was pointing out and a smile appears on his face. George had introduced her when they arrived.

“That is George’s friend Colette Thorton. She was the one that stopped a bunch of robbers from robbing a bank three months ago.”

“How did she do that?” Frances was even more interested in her now.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask George how she did it.” Peter knew George was good friends with Ms. Thorton.

“I’ll do that.” He and Peter watches as Colette spikes a volleyball in the pool.

Colette had joined George and several guys in a water volleyball game. She was on George’s team, facing off against several other guys. She was the only woman playing volleyball. She loved water games.

Frances watches Colette and how her cute string bikini supported her perky breasts. He liked how her bottom barely covered her ass cheeks. He watches as she bounces around in the pool with the other guys surrounding her.

Peter was mingling with his guest, making sure everyone was doing good. He had hired a DJ for the party along with a catering service that specialized in South Carolina-style barbecue. For those guests that were vegan, the cater he hired had meatless entries for them as well.

Colette plays several rounds of volleyball with the guys before she gets out and grabs a drink. Peter was making drinks for his guest. She gets a virgin pina colada from him.

“Thanks, Peter.” Colette thought Peter was cute.

“You’re welcome, Colette, and thanks for the case of German beer.” Peter was surprised when Colette brought in a cube of German beer.

“You’re welcome. I thought your guest might like them.” Colette knew George and the other guys that came with her, loved German beer.

“Your right. You should grab some barbecue after swimming around in the pool.” Peter saw how competitive Colette was in the pool.

“I’ll do that.” Colette watches as Peter makes her drink.

Peter crushes some ice and add the ingredients to the blender he was using. He presses the button and mixes the drink mix up. He adds a little more coconut milk to the mixture and pour it into a glass and hands it to Colette.

“Thanks, Peter.” Colette accepts the glass and takes a sip from it.

She loved how sweet it was. She looks at Peter “This is good.”

“Thanks, now go and get yourself some food, before it’s all gone.” Colette walks over to the table where the food was and fixes herself a plate.

Frances was watching Colette as she walked around the pool. He let his mind roam about what he was going to do with that sweet ass of hers. He was going to keep a close eye on her.

Nighttime started to fall and the lights in the pool turn on. Music was playing and people were having fun. Colette is surprised when she goes back to her lounger and finds a fresh pina colada waiting for her. She figures George must have gotten it for her since he has been keeping an eye out for her.

She takes a sip from it and it was as sweet as the previous ones she had. She drinks some more of the drink. She has been having fun all day playing games in the pool and dancing with some of the guys. She had danced a few times with Frances and noticed he was sweet to her.

She had to admit, he wasn’t bad looking. He had short military-style black hair. A few tattoos covered his upper torso and he had them on both arms as well.

Colette drinks the pina colada and finishes it off. She stands up and starts dancing when the DJ plays one of her favorite songs. As she is
dancing, she starts feeling weird, lightheaded, and woozy. She looks around for George and spots him. She starts walking towards him, but she stumbles and bumps into a few people.

As she is about to reach George, she is intersected by Frances. She looks up at him through blurry eyes.

“Are you alright, Colette?” Frances had kept his eyes on Colette and noticed the effects of the drug he used on her.

Colette goes to shake her head but felt so lightheaded. She hasn’t felt like this in a long time.

“Why don’t I escort you to a bedroom? You can barely stand.” Frances picks Colette up in his arms and starts carrying her towards the house.

He squeezes her ass as he holds her. An evil smile appears on his face as he looks down into Colette’s hazel eyes. He couldn’t believe that he was going to have some fun with her.

George spotted Frances carrying Colette and rushes over to her. He was worried that something happened to her.

“Hey, Colette, is everything okay?” As George catches up to her.

“She was stumbling around. I was going to lay her down in one of the spare bedrooms.” Frances wanted to get Colette away from her friends.

“Look, if she is feeling this bad. I better take her home. She doesn’t do well waking up in strange places.” George remembers the time Colette had been drugged and photos had been taken of her.

“She’ll be safe here.” Frances didn’t want to let her go.

“I appreciate that, Frances. However, I better get her home. You don’t want to see her when she is pissed off.” George knew how Colette was.

“Alright, where’s your car?” Frances figures he might as well concede. He’ll get her some other time.

“Let me grab her stuff and grab the guys.” George runs off to get Colette’s stuff and the guys.

Frances waits until George is out of sight, before sticking his middle finger up inside Colette’s vagina. He was seeing if she was still a virgin or not. He didn’t feel a hymen and felt her react to his finger being inside of her.

“You are one lucky bitch.” As he pushes his whole fist up inside her vagina.

Colette had passed out because of the drug and didn’t feel Frances shoving his fist up inside her body. She was so far gone that it would take a tactical nuke to wake her. She doesn’t feel Frances having his way with her as he places her in George’s car.

George shows up with the rest of the guys that came with him. He was feeling intoxicated, but he knew Colette would freak out if she woke up and she wasn’t someone where she recognizes.

“George, let me drive. Your too intoxicated to drive.” Troy has had some beers to drink, but not for a while.

“Alright, let's head towards Colette’s place and drop her off.” George was slurring his words.

Troy shakes his head and drives towards Colette’s place. It takes him about forty-five minutes to arrive. Between him and Andrew, they manage to carry her upstairs to her apartment.

“Why couldn’t she get an apartment on the first floor?” Andrew couldn’t believe Colette lived on the third floor.

“She said that she hated when people above her made noise.” Troy knew why Colette didn’t like the ground floor.

“Where’s her apartment key?” Andrew was trying the door.

“Search her bag while I hold her.” Troy held Colette in his arms.

Andrew looks in the beach bag and for the keys. He opens her small purse and spots her keychain. It was a little Pikachu with a silver ring with all her keys hanging from it.

“Found them.” Andrew finds the right key and unlocks the door.

“About time.” Troy was finding it hard to support Colette. He was trying not to wrap his arms around her barely covered-breasts.

Her swimsuit top had inched upwards, exposing her nipples. Andrew spots Colette’s nipples and couldn’t believe how pink her areolas are.

“Remind me to tell Colette how pretty her nipples are.” Andrew looks towards Troy when he says that.

“I would wait a few days, to tell her. She’s going to be disoriented and probably feeling sick.” Troy wanted to know who drugged his friend.

They take her into her place and lay her on her bed. Troy tucks her under her covers.

“Should we call the paramedics or something?” Andrew was a little worried about Colette.

“I’m calling Markus. He’s a nurse at Charleston General and Colette trust him.” Troy pulls his cell phone out and dials Markus’s number.

Markus Place:
Markus was sitting on the sofa cuddled up against his husband when his cell phone starts playing music.

“I wonder who it can be?” Markus picks his cell phone up and looks at the caller id.

He saw that it was Troy calling him. He presses accept “Hey Troy, what’s up?”

“Hey, Markus. Sorry for bothering you and Teddy today, but I have a problem.” Troy felt Colette’s forehead and notices she was running a fever.

“What’s the problem, Troy?” Markus was curious.

“I’m at Colette’s place and I think someone drugged her. Can you come over and take a look at her?” Troy was worried about his friend.

“I’ll be over.”

“Thanks.” Troy knew Markus has seen several women come to the ER that had been drugged.

Troy hangs up and waits for Markus to show up. He gives his keys to Andrew to drive George home.

Forty-five minutes later, Markus shows up at Colette’s place. Troy had spotted him from Colette’s porch. He noticed Markus’s husband Bobby had come with him.

“Thanks for coming.” Troy was glad Markus had shown up.

“Any time. Where is she?”

“She’s in her bedroom. I think someone roofied her.” Troy has seen some women he knew get roofie before.

Markus shakes his head and goes to check on Colette. He had brought his medical bag with him. He checks her vitals and her reaction. He felt weird touching her on the chest because he knew she uses to be male, but now was female.

He doesn’t know what drug was used on her, but everything points to being a roofie. He walks back into the living room where his husband and Troy was.

“She was defiantly roofie. What type was used I don’t know. I can take some blood from her and have it tested.”

“Do it. We need to know what was used on her and how long she is going to be out.” Troy wanted to have evidence to show Colette.

“I have some test tubes in my bag.”

“Why do you carry around test tubes?” Troy was curious about that.

“It’s a long story.” Markus was going to have his blood tested.

He walks back into Colette’s bedroom and takes a blood sample. When he is done, he makes her comfortable and walks out. When he enters the living room “someone should stay with her and make sure she is okay.”

“I’ll stay and keep an eye on her.” Troy didn’t want to see anything bad happen to Colette.

“Okay. I’ll get back to you on the blood results.”

“Thanks.” Troy watches as Markus and his husband leave.

Troy shuts the door behind Markus and walks into Colette’s kitchen to see what she had to drink and eat.

The Next Morning:
Colette wakes up feeling sick to her stomach. She was confused and her head hurt as she sat up. She wasn’t feeling too good, as she falls out of bed and lands on the floor. Her stomach was feeling uneasy. She manages to pick herself up off the floor and stumble to the bathroom.

She notices she was still wearing her bikini as she unties the bottoms and lets it fall to the floor.

No sooner does she sit on the toilet, that the contents of her bowel come out of her anal opening? She could feel that her body wasn’t acting normally. Her head felt like it was in the clouds and she couldn’t remember what happened last night or yesterday afternoon. She remembers stumbling towards George, but after that, everything was blank.

She felt pain in her vaginal opening like something huge had stretched it. She sits there on the toilet, letting her body do what it had to do, trying to recall the events of yesterday. When she was finished, she gets up off the toilet, after cleaning herself and stumbling towards the living room.

She hears some snoring coming from her sofa. She walks over to it and spots Troy sound asleep. She also noticed some empty Chinese takeout containers sitting on the coffee table. She wonders why Troy had stayed. She stumbles towards the kitchen and pours herself a glass of ginger ale to drink. Her stomach was feeling upset and ginger ale or sprite always made it feel better.

She take a sip. After a few sips, her stomach starts feeling better. She still felt light headed, but at least her stomach wasn't so upset.

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Good first part

Looking forward to the next piece.

Ginger Ale or Sprite

Dee Sylvan's picture

Sounds like a Midwesterner. A true Michigander would say 'Vernors' or Sprite. Good story, I'm glad George intercepted that slime ball Frances. I wonder what Collette will remember? :DD


When she finds out

Samantha Heart's picture

Frances will REGRET everything as Colette will make DAMN sure of that along with her friends he is probably in line for a LONG prison term.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.