How I Became A Female Biker Chapter 5

Rachel couldn’t believe the second night. The bottom of her French maid outfit was stuff full of money. Even her breasts were slipping out of their cups, because of the money people had stuffed in them. One guy paid her $1,000.00 dollars to walk around for the rest of the night with a butt plug in her ass with bells attached that dangled down and jingle every time she walked.

Nina had walked over and leaned in to whisper in her ear “you’re wearing that till we get home or maybe longer.” As she places a kiss on Rachel’s cheek.

Someone slips a roll of one’s between her butt cheeks. She was uncomfortable when they did it, but she allowed it. Rachel couldn’t wait till the night was over. She enjoyed what they were doing and thought it was a good idea. However, she didn’t enjoy being pawed and prodded.

By the time the event was over. Rachel let Nina help remove the money from her outfit. Nina holds up the roll of ones she found tucked between Rachels butt cheeks “Do I want to know who put these between your butt cheeks?”

“I didn’t see who did it. They came up from behind me and tucked the roll in my underwear between my butt cheeks.” Rachel pulls the last of the money from her outfit.

“I need to go and remove this butt plug.” Rachel turns to walk off.

Nina grabs her hand and stops her “you’re wearing that till we get home.”

Rachel turns to look at her lover “do I have too? It’s a little uncomfortable.”

Nina steps in close and places a kiss on her “yes. However, once we get home, you can remove it. Now, let’s go.”

Nina holds Rachel’s hand as they start walking towards Nina’s car. A smile appears on her face as she listens to the bells hanging between Rachel’s legs jingle as she walks. She glances at Rachel and could tell she was a little self-conscious about being out in public with a strip of bells hanging down between her legs.

Rachel fidgets as she walks to Nina’s car. The butt plug was a little uncomfortable as she walks in her high heels. When she gets to the car, she slips her heels off and rub her feet. She had some hand cleaner in her purse.

Nina looks over to Rachel as she backs out of the parking space and drive towards her place. They stop by a Taco Bell for Rachel. She hadn’t had anything to eat since she arrived at the event.

Once they were at Nina’s place, Nina teases Rachel some by slowly opening the door. Once Rachel was inside Nina’s place, she rushes towards the bathroom to remove the butt plug. She was so happy to remove it.

Rachel comes out of the bathroom, happy that the butt plug was out of her ass. She lets the French maid outfit fall to the floor as she walks into the dining room in just her garter, stockings and bra.

“I could get use to you dressing like that for dinner.” Nina liked how Rachel looked.

“I could arrange to be like this for you, from now on.” Rachel sits down and eats her tacos.

Afterwards, she and Nina head to the bathroom and take a shower together, while exploring each other’s body. Rachel does feel a little cheated, because she wants to feel what Nina felt. She wanted to experience what it felt like when she enjoyed being down between Nina’s legs.

They finally, get out of the shower and head towards the bedroom. Nina takes control of their loving making. She pleases Rachel in ways Rachel never knew she could experience.

Rachel wakes-up the next day feeling wonderful. Nina wasn’t in bed, so she grabs her house robe and head into her work room. She notices that Nina had the music playing and was swing her ass back and forth to the rhythm of the music, while looking over some pictures. She just stands in the door way, watching Nina. She loved her cute ass as it moved in time with the music.

After watching for a while, Rachel knocks lightly on the door frame to grab Nina’s attention. Nina turns around and notices Rachel standing her doorway “good morning sweetie. I was just going over some negatives.”

Rachel walks towards Nina “so, I see.”

“I have to work later this afternoon.” Rachel knew her day off was over.

“I’ll pick you up then.” Nina gives Rachel a kiss.

Rachel returns the kiss. She loved being around Nina. She was fun and entertaining.

“How about I make us some brunch today?”

“I didn’t know you knew how to cook.” Nina had a teasing smile on her face.

“Ha, ha. I can cook. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty good.” Rachel gives Nina a kiss and heads towards the kitchen to fix some brunch for them.

“Alright, let me know when its ready.” Nina heads back over to her work bench to continue her work.

Rachel turns the television on in the kitchen and work on some brunch. She saw that Nina had gone shopping and had everything she needed to make stir-fry from starch. She selects a show to watch as she cooks.

She really didn’t want to go to work today. Rachel cooks their brunch and makes some fried rice to go with the stir-fry. She hopes that she’ll be made a member now for doing the event.

Rachel taste the stir-fry and it was to her liking.

Rachel serves it up and pour some wine for the two of them. Once the table was set and ready, she heads back to Nina’s work room “brunch is

Nina looks up from her work. “okay.” She follows Rachel to the dining room and sit down to enjoy the food.

They eat in silence and drink several glasses of wine. After brunch is done, Nina helps clean the kitchen and goes back to work. Rachel slips out of the clothes she had on and into something comfortable. She checks her email and answer a few fan letters. She sends signed photos to her fans that requested them.

In the next few months, she has several races she will be going to. She just got the schedule and pays her entry fees for them. She wonders if Nina would like to travel with her and Roman. She figures he’ll like having two beautiful women traveling with him.

At 2 o’clock, Rachel starts getting ready for work. She heads back to Nina’s work room.

“Hey, can a girl get a ride to work?” She was striking a sexy pose in the doorway.

A smile forms on Nina’s face as she looks towards Rachel. She loved how she looked.

“I think something can be arranged.” Nina heads to her bedroom and gets dress as well.

Once Nina is dressed, she grabs her purse and car keys. So, far most of the work she needed to get done, was done.

“Let’s go.” As Nina heads down to her car with Rachel in tow.

As they get into the car “call me before your shift ends.”

“I will.” Rachel slides into the passenger seat.

The drive over to the restaurant didn’t take long. Just as Rachel was getting out of the car.

“Hey Nina, what do you think about a road trip to New York?” Rachel looks at Nina.

“What for?” Nina was curious.

“The motocross race season is starting up there.”

“Sounds interesting. Let’s talk about it when you get off.”

“Okay.” Rachel gives Nina a kiss and heads into the restaurant.

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