Avenging Angel Chap. 16

“Patrick, do you see this?” Gypsy was examining the robotic frame that was inside the fake armor.

“Yeah, this is Andy Poffo design. I recognize his circuit design.” Gypsy carefully removes the control module.

She looks at how the armor was constructed, and it looked like they were in a hurry when the suit was put together. Patrick spots something that Gypsy didn’t.

“Hey Gypsy, do you recognize this?” Patrick holds up a motor connection.

“Yeah, that’s a remote neutral control unit. These suits are being remote piloted from a distance.” Gypsy grabs her magnifying glass to examine it.

“So, these suits are being virtually piloted from a remote location.” Patrick had to admit, it was a brilliant plan.

Drone powered armor units.The government could cut down on having soldiers in the field. War could become a video game for the governments.

“Yep, and with them disappearing like they are. I’m betting the range is short as well.” Gypsy looks around their command center to see if they had a signal tracker.

They didn’t have one at all. She turns her attention back to the armor. She takes the control module and plug it into her laptop and cracks the security code protecting it.

“Hey Patrick, look at this code.” Gypsy hasn’t seen it before.

Patrick looks at it and goes through it. He frowns as he continues to read it. The commands were in Linux, but there was something else in them.

Patricia continues to look through the code as Gypsy took the armor suit apart. She could repurpose the armor and make two more suits just like Nathan’s for two more test pilots.

“You know, I wonder if a sonic pulse weapon wouldn’t be more effective against these armors?” The idea had popped into her head, as she was working on the armor.

“What gave you that idea?” As Patrick looks over towards his partner in crime.

“Well, we design these armors to withstand kinetic style weapons and allow the wear to go into hostile environments. So, far the only weapon we have design to penetrate these suits is the gauss rifle. I was thinking maybe a non-lethal weapon we could experiment with, would be a sonic based weapon. The air pressure from the sonic pulse could still effect the armor by knocking the wear off their feet.” Gypsy was thinking
about how to stop the armor, beside using the gauss rifle.

“How about that laser you were working on. How is that project coming?” Patrick knew Gypsy was experimenting with lasers.

“I burned it up the other day. When those guys broke into my place.” Gypsy hadn’t told Pat what she did to protect herself.

“You burned it up? It was a one of a kind.”

“I know and I can rebuild it. I used it to protect myself. I burned the eyes out of one attacker. That’s when it burned itself up. The wires I used couldn’t handle the power going through it.” Gypsy figures she was going to need to use better wires or something else.

“Could you build a laser to burn through the armor plating and the foam?” Patrick knew their armor formula was pretty good.

“I could, but let’s see if we can track Andy down. I’ll make some of those EMP devices to temporarily disable his control over the armor.” Gypsy wonders if Nathan was having fun.

Him and some of the MP’s from the base went back to his place to lock it up. He had the armor with him, so he could respond to any threats that came his way. Gypsy stops and think about how long it would take her and Pat to repurpose these two suits of armor. They would have to add the exoframe and reprogram the control module. She would have to replace the optics systems that were damaged in the helmet.

“Patrick, let’s repurposes these suits and see if we can get two more test pilots.”

“So, you want to have three of these suits now?” Pat looks towards Gypsy.

“Yes. This way we can respond faster and track down the signal controlling them.” Gypsy hopes Pat would mind.

“We might want to build some sort of tracker as well. Something to lock onto the signal controlling these suits.” Pat knew they needed to stop the signal.

“I agree, I’ll ask the Commander of the base if he has a communication expert, we could use on this.” Gypsy knew her and Patrick were good engineers and tech, but they weren’t communication experts.

Gypsy and Patrick work throughout the day. She makes a few EMP devices that will knock out any radio or satellite signals temporarily. It will affect their connection to Nathan, but it was worth it if they could capture the signal.

Gypsy and Patrick use their robotic knowledge to build a tracker that could trace the signal. They use one of Gypsy’s old design from a battle bot tournament she used it in. It was called the bat and was loaded with as much surveillance equipment they could pack into it.

It could hover high enough not be detected and blend in with its background. They were using a technique and technology by Ivan Sutherland and his students at Harvard University in 1960. That technology was the basics for the more advance technology that stemmed from that research.

Once the drone is constructed, they head out to the training ground to test the advance technology. Patrick tosses the drone up into the air and the fans that gave it lift automatically turn on. Patrick direct it up into the sky and activate the cloaking technology.

Gypsy watches as the drone disappear from visual sight. She was happy that it worked.

“Nathan, can you detect the drone with the suits sensors?” Gypsy was curious if the cameras systems in the suit could detect it.

Nathan goes through the different setting in the suits camera system and only picked it up on one setting. The other settings didn’t even see the drone hovering over them.

“Only on one setting, Gypsy. It’s in the ultraviolet range that I can see it.” Nathan watches it.

“I’ll have to work on that then. Alright, we are linking it to your suits systems.” Patrick accesses the suits systems remotely and link the drone to Nathan’s suit.

Nathan watches as the drone link up shows on the helmet’s HUD display. A little window opens, and it shows him what it is seeing.

“Cool, now I have eyes in the air.” Nathan liked that.

“Yep, why don’t you play around with it.” Patrick was watching what Nathan was seeing from the drone.

Gypsy goes back into the command center and work on converting the other two suits of armor into suits that could be worn. She wanted to get with the Commander of the base to see if he would recommend some pilots for them.

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