Travel Through Time and Space Part 15

Antonio walks up behind Patricia as she stood at the counter in his kitchen. There was a glow about her as she stood in a shirt that belonged to him and wearing no panties. He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her neck.

“You look so beautiful, this morning.” As he kisses her.

Patricia could feel Antonio’s hardon as her butt pressed against it. She was still extremely sore from having sex with him last night. Her mind was still cloudy after all the orgasms she had. Patricia knew Antonio knew how to turn her on and make her beg for more.

She returns the kisses “mmm, thank you.”

Patricia fixes coffee for the two of them as he held her in his arms. She loved feeling his arms around her body. Ghost and Janet were going over the engineering specs she took from the time traveling aliens from yesterday. They were seeing how they could adapt Ghost’s engines to send them home. She wasn’t in a big hurry to go back home, after meeting Antonio.

She was enjoying the sex she was having with him and she was slowly falling in love with him. She had Ghost do a background on him. According to what Ghost found out about him, he was a sheriff and was retired from the Army.

After they have their coffee and some breakfast. Patricia takes a shower with Antonio joining her in the shower. They make out while in the shower, before she left. She drives back to Aero Flight, while Antonio headed to work. She was going to see him again later in the evening.

“Morning, Patricia.” Roger watches as Patricia comes through security.

He notices she has a glow about her, just like Ivy has since she been dating him. His relationship with Ivy was becoming stronger each day. What he was worried about was meeting with her mother’s outside of business.

They never came through his entrance, because they had their own private entrance. He knew Ivy used it sometimes, but most of the time, she used his. They had fun just going to the movies last night.

“Morning, Roger. How is your relationship going so far with Ivy?” Patricia stops to talk with Roger.

“It’s going fine. You seem to be glowing this morning. Who is your mysterious gentleman?” Roger had a teasing smile on his face.

“A sheriff.” Patricia doesn’t stop and heads up to Janet’s work lab to see how she and Ghost are doing.

She doesn’t bother with typing in her access code on the key panel. She uses a touch of her ability to let herself in.

Janet looks at Patricia as she comes walking in. Her eyes were black like something out of an anime cartoon. How the characters eyes go back when they open wide or they are posse by demons.

“I will never get uses, to seeing you with black eyes.” Patricia knew her eyes are like that where she came from.

“You grew up with me looking this. So, it shouldn’t be something new for you.” As Janet taps a few keys on her keyboard.

“True, I grew up with your eyes like that. Doesn’t mean I haven’t always been unnerved by your eyes.”

Patricia looks at the diagram of Ghost’s engine schematic. It was in a hologram and it looked like some additional components have been added to it. Which mean they had to totally redesign the engine.

“I take it, these extra components are the pieces I will need to go back to my own time?” Patricia just stared at the diagram.

“Yes, but there is a problem. According to the information you got. These components need to be made of a special element that isn’t found
here on Earth but is present in our asteroid belt.” The hologram changes as it reshapes itself into showing the asteroid belt. The one asteroid she needed to go to flashes red. The path she needed to take was going to be tricky, but she could manage it.

“According to Ghost’s records. You should be able to burn a tunnel down to it, using his lasers set on his lowest setting.” Janet shows a hologram of Ghost burning a tunnel down to where the element they needed was.

Patricia watches the demonstration. Getting to the asteroid belt, won’t take her long, but getting in and lasering a tunnel down to the elements was going to take her about fifteen to twenty minutes with her lasers set on low. She needed to be careful because once the tunnel was made.
She would have to exit her fighter and slide down into the tunnel and remove the element by hand.

“Well, I better get suited up then.” Patricia turns around to leave.

“Be careful, Patricia. That asteroid isn’t really stable.” Janet had reviewed Ghosts records about the asteroid. According to Ghost records, it
had an unusual orbit inside the asteroid belt.

“I’ll be careful. This won’t be the first time I’ve had to do something like this.” Patricia turns and heads down to her quarters to change into her flight suit.

While she is changing clothes. Patricia cleans between her legs the cum that Antonio had left in her that leaked out. She winces when she wipes herself. She was still a little raw and sore. Which, for her was a weird thing. She normally recovered fast because of her unique physiology. Once she is fully dressed and heading towards her fighter. She makes sure Ghost is there and starts up the pre-launch startup.
She already had two missiles she needed to replace.

“Engaging cloak system and opening hangar doors.” As the lower half of the cockpit raises up into place as Ghost lifts into the air.

Once Ghost was hovering over the hangar. He makes sure the hangar doors are closed, as he angles and shoots straight up and into space.

“Ghost plot us a course.” Patricia lowers her visor as they leave Earth’s atmosphere and pass the International Space Station.

She watches as Earth become smaller and smaller as they head towards the asteroid belt. Pat takes controls as they fly into the asteroid belt. She mentally activates the shields to protect Ghost from micrometeorites. The last thing she needed is for a few of them to punch through Ghost armor body and into her.

Patricia enters where Ghost had felt was the best route to take towards the asteroid. She loved going through the asteroids. She uses to play chicken with a few cadets when she was first learning to fly. Ghost zooms through the asteroid field like they were standing through.

“Approaching target.” The asteroid Ghost was talking about, appears on the HUD display.

“Power laser to their lowest setting and prepare to fire.” Pat knew watches as the distance become closer.

Ghost activates the lasers and starts burning his way through the asteroid body. Pat was watching his progress on the HUD display. She makes some adjustments and widens the beam, so it burned away most of the material holding the element inside the asteroid body.

After twenty minutes, Ghost reached his depth. Pat grabs her laser torch and moves the Ghost craft closer to the asteroid.

“Alright Ghost, you’re in control.” As Patricia exists through the top hatch and launches herself towards the hole.

Patricia turns the lights on her helmet on as she enters the tunnel Ghost made. She pulls herself deeper and deeper into the tunnel, till she comes to the element they came for. It takes her a while to slowly cut the element out. She was being careful not to nick it.

“Ghost, you know it is really dark in here.” Even though Patricia had the lights built into her helmet and suit on.

It was still dark and claustrophobia down in the tunnel. She wasn’t afraid of anything, but a normal person might find this tunnel confining. Patricia finally chips the element they needed and put it in her specimen bag.

“Alright Ghost, I’m coming back.” As Patrick backs out of the tunnel.

She floats near the entrance of the tunnel and looks around her. She loved how space looked. She floats back to Ghost and climbs back aboard. Once the cockpit was filled with oxygen. Patricia removes her helmet.

Pat opens the specimen bag that was attached to her belt and looks at the elements she came up to get. It was a metallic purple color and was pulsing with energy.

“I hope you were all this trouble.” Pat closes the bag and places it in a secure box she was able to tuck into the cockpit.

“Alright Ghost, let’s head home.” As Patricia leans back into her seat.

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