Project: Stingray Chapter 23 (Final Chapter)

Delphine and Tom walk into the Velvet Turtle. The place was a high-end restaurant that specialized in high quality aged steaks.

“Okay, I’m impressed.” Delphine looks around the place as they stood in line and waited to speak with the hostess on duty.

Barbara couldn’t believe how busy they were today. Their normal lunch traffic was light. However, they were busier than normal. She watches as a young couple steps up to her podium.

“Welcome to Velvet Turtle, how can I help you?”

“We’re supposed to be joining someone. Their name is Elizabeth Conners.” Tom was speaking for him and Delphine.

“Conners???” Barbara runs her finger down the list of names on the reservation list and spots it.

According to her records, two members of their party were already at the restaurant. She looks back up at Tom as she grabs two menus “if you would follow me, please.”

“Okay.” Tom follows the young woman. He knew Delphine was right behind him.

They are taken to a nice area of the restaurants. As they approach the table, they notice Delphine’s friend Kinsley and she was sitting with an older woman with salt and pepper hair. She had on a nice business suit and was wearing gold rim glasses.

“Here you go.” Barbara hands them their menu’s after they sit down.

“Thank you.” Delphine looks at Kinsley and the other woman.

Elizabeth had watched as the hostess that they met earlier, escorted a young couple over to the table she was sitting at. The young woman, she already knew from the file she had on her. The gentleman, she didn’t know.

“Delphine, I am so glad you and Tom can join us. This is Elizabeth Conners. She’s the woman I told you that would like to talk to you.” Kinsley takes a sip of her tea.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs.Waters.”

“And you, as well Mrs. Conners.” Delphine wonders who the woman was.

“Let me get straight to the reason I have invited you to this restaurant. First, I have heard a lot fo nice things about from Kinsley here.
Secondly, I’m impressed that you have built a unique submarine that is in the shape of a stingray. Also, Kinsley tells me you used some unique technology in it. Something similar to what the research station my company built and uses.”

Delphine looks at Kinsley and back at Mrs. Conners “what type of research does your company do, Mrs. Conners?”

“The same type that NOAA does. We conduct oceanic and geographic research, along with testing new technology that will allow us to live and build on the ocean floor.”

“And you are saying, that your new research facilities use the same technology that my sub uses to power it?” Delphine would like to see it, herself.

“It uses similar technology that powers your sub.” Conners thought her team was the only one that uses the technology that powered Delphine’s sub.

“That I would like to see.” Delphine was extremely curious now.

“I think that can be arranged. How about you and your companion come out and visit the research facilities for a few days? That way you can see what we do and make your decision then?”

Delphine looks at Tom “what do you think?”

“I think it would be nice. “ Tom would love to see what this research facility was about.

A lot of the things Delphine and Conners were talking about, was above his head. He never studies the technology she used or has never
been interested in what occurred in the ocean before.

“I think so too. So, when would you like for us to come out?”

“Would next week be too inconvenient for you?”

“No, not at all. Would you like for me to bring Stingray with us?” Delphine was curious if she wanted to see him.

“How about, you see if you like the place first and if you do. Then you can bring Stingray.” Professor Conners would love to see this submarine, Mrs. Waters built.

“Sounds good to me.”

Their waitress comes over and takes their orders. Afterward, Professor Conners and Delphine make small talk. Kinsley asks a few questions, while Tom listens and learns things from them. Every once in a while, he does ask a question about some technical items that either Delphine mentions or that Dr. Conners mentions.

After about two hours, Delphine and Tom are walking out fo the restaurant. Delphine kisses Tom. She knew it must have been weird for him to sit there and listen to her, Professor Conner and Kinsley.

Tom looks at Delphine “what’s that for?”

“For being so understanding.”

“I learned a lot listening to the three of you. I can also tell you have a passion for the ocean as well.”

“The sea has always called me. It's in my blood.”

“I know. Let's go and visit your father.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

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