Night Fox Chapter 15

“So, which bed do you want?” Katey looks at Cora as she comes walking into the hotel room.

“Don’t matter to me. Either one is fine.”

“Well, in that case. You can have the one nearest to the door. I’ll take the other one.” Katey puts her overnight bag on the other bed.

“Do you think your brother is aware that you are in town?” Cora was undressing so she could take a shower next.

“I doubt it. We came in your Camaro. Also, there’s no reason he would be expecting me to be in town.” Katey digs her nightshirt out and heads towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Cora slips her clothes and suits off. Her body had some black and blue marks that were slowly fading. Those guys they took down out in the desert were in jail.

She slips her nightshirt on and sits on the edge of the bed. This was her first time in Los Angeles, CA. Her and Katey were going to apprehend Trevor McAdams and bring him to justice. She pulls her fox mask out and checks it. She was surprised at how old it was and the gifts bestowed on her.

“Your turn.” Katey comes walking out with her nightshirt on and drying her wet hair.

“Thanks.” Cora heads in and takes her shower.

When she comes out of the bathroom twenty minutes later. She was drying her hair. She heads over towards her bed and sits down. She notices Katey had her laptop up and was looking up the address they had on McAdam’s.

“What did you find on google map?” Cora was curious. She pulls her brush out and brushes her hair.

“Well, we can forget about flying in or gliding in with the squirrel suits. He has a gate blocking the entrance, which means it might be electrified.”

“That’s no problem. I can either jump it or short it out.”

“But, we still don’t know what is waiting for us inside or if he has guards patrolling the grounds. We need to do a recon of the place before we charge in there. I have an idea, but I need to talk to an old army friend of mine. He builds custom drones for farmers and agriculture
companies.” Katey hopes her friend will be able to help them.

“Alright, we can go and see him tomorrow morning. “Cora finishes drying her hair and falls asleep.

Trevor McAdams Mansion Following Day:
Jinx stumbles as she leaves the bedroom where she just got finish pleasing four guys. She rubs her nose and wipes away the cocaine residue she had been snorting. It was the only thing so far to help her cope with what she was doing.

She had started off on the streets being a prostitute. She was trying to make money to support the medical treatments she would need to change her gender. One of Trevor’s people had found her and hired her to make a few films for them. She didn’t care if it paid. So, she did a few films for him. These weren't just ordinary sex films she had done. They had been extremely violent BDSM films they had made.

When Trevor saw how much pain she could take and enjoyed. He offered to pay for her full operation, but he got to choose how she looked.
She would have to work for him to repay him for the operation. She agreed to the terms because she wanted to be a woman so bad. She almost took her life once. She had the butcher knife in her hands and was ready to chop her penis off.

She used cocaine to numb the emotional pain she felt. He even made sure people knew she was his property. He had the word SLUT tattoo across her waist, just above her buttocks.

She stumbles into the kitchen to grab a bottled water and an apple to eat. She was so thirsty and hungry. She looks out the kitchen window towards the pool. She might go out and sun herself if none of the men don’t make her please them.

One of the men walks by and slaps her hard on her ass. He stops and grabs her under her chin and tilt her head back.

“You’re mine tonight, slut. I am going to make it, so you have to crawl around on your hands and knees.” He lets go and heads towards the front of the house.

“He’s not joking Jinx.” Vesta comes walking into the kitchen tenderly.

Cesar didn’t use any lube and went bareback on her. She was so raw and sore from the pounding he gave her. There were little drops of blood sliding down on the inside of her thighs.

Jinx looks over towards Vesta. She was a Korean transgender woman that had made the same type of deal she had with Trevor. She was smaller and thinner than her. There was another woman that Trevor put in charge over them. She was sadistic and enjoyed hurting them whenever she could.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and clean you up.” Jinx helps Vesta to the bathroom and fill a tub up with water.

“Here, soak for a while and try not to have any sex for a couple of days.” Jinx had to learn the hard way.

After Vesta soaks for a while. Jinx helps her out of the tub and dry her off. She helps Vesta to her bedroom and makes sure she is comfortable, before leaving her.

She doesn’t bother to put any swimsuit or anything on as she heads outside to lounge around the pool. She lays down on her favorite lounger and closes her eyes. As she is lounging she hears a little whisper flying overhead. It wasn’t the first time some kid or adult had sent a drone on the property to spy on them.

She looks up into the sky to see if she could spot the drone. She couldn’t spot it anywhere. She knew it was there, but where. After a few minutes, she doesn’t hear anything anymore.

Down the Street from Trevor McAdams Mansion:
Cora and Katey watched as the drone does a sweep on the mansion grounds. So, far they had spotted six guards that patrol the grounds. On top of that. They spotted several men that came and go at odd hours. They had managed to get the drone near a window and saw a sex scene going on between a bold guy and a Korean woman. He had been very rough with her and had her bleeding and screaming to stop.

“I don’t know if she is a victim or if she is enjoying it.” Cora couldn’t figure out her behavior.

“It doesn’t matter. We are here for Mr. McAdams. He needs to pay for what he has done.” Katey wouldn’t mind stealing an Apache and firing all its weapons up Mr. McAdam’s ass for what he did to Ralph.

When the drone gets outside, they spot a young woman laying by the pool in the nude. She had the word SLUT tattoo just above her buttocks. She looked like she was looking for their drone.

“I thought you said the drone is a stealth drone?” Cora looks at Katey.

“It is, but it does make a little noise.” They continue to watch the video they were getting back. Once the battery warning light started flashing on the iPad they were using. Katey brings the drone back to them.

“I’ll sneak in during the night to kidnap him, Katey. Do you think you can cover me?” Cora knew that night time would be her best time to sneak in.

“Let’s go and get something to eat and come back tonight.” Katey puts the drone in the trunk of the Camaro.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Cora drives as she tries to find something that appeals to both of them.

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