Night Fox Chapter 13

Every part of Cora’s body was hurting her. Instead of going to the pharmacy and having her prescription filled for the pain pills. She decided to just take some strong aspirins and drink the tea that was supposed to help her. She kept a supply of different tea mixtures in her trailer that the tribal healer helped her put together.

She fixes herself some tea and after a couple of sips. She stopped feeling pain and was able to move more fluidly. Her joints and muscles weren’t hurting her when she moved. The bruising on her skin started to lighten. Her skin was turning back to its natural color.

Once she was able to move without hurting. Cora walks into her small kitchen and starts making herself some breakfast. She was starving after waking up. She had driven straight home after picking her car up at the Marshal’s office. Once she arrived at the home, she took a nice relaxing shower and laid down on her bed. The last thing she remembered once she closed her eyes was falling into total darkness.

The darkness didn’t scare her but comfort her. It was like wrapping herself up in her favorite blanket. Cora adds some chop onions to her eggs and dumps them onto a plate. She walks over to the small kitchen table she has where her laptop was set-up and sits down in front of it.

While she is eating her breakfast, she looks through the information she acquired from Isiach Cage. While she was browsing through the information, Trevor McAdams named popped out at her for some reason. She knew that name for some reason. She leans back in her chair as she stared at the name. Where did she know that name from?

Katey’s Place the night before:
Katey had answered all the police officers question about the dead men. Especially, about the ones she tortured. She sorted of stretched the truth some about using a hammer to defend herself when she was on the ground. When the men said she tortured them, she looked all innocent.

After they leave, she cleans the place up and tries to get some sleep. She calls her brother in the morning.

When Katey wake-up, she pulls her cell phone out and call her older brother in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department:
Chris had just gotten back with his team from a raid they conducted on an illegal porn facility. He still had the paperwork to do and cleaning his gear. As he was cleaning his gear. His cell phone starts ringing. He looks at it and notices it was his little sister calling him.

“Hello Katey, what’s on your mind?”

“What, can’t I call to say hello and see how you, your wife and kids are doing?” Katey grabs an orange out of the refrigerator and starts peeling it.

“You don’t do small talk, Katey. What’s up?” Chris was curious why his little sister called him.

“Well, since you want to get down to business. I had a visit from some hitmen today. First, in my helicopter and second when I arrived home. I
tortured one of the guys to find out why I was targeted. He told me a guy by the name of Trevor McAdams had sent him to kill me.” Katey separates the orange and pulls a slice off.

“Did you just say, Trevor McAdams?” Chris was hoping he heard wrong.

“Yep, the bastard sent a hit team to take me out. Who is he?” Katey takes another slice and pops it in her mouth.

“He owns several illegal porn companies that make movies using children and killing people in them. We just took down one of them today.”
Chris wonders if he was attacking their family members?

The question is, why would they attack his younger sister? Why not come after his brother or older sister?

“Katey, have you had any run-ins with his people before the attack? Did you bring attention to yourself?” Chris needed to know if he needed to go and protect his sister.

“No, the only thing I did was…” It hits her right then and there.

She helped Cora infiltrate a person’s apartment indirectly and transported the women from the warehouse to the hospital. He had set men to kill her in retaliation for helping the women. She doesn’t know anything about what Cora uncovered. She only transported the women.

“What did you do, Katey?” Chris wanted to know what his sister has gotten herself into.

“Nothing. I just took a private investigator up in my copter and let her jump out of it. Then I flew a bunch of women that were being used as breeders to different hospitals to be taken care of.” Katey couldn’t understand why someone would want to kill her for that.

“Oh, boy! I heard about that. The information that had been sent to us. Your private investigator friend sent intel about the pedophile ring Trevor McAdams is part of. You need to get with your PI friend and tell them what is going on.” Chris didn’t want anything to happen to his little sister.

If need be, he would call a few of his army buddies to protect her or hunt the guy down themselves. He would be willing to risk his career to take this sick jerk down. He already broke one rule and that was going after a cop’s family.

“I’ll let her know, big brother. Say hi to Tiffany and the kids for me.”

“I will sis. If anything, else comes up. Call me right away and I’ll catch a plane out to you.”

“I will. Huggers.” Katey hangs up.

She dials Cora’s number.

Cora’s place:
Cora was still going over the notes she retrieved and trying to figure out who Trevor McAdams was. When she hears her cell phone ring. She picks it up and notices it was Katey’s number.

“Hey, Katey, what’s up?” Cora takes a sip of her tea.

“We have a problem, Cora. Remember those women you found, and I transported to the hospital?”

“Yea, I remember them. What has happened?”

“Well yesterday, I had a visit from a hit team. The first one rigged my helicopter and tried to bring me down that way. When that didn’t work. He sent a hit team to my home and tried to ambush me.”

“Are you okay?” Cora was concerned.

“Yes, I’m fine. However, the guys that ambush me aren’t feeling too well.” A grin appears on Katey’s face.

“Do you know who sent them?” Cora scoots close to the kitchen table to tap the info on her laptop.

“That’s why I’m calling you. His name is Trevor McAdams. He is somehow connected to those women you rescued and somehow found out I had transported them and helped you.” Katey wanted to know who would have told him.

The hospital run, he could find that out easily. There are only a handful of copter pilots that worked for the hospitals.

“Dam! That’s the porn guy. I knew I saw his name before. The leather and lace store I use to work at. We sold his movies and I turned that over to the US Marshals. The same Marshals that were murdered on our way to arrest the Governor. I got them killed” Cora was kicking herself.

She was responsible for getting them killed. She was responsible for almost getting Katey killed. She could deal with them coming after her. That she didn’t care about, but the Marshals and Katey and her partner was a different matter.

While Katey was on the phone with Cora, she receives another call.

“Hey, Cora. I’m going to put you on hold.”

“Okay.” Cora just holds her phone.

Katey switches over to the second call “hello, Katey here.”

“Ms. DeNoon this Detective Chase with Utah police department. I found your name in a Ralph Parker’s jacket pocket.”

“Where did you find Ralph, Detective Chase?” Katey should have called and checked on him.

“His next-door neighbor found him hanging from the balcony of his apartment.”

Katey was stun. The guys who attacked her also attacked her co-pilot. He wasn’t even with her when she took the women to the hospital.

“How did he die Detective?” Katey knew Ralph could protect himself.

“He was beaten and then hung from his balcony. Do you know why someone would do this, Ms. DeNoon?”

“Unfortunately, I think I do. Detective, is there a place I can come and talk to you?” Katey figures it might be best to talk face to face.

“Sure, can you come down to the police precinct?”

“Yes. I’ll see you in about an hour?” Katey heads towards her bedroom to get dress.

“Okay, see you then.”

Katey switches back to Cora “hey, they just found my co-pilot hanging from his balcony. I’m heading down to the police precinct to talk with the detective.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your co-pilot. Do you want me to come along with you?” Cora figures it might be a good idea.

“Sure, can you meet me at Crazy Joes Trading Place, just outside the reservation?” Katey figures that would be a good place to meet.

“Sure. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” Cora figures it shouldn’t take her long to get to Crazy Joes Trading Place.

“Alright, see you there. Bye.” Katey disconnects.

Cora gets up and head into her bedroom and slip on her suit. She wears some normal clothes on top of it. She figures it should cover her suit up. She decided to leave her spear at her place, instead of taking it with her.

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