Rebirth Chp. 10 Final Chapter

“I’m bored.” Lexi looks over towards Alex as she sculptured a plant she grew.

Alex looks over towards Lexi over the top of his newspaper. She didn’t look anything like she did before her rebirth. Her hair had gotten longer and was a combination of purple and pure white. Her hair on top of her head was purple and as it grew longer it faded to white.

Her ears had a point to them like Spock from Star Trek. The pupils of her eyes were cat-like. They weren’t human anymore. The other factor that she had that was weird about Lexi, was the accelerated birth she experienced. It only took her five days to grow till she looked like a ten-year-old girl. She could shrink down till she was three inches tall.

She could still cause plants to grow instantly from seed to full grown. She could make a plant grow into any shape she wanted and cause it to produce more than it normally does.

“How can you be bored? You have all these plants to play with.” Alex plucks a couple of tomatoes and walks over to make a sub for himself.

“It’s all the traveling we're doing.” Lexi shrinks and flies over towards the counter Alex was making his sub at.

The test the council gave her, showed she was vulnerable to cold iron. However, her resistant to it was stronger then a normal fey's would be. She was three parts fey and one part Were, because of Sophia. Her Were blood made her stronger and more resistant to most things. As for her magical energies, she could pull what she wanted from the Earth itself. Her energies come directly from the Earth. She was in tuned with the earth. She could find valuable jewels, metals, oil, gas and such.

Her wings had changed from dragonfly looking ones, like the fairies from Walt Disney, to butterfly style wings. They had earth tone colors to them.

“Well, we do have a job to do, Lexi. We need to investigate and enforce council law.” Alex pulls down a bag of potato chips.

Lexi follows Alex as he walks back over to the sofa to enjoy his sub and chips. She sits on top of the sofa cushions and watches as Alex eats. She had plants nearby she could pull like blueberries, raspberries and a plum tree in the RV in a pot.

Lexi only liked certain members on the council. All the others, she disliked. She curls up on the top of the cushion and takes a nap. Her wings drape over her like a blanket.

Alex glances towards Lexi after he finishes his sub and just smile. She was like a typical cat, she loved to take little cat naps and enjoyed being in direct sunlight.

“How is she doing Alex?” Sophia comes walking out of the back bedroom.

“She is doing alright. Lexi just laid down for a nap.”

“I think she inherited a lot of my cat traits,” Sophia walks over and looks at her sleeping daughter. She notices Lexi was in her pixie form.

“Well, you did give birth to her.” Alex and George still couldn’t believe Sophia had gotten pregnant with Lexi.

“I think the magic that changed her, needed my womb to finish her change.”

“Which means she is part of you.” Alex knew Sophia never planned on having children.

“True, now I have a daughter.”

“That you do.”

Sophia scoops her daughter up and lays her down on her little bed inside the box George made for her. She just watches Lexi for a while, before fixing herself something to eat.

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