Night Bird

Dania licks her lips to wipe away the rest of the blood still cling to her lips. The drug dealer she killed lies at her feet with two small holes in the side of his neck from where she had puncture the vein located under the skin. She just looks down at his lifeless body. He was a parasite; living off the misery of those he sold his drugs too. She searches through his pants pockets and such, looking for his drug money. She finds it hidden along with the rest of his stash. She pours some under his nose, so the cops would believe he died of a drug overdose. She picks up his gun and tucks it her pants behind her back, covered up by her blouse.

She leaps up and over the brick wall of the alleyway, they had gone down to have some privacy to conduct business. She starts walking down the alleyway on the other side of the building separating the two alleyways. Tonight has been profitable and fulfilling. Two drug dealers down and a lot more to go. She needs to send a message to these punks telling them not to sell drugs in her territory. These teenage brats needed to learn who the predator is and who the prey was.

She had no compassion for these punks. If they had stuck to being normal teenagers, instead of acting like gangsters she would let them live.
She walks to where she parked her motorcycle and gets on it and secures her helmet strap under her chin. She starts her motorcycle and guns the engine a few times before she squeals her back tire of her motorcycle as she shoots out into the heavy nighttime traffic.

The trill of danger as she weaves in and out between the cars as she speeds down the roadway excites her blood. Excitement like this use to scare her half to death when she was a normal human, but ever since she got changed two years ago, it was her favorite past time. The taste of the drug dealer’s blood still lingers in her mouth. His blood wasn’t the best tasting she has had, since becoming a creature of the night.

Pure virgins and babies blood were the best but finding a virgin that wasn’t corrupt was like finding a needle in a haystack. She only went after the guilty, never the innocent. Those whose souls were tainted with the blood of the innocent were her victims.

The one that had made her had done his best to turn her into a true monster. He had seduced her and drained her of all but, an ounce of her blood. He made her drink his blood to turn her and to have control over her.

Once she was turned, he left her locked up for a week and a half for the thirst to turn her into a raging animal. He was hoping to create a killing machine to cause havoc among the populace. He had thrown an innocent Latino girl of twelve years old into the room he kept her locked in.

He was hoping she would attack the child since she hadn’t had anything to eat since he turned her. She almost gave into the thirst, until she saw the fear in the child’s eye and couldn’t bring herself to killing or drinking from her. When one of her caretakers came in to retrieve the child from her, she attacked him and drunk his blood instead.

She went after the rest of his children that had been created. She wanted vengeance for what had been done to her. She may have been new and young compared to the one that created her, but she was skillful at fighting. Now having the strength, she gained from being turned gave her the advantage of killing him, so he couldn’t create any more.

After about thirty minutes, she pulls through the gates and up the driveway to her home. The lights automatically come on and shine down on her. She presses a remote she keeps in her jacket and the garage door opens. Dania walks her motorcycle in and parks it next to Henry’s mismatched battered beat-up Chevy pick-up truck. Parked next to it, was the new Chevy she bought for Henry, but unless she or Jessica were going somewhere, he always drove his old Chevy. She waits until the garage is closed before walking into the house. She stops and takes a deep breath. She could still smell the deer stew Henry made for him and Jessica tonight. She walks the rest of the way into the house and finds Henry in the living room listening to some old jazz records from the 1920’s she had collected.

“Did you have a productive night?” Henry turns the music down, so he and Dania could talk.

“Yes, I had a productive night. However, when are the gangs around here are going to learn that selling drugs in my area is unhealthy?”

“They do it, because there’s more money in it, then holding down a real job.”

“If they only knew how stupid they are. You, know the Master vampire that made me, would have turned these drug dealers and then turn them loose on the city?” Dania was glad she killed the bastard. If the council only knew what he had been up too. Maybe they would have killed him sooner.

“From everything you told me about him, I’m glad you killed him,” Henry remembered what Dania had told him when they first met. He’s been looking over her for the last three hundred years. She uses to be the wife of a rich plantation owner back in the colonial days.

That was before the vampire that turned her against her will. However, there wasn’t a council back then to keep Master vampires in check.
There was a lot more they could get away with. Now a day, they have laws and regulations they must follow, just like the other Were’s do. He would be dead right now if she hadn’t rescued him from the fighting pits and restored his mind back from the darkness he had gone.

“How is Jessica doing? Is she getting better?” Dania was concerned about her adopted daughter.

“She’s fine. It’s just a sinus infection. The doctor said she needs to wear earplugs or sandwich bags over her ears when she takes a shower and when she goes swimming. Shampoo and water are getting in her ears.” He had to take Jessica to the doctors earlier today.

“That’s good.” Jessica meant the world to her. She found the poor child still connected to her dead mother in her arms. Her drug addict mother had died giving birth to her. She had been born early and had a lot of health problems because of her mother.

Dania heads up to Jessica’s bedroom and quietly walks in and over to her bed. She kneels and brushes a lock of her copper color hair out of her closed eyes. She notices patches was curled up on his pillow on the self of the headboard. Patches had been abandoned along with his
brothers and sisters in a cardboard box and left in a dumpster.

She had heard their cries and brought them home and found homes for them. Jessica like Patches the best. He was the runt of the litter but was turning into a huge cat. His head was the size of a softball.

Dania places a kiss on Jessica’s forehead and heads out of her bedroom. She leaves the door slightly opened for Jessica as she exists. She heads back downstairs to the living room.

“Your shipment of artificial blood came in today. I put it away.”

“Thank you. I shouldn’t need to feed for a few days.” Henry looks at her with his one good eye. His other eye had been clawed out during a fight. He had several scars and claw marks that mar his face and body.

“I’m going to be working in the backfields in the morning after I drop Jessica off at school. Will you be up at your normal time?”

“I should be. Is there going to be anything special going on tomorrow during the day that you would need me?”

“Not that I know of. I didn’t know if you wanted to pick Jessica up, or should I?”

“I’ll pick her up from school and take her to her ballet class tomorrow. Well am off to bed Henry. See you tomorrow in the afternoon.”

“Sweet dreams Dania.” He watches as she heads upstairs and to her bedroom. Her metal coffin as she calls it is in there.

Dania strips of her clothes and crawl onto her deep purple silk sheets on her bed. Unlike most vampires, Dania’s bed was constructed like the one from Blade that Deacon Frost slept in. The top of the bed came down and sealed her in and kept a pleasant temperature and such inside. It had its own power supply and would protect her from any vampire hunter trying to hunt her down and kill her.

Next Morning:
Jessica rubs the sleep from her eyes as she goes and does her morning business. Her ears felt better after Henry put the drops in them. She takes her vitamins and the medicine Henry had left out for her. She finally starts getting ready for school, as she heads downstairs for breakfast.

“Morning Henry.” Jessica spots Henry standing by the stove cooking some eggs. Patches was right behind her.

She grabs patches food bowl and adds some meow mix to it. She places it down near his water bowl and puts the box away.

“Morning sweet pea. Are you feeling okay this morning?” He places some eggs, hash browns, and sausage on a plate and set it at the counter for her.

“Yes, sir.” Jessica sits down on the stool at the counter and eats her breakfast.

Henry pours her some orange juice and hands it to her.

“Thanks, Henry.”

“You’re welcome.” He puts the pitcher of juice away.

“Henry, did mom come home okay?” Jessica was worried about her mother.

“She’s fine sweet pea. She’s upstairs asleep right now, but she will be picking you up from school and take you to your ballet class.”

A smile appears on Jessica’s face. She likes it when her mother comes and watch her practice. It doesn’t take her long to finish her breakfast. She takes her dirty dishes over towards the sink and rinses them off, before putting them in the dishwasher.

“Henry, I’m going to go and say goodbye to mom.”

“Okay, sweet pea.”

Jessica runs upstairs to her mother’s bedroom and walks up to the side of the bed. She presses a button for the intercom.

“Bye mom sleep tight.” She turns the intercom off and heads back downstairs to leave.

“I’m ready.” Jessica follows Henry out to his old Chevy and climbs inside. The outside looked all beat-up and such, but the inside looked brand
new. She rests against the soft leather bench seat back and buckles in.

Henry starts the truck and drives Jessica to school. He has to wait in line along with several other parents before he can drop Jessica off.

“See you later sweet pea.” As he hands Jessica her lunch money.

“Bye Henry.” She gives Henry a hug before getting out.

Henry watches as she heads into school. He drives over towards the hardware store to buy a few items. He parks the truck in the parking space in front of the store and heads inside. He walks up to the counter, where an old plump woman was standing behind wearing an apron and glasses. Her salt and pepper short curly hair made her face look like she was younger then she appeared.

“Good morning Margaret. How has your morning been?” Henry liked Margaret and would have married her, but she wasn’t his mate.

“So far everything has been good. What brings you up here today?” Margery liked Henry and had gone out on a few dates with him, before she
married her husband, Ralph.

“I need a few items for the horses and for the property. I have them listed here if that would be helpful.” He unfolds the list he made.

Margaret takes the sheet of paper out his hands with her quick and nimble fingers. She glances at it and notices everything he wanted. She had everything in stock currently.

“I’ll get Bart on it right away.” She flags Bart down.

A short young man in his late teens, early twenties come walking over to the counter. He was wearing a pair of coveralls with the Hardware stores name on it and a name badge with his name.

“You wanted me, Mrs. Barton?”

“Yes dear, I need for you to fill this order for Henry here.” She hands the paper to Ralph.

Ralph accepts it and looks over it. It wouldn’t take him long to put it together.

“I’ll get right on it, Mrs. Barton.” He turns to leave.

“Thank you, Ralph.”

“Is he new?” Henry hadn’t seen him in the store before.

“I just hired him yesterday and he has been busting his butt helping the customers. He seems to know the layout of the store pretty good.”

Henry hadn’t smelled anything unusual coming from him. If nothing else, he smelled like Irish Spring soap and strawberry shampoo. Henry and Margaret just make general chit chat as Ralph gather the things on the list.

Ralph comes back up to the counter after twenty minutes “everything is ready for you to pull around to pick it up, Mr. Moors.”

“Thank you, Ralph.” He slips the young man a twenty.

Ralph tries to give it back to him “you don’t need to do that Mr. Moors.”

Henry stops him “I know I don’t, but you worked your butt off for me. Keep it.”

Ralph looks at it. He hadn’t brought any lunch with him and he hadn’t eaten breakfast.

“Thank you.” He had a smile on his face.

Henry smiles at him as he walks out the front door and pulls his truck up to the loading dock. He notices Ralph came out to help him with his
load. He figures that kid was going to go far working here for Margaret and her husband.

Once he is loaded up, he heads back to the house and takes the dirt road towards the back of the property to repair the back fence. Something came out of the woods and smashed right through it. When he gets out of the truck, his nose picks up a scent of decay. It didn’t smell like an animal either.

He grabs his custom machete from behind the seat and follows the scent to the origin of the smell. The smell takes him deeper and deeper into the woods. He knew there was a place back here you could go fishing. He comes to a campsite that had a bunch of dead bodies and destroyed tents and such. There were a few kayas pulled up out of the river.

He searches the camp and notices by the smell and claw marks that the people had been killed by a Were. He comes across a young woman who looked to be in her late teens, early twenties. She had been clawed on her left arm and clawed right across her stomach. He checks her pulse and notices she has one. He could feel her spirit and body as she fought to stay alive.

He carefully picks her up and carries her back to his truck. He lays her down in the bed of the truck and drives her back to the house. Once he is back, he takes her into the spare bathroom and strips her out of her clothes as he fills the tub up with ice cold water. He lowers her into the tub carefully. Once he was happy with how she was, he gets up and heads the kitchen to grab some ice to fill the tub with.

A little moan escapes from the young woman’s lips. She shivers as the ice is added to the water. Henry adds the ice slowly till the tub was full of ice and water. He sniffs near the wounds but doesn’t smell any infection. He does notices that her scent is starting to change and the wounds she received are slowly knitting themselves back together.

Henry brushes some of her blood soak dark brown hair out of her eyes. Her fair skin complexion stood out. Her dark brown hair was only shoulder length Long. His wolf was interested in this woman. She would breed strong pups for them.

Henry shakes his head and leaves her in the tub. He figures she is going to be out of it for a while. He does leave a note for Dania, letting her know about their guest and that they might have a rogue wolf in the area. He leaves to work on the fence, letting the woman he just found sleep.

Later in the Afternoon:
The metal coffin/bed that Dania was sleeping in, opens and lets her know it was time to get up. She stretches as her body comes back alive. Unlike, the common vampire, she doesn’t require a lot of rest and she could still get up in the afternoons and walk out in the sun.

No one knew why she could do it, but she could. As she crawls out of bed to go and grab a synthetic blood from her refrigerator. She dislikes the taste of the artificial blood but could get her through her hunger and sustain her. So, she wasn’t going to complain. Spots the note Henry had left her. She grabs a house robe and walks to the guest room he had left the lady in. She places the back of her hand against the woman and could tell she was fighting a fever. Dania notices that the tub was still filled with water and ice.

She heads back to her bedroom to get ready to go and pick-up Jessica at school. She and Henry will have to go hunting tonight if there are rogues in her territory/ near her home. She takes the Honda pilot to pick Jessica up and drop her off at her dance school. She goes inside to watch Jessica practice.

She remembers her own dance lessons. Her father wanted her to be the perfect Southern wife. To be responsible and give her husband as many babies as possible to carry on the family name. She wished it would had been that easy. As soon as she and her husband had their own place, the abuse started. It didn’t take him long to look tot eh help for comfort, while she refused to give him what he wanted. That was the reason she ran away and was found by a vampire and turned.

She watches her daughter dance and once she is done they head home. While they are driving “Jessica we have a guest at the house. She was attacked in the woods behind our property, so I want you to be careful.

“Yes, ma’am. Is she seriously hurt, mom?” Jessica knew how Were’s were created. Henry explained it to her, just as her mother explained how vampires were made and what could hurt them as well.

“Her injuries might have killed her if she was left untreated, Jessica. However, she is fighting to stay alive and they have already started to close.” Dania had noticed the pinkish new skin covering the wound.

When they arrived home, they could smell hamburgers being cooked outside on the grill. Jessica races outside, after tossing her school books and book bag in the den.

“Yummmy, hamburgers.” She hugs Henry. She liked his homemade hamburgers.

Henry returns the hug “it’s good to see you as well, sweet pea.”

Dania comes walking out with the tray she found that Henry had made with lettuce, tomatoes and such for the burgers. She wishes that’s he could eat normal food like everyone else, but her body has no need for solid foods and she couldn’t taste the food in anyway.

“How is our guest doing?” As Dania sits down with a warm bottle of synthetic blood.

“She’s doing fine. She’ll be completely healed by tomorrow. I called the closest Alpha to alert him about rogues. He said he’ll pass the word up to the council, so they can send a team out here.”

“I hope they send team six again. Cindy was fun to play with.” Jessica liked Cindy’s collie form. Patches didn’t like her, but she did.

“You like her because she’s a Were-dog, sweet pea.” Henry knew why Jessica liked Cindy.

“She’s pretty in her collie form. Her partner is a little scary. He’s a German Shepard.” Jessica was building her burger while she was talking about Cindy.

Dania watches as her daughter put everything on her burgers, just like Henry did. She just smiles at her daughter’s comment and as her daughter digs into her burger. Once dinner is done, Jessica sits in the den and listens to music as she works on her homework.

“I’m going to go out and do some scouting.” Henry strips out of his clothes and starts to change into his wolf.

Jessica stops what she is doing to watch Henry as he changes. His missing eyes was still missing in his wolf form. He walks over towards the door and looks at Dania to open it.

“Be careful.” As she watches as he steps outside and runs towards the back of the property.

“Is Henry going to be okay, mom?” Jessica walks over and stands next to her mother.

“Uncle Henry will be fine sweetie.” Dania knew Henry could take care of himself. He was the top fighter in the pit fights.

Woods behind the property:

Henry enters the woods and starts sniffing around for scents. He wanted to track down the rogue or rogues responsible for killing the campers. He figures Dania should call the sheriff after the council investigators arrive and go over the crime scene.

He goes past the crime scene and deeper into the woods. He stops when he gets to what he is looking for and starts growling. He shifts forms into his hybrid man/wolf form.

“COME OUT NOW!” There was a loud growl in his voice as he stood where he was.

A tall black Were-wolf with red color eyes steps out of the shadows. He had scars covering his body.

“Scar! What are you doing here?” Henry remembers Scar from his pit fighting days. Every time he and Scar were pitted against each other,
they always ended up tied. Neither one of them could beat each other.

“I’m here for the Bitch! She’s my mate.”

“She's not even finished with the transformation and you want to rape her into being your mate? Did you get her permission before changing her?”

“I don’t need her permission. She’s mine, and that’s all there is.”

“Well, I hate to inform you, that she isn’t your mate first off. Secondly, you broke council rules and forced changed her. Third, you are also breaking council rule about mating as well.”

“Fuck the council! Their rules don’t apply to me.”

“Actually, their rules do apply to you mutt.”

Scar turns around and spots Riker, Jacalyn, Jacob and Crimson standing behind him.

“This is none of your business leech. This is Werewolf business.” Scar hated vampires more then he hated the council

“Wrong mutt, you killed on property belonging to a vampire. She isn’t part of any kiss or anything, but this property belongs to her. Therefore it is our business.”

Scar looks back at Henry, “I thought this land belonged to you?”

A big smile appears on Henry’s face “No, I live here with my niece.” He knew Dania and he were separated by several generations, but she was still his niece.

“So, mutt. We can do this, two ways. I can kill you for breaking council rules and for killing these campers. Your second option is for the two
of you to face off for an old fashion rank fight. There is a catch, there will not be a tie. If it happens, I will kill each of you. So, make your choice.”

“I say, let’s do this the old fashion way.”

“Fine!” Scar lunges forward with a claw strike.

He manages to draw first blood against Henry. Scar goes to attack again; his attack is blocked by Henry’s paw.

Henry counters by striking in the same spot as Scar got him. The two wolves go at it hot and heavy.

Crimson looks over towards Riker “so, who’s your money on?”

Jacalyn looks at the two combatants as they battle. She knew both their reputations.

“I’m going with my Uncle. He’s one hell of a pit fighter.” Dania had appeared behind her Uncle Henry. It was one of her abilities.

“Here Uncle, I thought you might want your sword.” Dania holds it out for him.

Henry was backing up from a make-shift club Scar had made from a tree branch. He accepts his sword from Dania. He grabs it and uses it to block the tree limb coming towards him.

Scar tries to attack Dania but misses. He feels metal slicing into his back.


Scar turns around, just as Henry slices through his neck. The last expression on Scars face is surprised. His head rolls off his body and lands right next to his body a few feet away. The body drops to its knees.

“Well, that’s one way to lose your head. So, is the theme song from Highlander going to play now?” Crimson looks at everyone present.

Dania walks over to Scar’s head and picks it up. She concentrates on it and causes it to burst into flames. She looks at the body and does the same thing.

“I didn’t know you have that ability.” Riker was surprised that Dania could cause a person to combust. She could kill anyone she wanted just by looking at them.

“I like to keep my gifts quiet, Riker. Remember, I killed my maker.” Dania eyes flash white.

“I remember. We’ll handle the dead bodies, Dania. Take your Uncle home.”

“Thank you, Riker.” Dania looks at Henry.

“You ready Uncle?”

“Yes, lets head home.”

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