The Devil's Chamber Part 11

Elizabeth had taken Isla with her as they pulled up in front of the dojo. According to the information Shigeko had given her. A woman by the name of Ginja Kimiko and two of her students were taking care of them. Elizabeth had taken her car, while Terry and the rest of the team went to check out something Bart and Anika had found.

Isla was still waking up. After what occurred at the office with the guys trying to extort money from Elizabeth’s wife. She was still in awe that Elizabeth's friends had been MI 5 agents and that Elizabeth was a US Marshal from the states.

Elizabeth had called her and asked if she would come along with her today. She had agreed and met Elizabeth at her place, where she was picked up. They had come across town to this dojo.

“Elizabeth why are we here?” Isla looks at her employer.

“Some girls were rescued by my friends the other day and they are being cared for by the owner of this dojo. My team leader asked if I wouldn’t mind coming by to examine the girls. If they are in good health, Countess Charlotte Basset and people she trusts are going to come by and pick them up.” Elizabeth was informed by Shigeko that Countess Basset would be delivering them back to the states and making sure they were returned to their family safe and sound.

“Have you and your wife talked about what is going to happen with the people you hired over here?” Isla was worried she’ll have to find another job. It took her a while to find this one.

“We spoke about it and we have come to a decision concerning you. I and my wife would like to have you come to the US and work in her office there. You’ll still be my assistant, but your job duties will be different.” Elizabeth glances at Isla to see how she felt about this.

Isla thinks about what Elizabeth just told her. Was she ready to go to the US and work there? Could she afford the move?

“I can’t afford to ship my stuff over.” Isla wouldn’t mind going to the US. There was nothing here in England really to keep her and it would be
nice to go someplace people didn’t know her past.

“We have you covered, Isla. The people I work with will cover the cost of your moving and set you up in a nice townhouse in New York.”
Elizabeth knew Anika had a townhouse in New York owned by the company.

“Can I think about it?” Isla wouldn’t mind going.

“Sure, we aren’t going back to the States yet.” Elizabeth spots the dojo and parks.

“Here we are.” Elizabeth shuts the car off and gets out.

“Isla could you grab my emergency bag please.” As Elizabeth heads inside the dojo.

Isla grabs the emergency paramedics bag that Elizabeth packed and brought with her. She enters the dojo behind Elizabeth with the huge bag in hand. As she enters the place, she was amazed at the artwork on the wall.

Lazy Dragon Dojo:
Leslie had woken up early and looked at the girls as they still slept. Some of them had moved closer to each other for safety. Some, she guesses for comforter. Her nose picked up the scent of bacon and eggs being cooked. She glances where Bobby had slept last night and notices his spot emptied. She follows her nose to the kitchen and spot Ginja cooking. Her daughter Kantha was in the kitchen helping her as well.

“There’s tea to drink, Leslie.” Ginja looks at her pupil as she comes stumbling into the kitchen.

“Don’t you have anything a little bit stronger, sensei?” Leslie fixes her tea like she does her coffee.

“Trust me, Leslie. This tea will be very good for you.” Ginja watches as her pupil fixes herself some tea.

Bobby just smiles as he fixes plates for each girl. He glances at Kantha to see how she was doing after yesterday. He was starting to think of Kantha like a little sister.

He carries the tray out to the girls and served them. After serving the last girl “there’s more food if you are still hungry.”

All the girls look at him and then back to their food. They were glad that the ordeal they had been through was over with.

As Bobby is walking back towards the kitchen, he hears a knocking sound on the front door. Bobby notices that there was a dark short hair woman, dressed in a black business suit standing at the door. He could make out a shorter person with long brown hair standing behind the other woman with a huge medical bag in her hands.

“Can I help you?” Bobby had opened the door to speak to the woman.

“Yes, I was sent here by a Mrs. Somwan. She said you had some girls that you are taken care of? I’m Elizabeth Sumner and this is my assistant Isla White.”

Bobby tries to remember where he heard that name, then he remembered the oriental woman that had shown up the other day. He wonders who this woman worked for.

“Come on in, Mrs. Sumner and Mrs. White.” Bobby steps aside to let the two women in.

“Thank you.” Elizabeth walks in first, with Isla following behind her.

As Elizabeth walked past him, he notices the Black business suit she had on was tailored to fit her body. It was well designed and tailored. The pink business suit, the young lady was wearing seemed to come from like a clothing store. She was wearing a skirt that stopped mid-thigh, jacket and a light pink blouse on under the business jacket. She had on white heels as well.

“So, how do you know Mrs. Somwan?” as Bobby leads the two women back to Ginja.

“I work with her and her team.” Elizabeth could understand why this Bobby person was curious.

Elizabeth follows Bobby into an oriental style kitchen. There was a short woman with long white hair wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray tank top. It had some flowers she hadn’t seen before on it. She was sitting at a table with a young girl another woman who was dress like her. Elizabeth does notice the weird artwork on the other woman’s arm.

“Ginja, this is Mrs. Sumner and her assistant Mrs. White. She was sent here by Mrs. Somwan.” Bobby was watching Ginja.

Ginja looks at Elizabeth with a pleasant smile on her face “are you a friend of Mrs. Somwan?”

“You could say that. I work with her teammates. She told me that the young ladies that you are taking care of, have experienced some trauma.
She suggested I examine them and make sure they are okay. This is my assistant Isla White.”

Ginja looks at the young lady standing near Elizabeth. She could tell the young girl was a little nervous.

“What will you need in order to perform your examination?” Ginja wonders what training Elizabeth has.

“Just a room so the girls can get undress and someone they trust with them. I want to make sure any injuries or diseases they might have gotten from their captors is taken care of. My assistant will be helping me.” Elizabeth hopes Isla didn’t mind helping.

“You can use my bedroom, mom.” Kantha wanted to help.

Ginja looks towards her adopted daughter “there’s no need, sweetie. We can use the changing room. That way the girls won’t freak out.”

“Would it be okay if I help you, Mrs. Sumner?” Leslie wouldn’t mind helping.

Elizabeth looks at the other woman and figures the girls might trust her “yes, you and your friend there have already established a rapport with the girls. It will go easier for them to trust me.”

“Okay.” Leslie looks at Bobby “you don’t mind, do you?”

“Nope, I don’t mind helping.” Bobby looks towards Kantha “How about if you give me a hand?”
Kantha smiles “okay.”

“Here, let me help you, set-up the room.” Ginja escort Elizabeth and Isla back towards the changing room.

Ginja helps them set-up a makeshift examination table. She is impressed by the professional expertise that Elizabeth has as she sets her medical supplies up with her assistant.

“Have the girls told you their names, Mrs. Kimiko?” Elizabeth was wondering if she knew their names.

“No, I didn’t get their names last night. I figure the girls needed some time to trust us.” Ginja wanted the girls to be relaxed and comfortable last night.

“That’s fine. Well, I’ll record their names and condition on my tablet. Let’s bring the first girl in.” Elizabeth looks towards Isla to see if she was ready.

Isla just smiles as Leslie brings the first girl in. It took a little persuasion to get the girl to trust her and for what they were doing. Leslie stayed with the girl as Elizabeth examine her.

Once Elizabeth was done with that girl, she moves on to the next girl. She spends the next few hours or so giving each girl an examination. Some of them she had been sexually assaulted. Some she found had been drugged. She found the needle marks and asked the girls how many times they had been given drugs.

Isla used the tablet to take each girls picture and entered their information. She also entered the information about their medical condition as Elizabeth gave it to her. Isla couldn’t believe what these girls went through or why they left their home and came to England.

After Elizabeth was done with examining the girls. She calls Countess Charlotte Basset so she can make arrangements to have each girl returned to their families.

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