The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 13

Morgana was listening to the movie Steel with Shaq O’Neil in it again for the thirtieth time. She could relate to Shaq’s partner in the movie Sparks who lost the use of her legs after the demonstration of a sonic cannon. The part she liked the best of the movie is how Sparks took her disability and did something with it. At the end of the movie Spark had redesign her wheel chair so she could stand up with its help. She had design her own version of it, but she lacked the mechanical skill to construct it and the people she knew didn’t have the talent to do it.

Morgana was enjoying her coffee and monitoring the web. She was looking for a certain hacker that has been causing problems with certain companies she had been hired to protect. Her computer skills were one thing that didn’t require the use of her legs. Ever since her father was responsible for the car accident that put her in the wheel chair and the life of two others. She hasn’t been the same. She was just starting to get comfortable going out in public as a girl when the accident happened.

Morgana had gone out with some friend’s dress to the nines to celebrate her sweet sixteen birthdays. When the club they had gone too had been raided. She had used a fake driver license she had created to get in with the rest of her friends. The police called her father while he was at work and he had to take time off and come get her dressed like she was. He had already been mad about her going out to a bar with her friends, but being dress in his words like a street hooker put him over the edge. His anger at her had caused him to be careless while he lectured her and not paying attention to what he was doing when the accident occurred.

She had blamed herself for the accident at first, but her therapist said it wasn’t her fault. It was her father’s because his anger had gotten the best of him along with his prejudices outlook on how she wanted to live her life. Her therapist helped her overcome the nightmares she had of the accident and helped her adjust to living her life in a wheelchair. Since she couldn’t use her legs anymore for the activities she uses to enjoy doing. She honed her computer skills and took up the life of a gray hat hacker. She was good at it and remember the one thing her teacher had said about hackers.

First thing was, the best hacker doesn’t want to be known. They are the ones that don’t brag or show off. They go in and do what needs to be done and leave. The less people know of them the better. The second thing is, those looking for frame and glory are the ones that will one day get caught. No one is so good that they don’t have someone else out there better than them. The last thing was, the net is a beautiful fun place to be and it should be used, but try to have morals and a code you live by.

Morgana has always lived by her the code she has. Her computer beeps at her alerting her that the bait she set had been taken. She checks and the hacker she had been tracking was fighting back trying to escape her trap. She starts tapping on her keyboard first finding out where the person was based at and then seizing their computer system. She had experimented with a few things she had seen on NCIS that she knew weren’t true, but she turned them into being true. She informs the local police department of the local she just received and locked the hackers system so he couldn’t do anything except disconnect the power to the system.

As she sits back in her wheel chair, her doorbell rings. She turns look over the monitor to see who it was. It was her favorite bounty hunters standing at the door.

“What can I do for you kitty kat?” She watches Kat’s reaction.

Kat hated being called kitty kat “I have a job for you if you’re interested. If you do this job for me and Paul, my sister can build that wheel chair you have been wanting for a while.”

“You don’t have a sister Kat.” Morgana knew for certain she didn’t.

“Come on let me in and I’ll explain everything to you.” Kat hated talking to Morgana like this.

“Okay, Kat. This better be good.” Morgana presses a button on her desk that unlocks the door to let them in.

Kat comes walking down into the converted basement which the walls were lined with over forty servers and networking gear. Kat knew that Morgana had spent some of the insurance money and her own money she made to keep her systems up to date and current. All the computers were Unix based and she had gotten the program from NASA to link the computers to build a super computer. All the cabinets the systems were kept in had their own independent cooling system so it was an independent system.

“Morgana, how have you been?” Kat and Paul walk over and sit down in some chairs Morgana kept down in her work area.

“Fine. I heard what happened at your house a couple days ago. Was any one hurt?” Morgana had a police scanner that she built from the ground up that could decode scrambled channels and encrypted channels. She could even listen in on airport plane chatter if she wanted to, but she didn’t.

“Just the bad guys and my place. Look, remember that mouse lady you found in Kentucky? Well recently the two of us just learned we came from the same woman who donated her eggs for an experiment, but we had different mothers we were born from. I need for you to find some people for me. These people are very bad and we need to bring them in. In exchange, my sister said she could build that wheelchair you have been wanting. She owns her own garage and aircraft repair place and has the facilities to construct almost anything you need.” Kat would like to see her sisters place.

Morgana looks at Kat “you mean Mousey_Lady is your sister?”

“Yep, I can even prove it.” Kat pulls out her cell phone they picked up on the way over here. She brings the picture up of her and Rebecca that she had stored on her cloud account.

“Here you go.” She hands her phone over to Morgana.

Morgana looks at it and compares the picture to the one she had of Rebecca.

“Dam! How did you find out she was related to you?” Morgana hands Kat’s cell phone back to her.

“We all were kidnapped a few days ago and taken to the base of the ones we need to find.” Kat hopes the government can do something with that place.

“I didn’t hear about that. All I did hear was your brother went by to visit you and he called his friend on the police force when he saw your place. You might want to call your brother and sister and let them know you are safe.”

“I will. Can I use your computer to get you that information?” Kat knew what she needed to do because Rebecca told her how to do it.

“Sure, use that terminal right there next to Paul.” Morgana points to where Paul was leaning up against the bench he was sitting next to.

“Move you big Oaf.” Kat swats Paul on the arm lightly.

He leans in “you’ll get yours later sweetie.” He kisses her on the cheek and move aside.

Kat just smiles as she follows her sister’s direction to bring up the storage site she sent all the information to. As it downloaded into a nice neat package to the computer system here in Morgana’s office.

Morgana splits her screen and brings up the information from Kat and looks at it as it scrolls on her screen. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Everything from nanite research to building a 3d printer capable of producing actual working human organs and genetic manipulation. Finally, the information Kat, Paul and Morgana were looking for.

“I need for you to find these four assholes for me. Somewhere these people are out there and I want to find them.” Kat had a hissing sound to her voice.

Morgana has only seen Kat upset only a handful of times and she knew that when Kat was like that, that something bad was going to happen.

Paul puts his arm around Kat and pull her onto his lap. He knew she would calm down in his arms.

“Okay, let me see if I can find these assholes for you. Do you mind me keeping this medical research you guys found?” Morgana never kept anything without the client’s permission. That was part of her code.

“No, not at all. All I ask is that you don’t sell it or give it to people who could misuse it.” Kat had seen the information. Most of it she didn’t understand, but what she did understand. She didn’t want to get out.

“No problem Kat. Give me a day or two to find the assholes. Do you know where the last place they were?” Morgana figures she could start there and track where they went.

“Thanks Morgana. As soon as were done with this problem. I’ll ask my sister to build that chair for you. She is a mechanical genius.” Kat had learned a lot about her sister.

“I know. You should visit her place and see her private collection of aircraft her and her father rebuilt. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t mind see them for myself.” Morgana loved the pictures Rebecca had sent her.

“I’ll tell her. I bet if nothing else she’ll send one of her pilots out here to pick you up to get your chair.” Kat wanted to see her collection as well.

Kat and Paul stand up and start heading upstairs to let themselves out.

Morgana watches as her friends leave and start getting to work.

“I think we need to go and get our heavy toys and new body armor.” Paul was opening the driver side door.

“I think you’re right. We’re going to need our good stuff for this job. I’ll call my sister and brother and see if they can watch the girls for us. I don’t want them to take part in this mess.” Kat climbs in.

“I agree with you.”

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