Nora Midnight Part 11

Nora and Kelly help Christina pack for the trip. She made sure she had enough clothes for a two-week stay. They made sure she had some nice clothes to go out and enjoy the nightlife but made sure she understood the dangers as well.

“Here’s the number of a friend of mine, Christina. If you get into trouble or need help, call this number. Ask for Fredrick Martian. He was one of my instructors when I became a DSS agent. He’s retired, but he has a private bodyguard business.” Nora slips the sticky note to Christina.

“Thanks, Nora.” Christina gives Nora and Kelly a hug.

She may be 18yrs old and living on her own, but Nora and Kelly have been like mothers to her. Her own parents didn’t want to have anything to do with her and her sister tolerated her, just like her cousin Wolf did. However, Nora and Kelly didn’t judge her. Cheshire had said she would pay for the final operation. All she had to do was let her or Jack know when she wanted to do it.

Since Christina was going to have an early flight, she helps with dinner and heads to bed afterward.

Nora checks Ginger’s homework and finds several mistakes in her math.

“You need to fix these six, Ginger. Your math is wrong.” Nora points out her mistakes.

“God, I hate Algebra.” Ginger may be smart and good in math, but she hated Algebra and Trig.

“So, did I when I went through it in high school and college. However, I managed to pass it with straight A’s. Let me know if you want me to help you.” Nora watches as Ginger goes back to fixing her math problems.

Kelly looks towards Nora “are you planning on becoming a teacher?” She had seen Nora looking up the qualifications she would need for Tennessee.

“It’s not a bad idea. I have a master’s degree in Justice and Law Enforcement. Plus, twenty years of being a DSS agent and knowledge of our government. Plus, knowledge of other countries from my relationships with ambassadors of other countries.” Nora figures her work experience would cover most of the requirements.

She reads the site to get a license to teach. There were two ways she could go. She already had a master’s degree. Even if it was in Law Enforcement, she could transfer some of her credits over to see what she would need to get an educators license, or she could take several different Praxis test to get a license and teach that way.

She decided that she would take the test to get her license to teach. There were at least six test she could take to get her license to teach in different subjects. She goes ahead and orders the study material for the ones she knew she needed to study for. The languages ones she could take right now. She'll set a day to take test for those after, she gets the other one she needs. As for the others, she’ll take Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Tests. She’ll take all three tests at the same time in that category and the Principles of Learning and Teaching afterward. She orders the study material and once it all downloads. She’ll look at it in the morning.

“Done.” Ginger comes back with the corrections she made.

Nora looks at it and discovers she still had one wrong.

She looks at Ginger “would you like for me to show you the proper answer on this one?”

Ginger looks at the one Nora was pointing at and couldn’t believe she got it wrong again.

“Yes please.” Ginger sits down next to Nora’s legs on the floor.

Nora takes her pencil and erases what Ginger had written down. Step-by-step, she explains what she is doing to Ginger and let her finish the
rest. Nora watches and when she had the correct answer. A smile appears on her face.

“There you go. Now, why don’t you go and take your bath? It's pass your bedtime.”

Ginger stands up and hugs Nora and Kelly. Afterward, she heads towards the bedroom to drop her school bag off and then into the bathroom to fill the tub up.

Kelly just leans against Nora’s shoulder and smiles. She was proud of Nora and what she was doing. Tomorrow, she was going to go with Nora to pick out a dresser and bed for Melody. She’ll take Melody out to personalize her side of the bedroom.

“You think Principal Kramer is going to hire you to be a teacher?” Kelly glances at Nora.

“Yes, I think he would like for me to work there at the school. The first reason is, he just lost a teacher. So, he needs a replacement. The
second reason I think he’ll hire me. He will have someone who is experienced in spotting problems and things a normal security personnel can’t spot. I noticed a few things when I walked through the hallways from Ginger’s Government class.” Nora saw a few things that she knew weren’t permitted in school, not to mention she smelled the scent of marijuana on a few students as they passed her.

“Isn’t that common in school? I know my school had a few reefer heads at my high school when I went.” Kelly’s best friend was one.

“I know, we had a few in my high school along with a few drug pushers. However, the teenagers at Ginger’s school shouldn’t have to worry about that.” Nora was thinking about what she had observed.

“You know, Ginger might be teased and attack if you come down hard.” Kelly was worried about Ginger and Melody.

“I know, but Ginger can handle herself pretty well. I’ll make sure she is protected as best as I can. Melody might end up taking special classes. I’ll give her a test to see what she knows and what she doesn’t know. We can help her catch up with students that are her age." Nora knows Melody might need some help in her education and social skills.

Once Ginger was ready for bed. Nora goes in to speak with her. She walks over and tucks her in and then sits on the side of her bed.

“You don’t mind sharing your room with Melody, do you?” Nora brushes some of Ginger’s hair out of her eyes.

“No, ma’am. I don’t mind sharing my room with her. Is she going to be okay with me not being a physical girl?” Ginger was on hormones and getting her curves and her own breast.

“We’ll talk about it, but I wouldn’t worry too much. I think she will like you, for you.” Nora looks down at Ginger and could see she was a little worried.

“I hope so. I want to be a good big sister to her.” Ginger felt sorry for Melody.

“You will, just take it slow and let her get to know you. Now, close your eyes and get some sleep.” Nora kisses Ginger’s forehead and turns her lamp off on her nightstand.

Nora walks out of the bedroom and checks on Christina. She could see Christina having a hard time falling asleep.

“You know when I have a hard time sleeping. I listen to sounds of nature to relax me.”

“It’s more like I’m excited, than anything else.” Christina had a giant teddy bear dressed as Darth Vader sleeping with her.

“Well, let me know if you want a sleeping pill. Also, try to get some sleep.” Nora walks over and tucks Christina in and gives her a kiss on the forehead as well.

She finally heads back into the living room to spend some time with Kelly. After a few hours, they head to bed with Kelly snuggling up to her. Nora just holds her and finally fall asleep.

In the morning time, she and Kelly drop Christina off at her workplace, so she can help load things into their van to take with them on the flight. Then, drop Ginger off at school and Kelly informs Ginger she’ll be by after school to pick her and her friend up.

Nora and Kelly go bed shopping for Melody. Nora buys her a canopy bed and matching bedroom furniture to go with it. She also picks her up a few things she might like. The nurse had given her Melody’s size and Kelly picks out some clothes for Melody to wear home and to bed.

Nora’s lawyer and Ginger’s caseworker is handling Melody’s case. She was given custody of Melody and charges were filed against Melody’s father. There was no way he was going to get off hurting Melody. Nora and Kelly spend the day buying things for Melody, so she will feel welcome and at home.

While Nora is running around taking care of things for Melody to come home later. Her phone starts ringing. She checks it and notices it was the High School number. She hopes that Ginger hasn’t been hurt.

She answers the call “hello?”

“Ah, Ms. Midnight this is Principal Kramer. I was wondering if you could by the school, so we could speak?” Principal Kramer had spoken to
superintendent Mary Hodges about hiring Nora Midnight.

He had informed her that she was a retired DSS agent and had a master’s degree in Law Enforcement. He told her about everything that had happened in Harry Talbot’s classroom. She had given him some suggestions on how he could hire Ms. Midnight, but she did want to see an application for her before they do anything.

“I can be there in a few minutes Principal Kramer.” Nora figures it wouldn’t hurt meeting him. She had her resume on a thumb drive she carried around.

“That will be fine. I’ll be expecting you.” Mr. Kramer ends the call.

“Drop me off at the restaurant and I’ll get us some lunch.” Kelly figures while Nora was being interviewed. She’ll get them some lunch.

“Okay.” Nora drops Kelly at the diner and then heads over to the High School to meet with Principal Kramer.

An hour later, Nora comes walking out of the High School. Her meeting with Principal Kramer had gone well. He said that he would get back to her. Once he talked with the superintendent again. He did agree that the route she was going, would allow her to be able to teach in

She heads over to the restaurant and has a nice lunch with Kelly. Afterward, she swings by the house for Kelly to grab her car to pick-up Ginger. She heads to the hospital to get Melody and bring her home.

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