What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 15

“Come on little sister. You can do better then that.” Janus twirls the baton he had in his hand as he watched Sasha.

He knew his little sister had two fractured ribs from her run-in with Adam Ludlum. Their mother had rewrapped her bandages after all the grandchildren and family went to bed. The security personnel that had gone to protect Sasha and her replacement crew had done an excellent job of patching her up.

“You try fighting with two cracked ribs.” Sasha attacks him with her batons, trying to get pass his defense.

They had agreed to practice without her using any of her stage magician tricks. Not that it would matter to her older brother. He knew how to counter all her moves any way. He was a special operative just like she was. They both had the same teachers, their mother and father. For the next twenty minutes, both matched each other’s moves. That is, until Sasha tricked her brother and pinned him to the floor.

“Uncle!” Janus was laying face first against the mats.

His sister had his right arm in an arm bar hold and her foot pressing against his shoulder joint. He could feel his arm ready to pop out of the joint. He feels his sister let go. He rolls over onto his back and looks up at Sasha as she extended her hand down to him.

“Where did you learn that move?” As he grabs her petite hand and is pulled up off the mats.

“It’s one Jerry taught me a year ago. When he did my evaluation.” Sasha helps her brother up off the mat.

“Jerry? You mean our cousin Jerry? He taught you that move?” Janus rolls his shoulder to get the soreness out of his joint.

“Yep, our cousin Jerry. Aunt Janet’s oldest son. He was training a new batch of recruits and asked if I wouldn’t mind helping him demonstrate a move. He used that same move on me and afterwards, while the recruits were practicing it. He taught it to me.” Sasha walks over to the wall and pick-up her towel and his towel. She tosses it to him.

Janus catches the towel as it came towards him.

“Thanks.” He wipes the sweat off his face and neck.

“Any time.” Sasha rolls her neck to relieve some soreness she was feeling.

Her rib cage was bothering her, even with the tight wrapping her mother did to her. She picks-up her water bottle and takes a sip from it. She watches her brother as he takes a sip from his water bottle.

“So, what do you think about our newest little brother?” Sasha wonder what her older brother thought.

“I think he’s got a rough road ahead of him, just like you did when you were younger. I know mom has already started him on testosterone supplements and has him on a strict diet and workout routine. He has already asked mom to remove his breast and close-up his vagina and remove his ovaries.” Janus takes a sip from his water bottle.

“Has mom agreed to do it?” Sasha couldn’t remember if Miles had his chest wrapped or not.

“She said, she’ll do the surgery. Once his counselor gives her the okay. He still must deal with the rapes he suffered through under the sex traffickers. Until then, he should watch how me or dad act, so he can pass effectively.” He takes another sip of his water.

Sasha helps her brother clean-up the gym before heading upstairs to the kitchen to grab something to munch on.

When they walked into the kitchen, they see their mother and all the grandchildren baking cookies.

Gracie looks up when she spots her mother and Uncle walk in “we’re making cookies mom.”

A smile appears on Sasha’s face as she walks over to her youngest.

“I can see that.” She had a smile on her face as she grabs a chocolate chip cookie off the plate.

“Mmmm, you can taste the love in them.” Sasha takes another bite of the cookie.

“You’re right sis. These cookies are filled with love.” He ruffles Gracie’s hair as he bites into his cookie.

Janet just looks at her two children as she helps Rose with a batch of sugar cookies to put in the oven. She remembers doing this with them when they were younger. She remembered Sasha nearly burning her hand when she went to grab the cookie sheet out of the oven. At the time, they didn’t know she could manipulate fire with her thoughts.

Rose loved baking with her grandmother. She never knew her real grandmother. Now she had a little sister, Uncles, Aunts and grandparents.
She feels her mother wrap her arm around her.

Sasha had notice Rose thinking about something “a penny for your thoughts, pumpkin.”

Rose just smiles at her mother “I’m okay mom. I was just thinking about my life right now. I never had this before.” She hugs her mother.

Sasha returns her hug. She holds her tight and places a kiss on her forehead. She feels Gracie hug Rose as well.

Janus takes his cellphone out and snaps a picture of his little sister and his two nieces just hugging each other.

After a few seconds, they all release and help their grandmother with the cookie tray in the oven. Sasha grabs a fresh baked sugar cookie off the tray. The heat from the cookie doesn’t bother her, because of her ability.

“I will never get use to that.” Janus just shakes his head as he watches Sasha grabs a hot cookie from the cookie tray.

Sasha just smile “hey, what can I say. When your hot, your hot.”

Sasha heads up to her bedroom to take a shower and change out of her leotard. Susan joins her in the shower.

“I was wondering when you were going to come upstairs and take a shower.” As she kisses Sasha.

Susan has missed not having her wife around these past few weeks. She knew how busy Sasha got sometimes. Between the band, her stage magician performances and her other activities that seemed to pop-up at the wrong time.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I don’t mean to be away all the time.” Sasha returns the kiss and just holds Susan against her body.

They have been a couple for the past ten years. They had started dating each other when they were in High school. The two of them had attended different private schools, and met during a tennis match. She had loved the way Susan looked in her school tennis outfit. How the outfit had hugged her curves and showed off her beautiful legs.

Then when Sasha started looking for people to start a band, Susan had shown up for an audition. Once she heard her sing, she was hooked on her. She chased after Susan and after several months of asking Susan out. She finally relented and went out with her. After that first date, they were a couple.

Sure, they had their arguments and bad moments, but they always came back to each other. They did try dating other girls, but found that they were meant for each other. Once the Supreme court said that same sex couples could get married. Their parents threw them a big wedding.
The two of them just held each other as they let the water cascade down their bodies. Susan was bigger in the chest department, then Sasha was. Sure, Sasha had some work done to her breast to be a little bit bigger, but Susan was naturally bigger.

They stay in the shower for a while. Afterwards, they get out and head back into their bedroom to make love to each other. Sasha had missed Susan’s touches and kisses on her body. She couldn’t believe how many times Susan brought her to orgasm or how many times she brought Susan.

As they laid there, nude on the bed resting. Gracie comes walking in.

“Ooopp’ss sorry mom’s.” Gracie was about to turn around to leave.

“It’s okay sweetie. Come mere.” Susan holds her hands out to Gracie.

Gracie walks over and takes Susan’s hand.

Susan pulls Gracie onto the bed between her and Sasha “you should never be ashamed to see me or mommy Sasha nude. Now what was it you were going to say to us?”

Gracie looks at Susan and then at Sasha. She didn’t know how she felt seeing her mothers naked, but she knew they loved her. She spots some scars on Sasha’s body. She reaches out and touches one.

“Where did you get this one, mommy?” Gracie looks up at Sasha.

“I got that one, when I took down my very first bad guy. He managed to stab me, before I could stop him.” Sasha remembered that one, because it was her first time working by herself.

“Did it hurt?”

“Yes, but what hurt more. Was coming home to mommy Susan and explaining what happened.” Sasha smiled as she looked at Susan.

Susan had been so worried that Sasha had seriously hurt herself. Once she managed to reassure Susan that the wound wasn’t serious.
Susan, tore into her for being so careless.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Rose comes in and spots her mother’s laying in bed naked with Gracie laying between them.

“Umm, mom’s. Sorry for interrupting you, but did Gracie ask you if we could go with grandma to the store?” Rose tries not to stare at her parents.

“No, she didn’t, Rose.” Sasha smirked because she could tell Rose was trying not to stare at them.

“Rose, it’s okay to look at us. We have nothing that you don’t have.” Sasha wanted her daughters not to be ashamed of the human body.

“I know mom, it’s just, well unusual to see your parents naked.” Rose looks at them.

“As for you request to go to the store with grandma. You never need our permission to go any where with your grandparents. Just let us know you went with them.” Sasha gets up and hugs her daughter.

Gracie gets up out of bed and follow her mother.

“Now, go before your grandparents come looking for you two.” Sasha kisses Gracie’s cheek.

She watches as both girls leave the bedroom. She turns around and find Susan standing behind her.

“I think we better have a talk with the girls.” She kisses Sasha.

Sasha returns the kiss “we could always take them to a nudist colony for a day.”

Sasha remembers when the whole band went one summer. The guys in the band didn’t mind it so much. It was Julia (aka: Dusk) and Susan that were nervous about walking around nude all day. Sasha had played a trick on Gregory (aka: Mystic) by writing on his back. So, when he tanned you could see it. It hadn’t bother Sasha walking around nude all day.

“I’ll think about. I don’t think our girls are ready for that yet.” Susan just smile as she turns around and grabs some clothes for her and Sasha to wear.

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