A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 12

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Lavender Lounge:
Colette couldn’t believe how busy the lounge was at tonight. It’s been a while since she went out and partied. After her weekend with the girls at Mona’s house. She has been wanting more of the bonding she did with them.

After what happened earlier today, she needed to relax. She goes out on the dance floor, and in no time, she is surrounded by a bunch of other women. Some of them were out of her league, but a few she might have a shot with if she was looking for a girlfriend.

She is dancing to the music with her eyes closed. She feels someone close to her. The other person's body was extremely close to her own. She opens her eyes to see who it is and notices Officer Wicker dancing in front of her.

“Evening officer, come here often?” Colette was surprised to see Officer Wicker from this morning dancing in front of her.

“Not as much as I like to. Work keeps me busy.” After the day Katrina had, she wanted to go out and relax. She hadn’t counted on running into Mrs. Thorton at the club.

“I heard crime never rest.” A playful smile appears on Colette’s face.

“Except on full moon nights and football Mondays.”

“What, criminals take the time off to watch football?” Colette was surprised by that statement.

“Yeah, they don’t like doing anything on game night. So, what brings you out tonight?” Katrina noticed how Colette was dressed.

“I had a girl’s weekend with some friends and decided I need to start living life instead of just watching television all the time.” Colette figures she spends too much time in front of her television.

“There’s nothing wrong with spending a nice night at home.” Sometimes, Katrina didn’t feel like going out.

“True, but when it's night, after night. Day after day. I think I have a problem.” Colette had to admit she spent to much time at home.

“Well, from what I have heard about you around the precinct. I can see why you spend so much time at home. You perform a lot down at the boardwalk when the humidity is high and the trouble you have helped to stop. Not to mention the bullets you took while performing at the circus.”

“I just can’t stand back and let crime happen around me. Plus, I enjoy what I do, and I know the people who come down the boardwalk enjoy it.” Colette knew the people who came to the boardwalk enjoyed her foolishness.

“Well, tonight. Let’s make sure you enjoy yourself.” Katrina leans forward and kisses Colette.

Colette returns the kiss and, afterwards, starts dancing with Katrina.

The two of them dance close to one another. Grinding their bodies against one another and kissing. They stop every so often to drink some drinks and go back out onto the dance floor to dance.

The following day, Colette wakes up snuggled against Katrina. Both women were nude, with Katrina holding her. She loved feeling Katrina pressing her chest against her back. She turns around to face Katrina and starts kissing her. She presses her groin area up against Katrina’s.

In the next hour or so, Colette explores Katrina’s body and brings her to new heights.

After they were done making love to each other. Katrina joins Colette in the shower, where they explore each other’s bodies more. After showering and getting dressed. They stopped by Colette’s place so she could change clothes.

Once Colette is dressed, they leave and go grab some brunch. Colette and Katrina spend the day with each other, learning about one another. They walk down the boardwalk holding hands.

Katrina looked at Colette as she walked beside her. “I never knew you were a lesbian.”

“I just recently discovered it myself.” Colette hadn’t known she enjoyed sex with a woman before.

“Oh?” Katrina looks at Colette with a surprised look on her face.

“I was surprised as well.” Colette inhales the crisp sea air coming off the waves.

“Well, I hope it's not just a passing feeling.” Katrina enjoyed their lovemaking last night.

“I don’t think it is.’ As Colette kisses Katrina on the lips.

The two of them continued walking down the boardwalk, enjoying each other’s company. The weather was nice out as they enjoyed the view and sound.

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New love interest?

Samantha Heart's picture

Sounds like Colete might be dating a female cop. It sounds like it could get serious & for once Colette didn't get into any kind of trouble lol. One thing still bothers me the guy who keeps trying to drug & rape Collete.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.