Eyes Finally Opened Part 8

Amy had snuck out in the middle of the night and headed to the HSL compound. It was the last place she wanted to go, but she needed to retrieve a case she had hidden there years ago. She notices that the HSL had been there and cleared out everything that belonged to them.
All their equipment and computer systems. She moves quietly through the abandon compound till she comes to the boiler room.

The case she wanted was hidden high up on the vent systems where she knew no one would ever find it. She had hidden the case there years ago, after the last mission she had gone on. Her handlers weren’t too happy when she told them it had been damage. Which, it really wasn’t.
She had found a way to make it look like it had been damage beyond repair.

Amy climbs up the equipment to retrieve the case and climbs back down. She props the case on an old work bench and opens it to make sure everything she needed was still inside. Everything was as she had left it. She heads back out of the compound and back towards the manor house. When she enters her bedroom through the window she had gone out of, she notices her mother waiting for her.

“Where did you go young lady?”

“To retrieve some equipment, mom. That should give me an edge against the Hunter. It was developed to fight were-wolves and other supernatural.”

“Well, what is it?”

“It’s a full fledge fiber optic camouflage suit. I can hide right in front of you and you’ll never know it, unless you bump into me. It hides my scent and body temperature. I can hide among a bunch of plants or trees and my body temperature will match the surrounding area, so I can’t be detected. This is how I managed to come in here and look around without any of you knowing I was here. My normal suit has some of the properties of this suit. The bracelets each contain a needle projectile that can either be set to kill you or take you down. The belt has specialized compartments that have useful items I can use. One of the items is a ball that has a low radioactive material in it. The other looking ball contains a special dye that only I can see with my eyes. If you or anyone else try to see it. They would need a special pair of goggles.”

“That’s sneaky. Is that how the HSL and the Hunter organization manages to follow people without being seen?”

“Yes ma’am. It’s something they borrowed from the CIA.”

“What weapons are you taking?”

“Just my Sais’s and a few throwing stars and knives, mom. Past that, I’ll need to make whatever weapons I can from the jungle like last time.”

“Do you know where the main headquarters is for the HSL, Amy?”

“It should be on that use drive I gave Uncle Cain.”

“I’ll remind him to look at it. Still, have you been there before?”

“Yes ma’am, but I was transported in an armor car and kept blindfolded.”

“Do you think what is in the case will be of some help to you?”

“I think it will give me a slight edge. I know he is going to use all his toys to keep me at a distance, because if I get within hand-to-hand range. I will win, mom.”

“When do you need to leave?”

“By this evening to get there by tomorrow morning. If I know the Hunter, he’ll already be there and will try to take me down before I get to the island.”

“Are you sure you don’t want any of the pack members to go with you?”

“I can’t mom. It’s against the rules and none of the members here would survive, except maybe Uncle Cain.”

“It’s that dangerous?”

“Yes ma’am. The Island use to be a training spot used by the US Military for their top 1% elite soldiers. People that don’t exist and if you run into them, you’re dead. The training there was so real that even some of their elite didn’t make it out of there. I’ve been there four times and each time it has gotten harder and harder to survive.”

April just shakes her head. She couldn’t believe their government would do something like and then let an organization like the HSL use the Island.

Amy walks over and hugs her mother. She hopes she is good enough to come back from the island. The last time she went she barely made it.

Amy could feel how scared Amy was and held her closer to her body.

“You’ll be fine sweetie. I know you will and once this is over with, hopefully you’ll never have to do this again.”

“I hope so mom. You can only go to the island so many times before it finally claims you.”

Amy knew this from listening to a few of the people who ran the island. They never did more than two tours on it, because there were still traps and explosives that hadn’t been found that could still kill you.”

Ava prepares herself and packs what she could take with her. She calls the secret number for the transport company that was responsible for transporting people out to the island. She is told to meet her ride at a certain location at a certain time and if she is late, they will leave without her.

When Amy gets there, she is checked for bugs and trackers. Her equipment is checked as well and once she has passed all the checks. She was permitted to board the plane.

All the windows had been blacked out so she couldn’t see where they were going. She changes into her stealth suit and then put her winged suit on. She was going to use that to land on the island.

“Get ready to jump.”


Amy jumps out of the plane and glide down to the ground. As she switches from the wing suit to her parachute, gunfire erupts from the island towards her. She also notices several drones flying towards her.

“Shit, this is going to hurt.”

Amy ditches the chute and free falls into the ocean. She had expected something like this from the Hunter. That’s why she had come in over the ocean, so if she had to drop. She would fall into the water. Her bones were strong enough to take the impact. She swims underwear to the shore and slips out of her flight suit and activates the camo suit functions. The drones that were sent against her lost contact of her.

Inside the Island Bunker:
“Dam it, where did she go?”

“We don’t know, sir. She has disappeared from our sensors.”

The field agents that had been sent by the HSL to help the Hunter couldn’t figure out what happened to their target. They had a firm lock on
her when she came out of the ocean and went into a group of trees along the shoreline and lost her.

“Find her!”

Hunter wanted to capture Agent 345 and torture her some before killing her outright. He paces back and forth behind the men and watch as
they sweep the area looking for her. All their smaller drones were crisscrossing the trees and several of the paths leading from the beach.

Several drones start going offline as their screens show static where their feeds use to be.

“She’s taking out our drones and we still can’t find her.”

“Launch a missile into that area.”

Beachside of the Island:
Amy was well hidden in the trees with her suit masking her heat signature. She knew the drones couldn’t see her. So, she started to eliminate them. As she takes the last one out. She notices that a bigger drone was coming towards her location. She saw it launch a missile towards the trees, which she was currently hiding in.

She jumps down and runs further into the woods as the trees behind her explode. Several more explosions go off behind her as some undetonated ordnance explodes. She spots a trip wire and jumps up into a tree to avoid the trap on the other side of the trip wire. She remembers the last one she jumped and almost blew herself to kingdom come. If she had landed a few more inches forwards, she would had set off the buried landmine.

Inside the Island Bunker:
“Send some men out to find her body. I want to make sure she is dead.”

“Yes sir.”

Outside on the Island:
Several guards go out into the woods looking for the dead girls remains. Amy spots them from her location up in the trees. She had seen where they had exit from the bunker and waits till they get further into the woods, before dropping down behind them and attacking. She may not like killing, but these men deserved it. She makes their death quick and painless. She runs up to the door of the bunker and steps to the side and knocks.

Inside the Island Bunker:

Amy places some C-4 on the bunker door that she had taken from one of the soldiers sent out to kill her.

Hunter was looking at all the monitors and hadn’t notice the explosive on the door. The camera near the door was clear and the one across from the door showed nothing.

Amy sets the explosive off and the door was blown inwards. As soon as the door is opened, she slips inside. She moves quickly through the corridors till she gets close to the control room, where she knew he would be. She stops just as she feels the presence around the corner of the corridor. She tosses some smoke pellets towards the area and hears choking. Amy listens carefully and tosses a throwing knife into the person that was coughing from the smoke.

She peeks around the corner and doesn’t spot anyone except the person laying on the ground dead. She carefully makes her way down the hallway towards the control room.

Hunter had seen a silhouette in the smoke on the camera facing that hallway junction. He remembered that the HSL had developed a suit with his help that could blend in with its environment. The last he heard was the suit had been damaged during a mission and they had thrown it out, because the company that had constructed the suit had been bought by the government.

Now he knew how she had evaded his drones and why no one saw her.

“That little sneak. I’ll show her.”

He takes several grenades and tosses them down the hallway.

Amy saw the grenades coming and knew she better get out of their way. She ducks right around the corner she just came from just as they explode. Amy knew that this hallway was the only way in and out into the control room. She turns the camo unit off and palms a few throwing stars into her hand.

She looks at the guy laying on the floor before her. She picks his gun up and targets the camera just above the door of the control room. Now, she figures he will be forced to come out and confront her.

Hunter couldn’t believe she took the camera out. He grabs his gun and the rest of the grenades. He had a few smoke grenades that he could fill the hallway with. He opens the control room door and tosses them out to fill the hallway.

Amy waits patiently for Hunter to come out. She knew he was going to use the smoke as a cover. It was a tactic he had taught her. She waits for him to make his move.

Hunter opens the door and steps out into the hallway; the smoke was still thick as he throws a flash grenade before him.
Amy lets fly the throwing stars she had been holding onto when he threw the flash grenade. She heard the stars make contact, just as she ducks as he opens fire with his sub-machine gun.

Hunter hadn’t expected the throwing stars as they hit him in the chest. He had his finger on the trigger as the smoke begin to thin and watched as two throwing knives came towards him. He moves out of the way, and the next thing he feels is his legs kicked out from under him. As he falls to the floor, he fills his chest punched hard.

Amy was standing in front of him.

“Your dead Hunter.” As Amy uses the old ways she was taught to sign. She knew Hunter knew the old way she did things and would recognize it.

“You think so little girl?”

He presses a button on his gloved hand and the explosives he rigged goes off.

Amy feels herself picked up and blown down the hallway. Her body smacks hard against the wall at the other end as ceiling debris buries them. She blacks out after some debris smacks her on the side of her head.

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