The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 9

Ginny was so bored as she sat in the office at work and watched the men out in the yard work on a car that they were putting together. Her partner in crime had the radio on and they were listening to some hip-hop crap that she hated. Most music genres didn’t bother her, but whoever this artist was that the station was playing, needed to learn some manners about calling women hoes. She had found a rubik's cube
in one of the cars and was playing with it.

Frank couldn’t believe that Bruce had gone to work for Napa. Barney was a cool guy to work for and never asked that much from you. He looks over towards Ginny and notice her playing with a rubik’s cube.

“Having any luck?”

“Not really, all I have been able to do so far is get one side.” Ginny was at least trying to get two sides before she was picked up by Leonard.

Leonard and the other pack members were picking her up and dropping her off at work every day now. When she wasn’t working, she was exercising to build up her endurance and energy levels. Joe had come up with an exercise routine for her. She knew Stephen was disappointed that he wasn’t going to Montana. Bryan decided to go himself and have a meeting with a guy named Cain while he was out there.

At lunch time, she places her order with a place that delivers. She knew Frank was going to have his usual, which was a huge steak burger with the works. She orders from the same place two huge steak subs with extra onions and a huge order of onion rings. She has been following Bryan’s advice and been increasing her food intake.

Ginny was standing outside the junkyard office waiting on Leonard to pick her up. The rest of the day had gone by slowly and she finally was able to get two sides of the cube a solid color. As she is standing and waiting for Leonard, a strange car drives by the junkyard. It was more like a hearse. It had dark tinted windows and was being driven by a young woman. She was dress like a chauffeur from what Ginny could see.

She watches it as it drove by her location.

Leonard pulls up a few minutes later.

“How was your day?” As he watches Ginny get into the car.

“Boring. We barely had any customers today. All though something strange did happen while I was waiting for you. A silver hearse drove by me.”

Ginny had a curious look on her face.

“Did you say a silver hearse? Did it have like chrome stars near the front and was being driven by a young woman?”

“Mmmm!!, I didn’t notice any stars, but it was being driven by a young woman. Is it someone special?”

“Yep, it’s the vampire Master of Los Vegas. Whenever he has a meeting, he comes here to Kingman, Az. Since we are a neutral territory.”
Leonard wonders if he has already spoken to Bryan about this?

Ginny just watches the terrain as Leonard drives her back to Bryan’s house. She knew he was out of town and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow. When they pull up to the mansion and parks. She gets out and heads upstairs to her bedroom to change out of her work clothes and into her new swimsuit. Bryan had found one that didn’t resemble a little girl’s swimsuit.

“I’m going for a swim Leonard.” As Ginny heads, out to the pool and dives in.

She does a few laps and then get her float and just float around the pool.

“You look relax.” Stephen was still disappointed he didn’t get a chance to go to Montana.

“Yep, today was boring at work. Ever since Barney took me out of the yard, I’ve been bored. I enjoyed pulling parts and joking around with the guys outside.”

“He is just being cautious about you Ginny. He isn’t a Were, but he looks at you as if you were his daughter.” Stephen walks over and jumps into the pool.

“I know, I just hate being treated like a child.” Ginny splashes some water towards Stephen.

“Everyone can’t help it, Ginny. Everyone sees you as a child because of your looks. You look more childlike, then you do as a young woman.”
Stephen even saw Ginny as a child, instead of a grown woman or teenager.

“So, it’s my looks that cause everyone to treat me like a child?” Ginny wonders if there was a way to change how she looked.

She spends a few hours just drifting around out in the pool. Leonard was going to cook steaks on the grill. She closes her eyes and just let herself nap a little. Stephen decided not to tip Ginny over and let her relax for a while.

Later in the evening Stephen’s nose was telling him that Leonard was cooking food on the grill. He gets out of the pool and walk around to the other side where the porch was and notices that Leonard and Joe were cooking on the grill.

Leonard had looked up from the vegetables he was cooking and notices Stephen looking towards him and Joe.

“Where’s Ginny?”

“She’s sleeping on the float in the pool.” A smile appears on his face.

“Alright, wake her up in thirty minutes.”

“Okay.” Stephen rubs his hands together in an evil way.

Ginny is awoken abruptly when Stephen tilted her float and sent her into the water. She looks at him with anger in her eyes and start chasing him around the pool. She manages to finally catch him and dunk his sorry ass.

“Alright you two, it’s time for dinner.” Leonard had watch their antics like a patient father watching his children.

Ginny gets out first, after pulling Stephen back into the water. She dries off and wrap her towel around her waist as she walks over towards the
patio portion of the deck. She sits down next to Leonard and start serving herself.

“Master Banister is coming by tomorrow night to speak with Bryan, Ginny. As soon as you get home from work tomorrow. I’m going to need for
you to wear the clothes we put out for you Ginny. Also, you’re to stay by Bryan’s or my side the whole entire time Master Banister is here.”
Leonard didn’t want anything to happen to Ginny.

“Okay, is there a reason I need to stay by you or Bryan?” Ginny was curious about this.

“Because he has a thing for children. The last child he turned, was found and killed by the council and he was told if he makes any more. That his head would be cut off by Riker. I expect them to be here tomorrow as well.”

“Who’s Riker?” Ginny hadn’t heard his name before.

“He is the leader of the Dark Fangs. They are a traveling motorcycle vampire gang and operate as troubleshooters for the council. They are supposed to enforce vampire law and administer punishment to any vampire leader that doesn’t follow the law. Since, I figure this meeting is a treaty negotiations between a Were group and the Vampire Master of Las Vegas. Riker needs to be here. Our job is to keep the peace while the negotiations are going on. So, tomorrow night is a get to know you meeting. The Were group involve should be here tomorrow morning.” Leonard takes a bite of his steak.

“Do we know anything about them?” Ginny was curious about this group.

“They are a fairly new group and certain members of their clan are Native Americans. They only have fifty members so far, but several other
Were’s from other parts of the country have petition them for membership.” Leonard had read the report Bryan sent him about the negotiations.

Bryan also told him that the vampires and Riker’s group was supposed to stay at the Night Wind hotel. The vampires could drink from the donors that work there or from their own stock, but no one else. Also, the stored blood they had on hand was fresh.

“So, are we allowing the vampires into our home here?” Ginny had read some stories about vampires need permission to enter.

“No, they won’t be sitting foot in here. We have a separate building where we will be having the meet and greet at. No vampire can enter here without Bryan’s permission.”

“Good, I was hoping you were going to say that.” Ginny was a little worried about that part.

‘Trust me Ginny, Bryan doesn’t want any vampires in the pack house. This is supposed to be a haven for everyone in the pack.”

“Thank goodness.” Ginny finishes her steak and help clean the dishes.

It was Stephen’s turn to do the dishes, but he always helps her. So, she felt she should return the favor. After the kitchen and dishes were done. She joins everyone in the living room to watch a movie. She’s fallen asleep a few times watching movies with them and woken-up in her bed in the morning.

After the movie is done, she heads to bed so she can get up early and head to work.

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