The Adventure Begins Chapter 15

Bogdan’s lair:
Cassandra, Vince, Amy, Kadyn and their Coven members approached the old Victorian house. There was an old 6’ft tall iron wreath fence surrounding the place. Amy and Kadyn could feel the death magic pulsating off the fence.

“Leave this to me.” Kadyn turns into her full grown fiery lion form and walks right up to the fence.

The concrete sidewalk under her paws sinks through it. There are sparks and a wail as the magic in the fence fought against Kadyn, trying to kill her. Her flames flares hotter, as she fought against the death magic in the fence. The rest of the people near her back away as they felt the flames and heat.

Amy was feeling the heat affect her. She was normally immune to magic, but this she was feeling. She concentrates some to negate the heat, but she could still feel it. She couldn’t figure out why it still affected her.

Kadyn kept pushing forward towards the iron fence. The whole section of the fence where she was, was white hot. She butts it, but it doesn’t give. She steps back and charges towards it while roaring. The flames from her mouth hit the fence, just as she slams into it.

There is a massive blinding explosion as Cassandra and Vince protect everyone. Once everyone could see again, they notice the whole entire fence surrounding the property melted down into a slag. Kadyn was laying on the ground panting in her normal form. Her fur had turned pure white. She wasn’t moving at all.

Cassandra walks over to her and kneels ‘Kadyn, are you alright?”

“Use too much.” Kadyn used everything she had to take down the fence that surrounded the house.

Amy looks towards the house and a bunch of people starts coming out. She could tell they were hyped up on something.

“You guys stay here.” She pulls her sai’s and starts heading towards them.

Cassandra had turned away from Kadyn to see what was going on. When she turns back around to check on Kadyn, she was gone. There wasn’t a body at all. All that there was left, was melted metal.

Amy could smell the stench coming from the forty men and women that had come out of the house. All their eyes were glowing red and were snarling. She looks at all of them and wonders if they were jacked up on ruby.

“Go and handle Bogdan. This group was meant for me.” Amy sends to Cassandra as she charges into the thick of the group of ruby heads.

She controls her anger, and not let it send her into a berserk. She needed to keep her head clear this time and use every bit of her training to keep these people from going after Cassandra and her coven.

She starts cutting people down by removing their heads and legs. A few of them gang up on her and try to pin her down. She could feel their teeth bite into her skin and their sharp fingernails digging into her skin.

She manages to knock a few of the ruby heads off her as she goes back to cutting their heads off. She disappears as more ruby heads surround her and try to tear into her body.

Cassandra and her coven start heading into the house to go and deal with Bogdan. As they walk in, they discover he was in the middle of a circle. They could feel the demonic energies he had summoned and joined with him.

Bogdan turns to face the thirteen members of the Coven of the Oak Spirit “your souls will be mine.”

The air around Cassandra and her group start becoming heavy and thick as he slowly closes his fist. All the members grab their throats as if they were having a hard time breathing. Vince and Cassandra clasp each other’s hands and form a shield around their coven members.

“Quick, everyone surrounds him. We need to strip him of his abilities and send whatever demonic force he called up, back to where ever it came from.” Cassandra and Vince change the air back to a more tolerant environment.

Each coven member keeps holding the hand of the next coven member as they surround Bogdan. Once they are complete surrounding Bogdan, they close the circle.

Hellfire flames flair up around Bogdan. He tosses balls of hellfire towards the coven members. Just before the hellfire balls hit, they are turned into snowballs. Bogdan sends more and all of them are changed into snowballs.

“Do you honestly think we can’t transform elements, demon?” Cassandra gives the demon a look that she reserves for a naughty child.
She couldn’t use it on Angela because of her blindness. She just looks at Bogdan and starts chanting under her breath. When she starts repeating the chant, Vince takes it up, then the next coven member. One by one the chant is picked up and increased each time someone takes it up.

The demon inside Bogdan starts feeling the effects of the magic as it builds. He tries fighting it, but the magic was getting to be too strong to fight. He strikes out at Cassandra and Vince. He knew they were the keys to break and stop the magic. He tries punching through the protective shield that protected the coven members.

He manages to punch through and hits Vince in the chest. He smiles as he tries again. He gets ready for another punch.

Vince had taken the punch to his chest. He could hear his ribs crack. He grits his teeth to keep from screaming out and to keep from letting the pain get to him.

Just as Bogdan is about to strike Vince again, a sai appears in his chest. He looks down at it as it pokes through his body. He then feels himself being surrounded by magical energies as the air turns to crystal. It forms around him, trapping him inside. The sai had shot out of his chest and lands on the floor behind the coven members.

The crystal starts to shrink as the magical energies seal him inside permanently. The coven members stop chanting and Vince collapse to the floor. The coven member nearest him picks him up off the floor.

Amy comes walking in with blood covering her body. The clothes she had were in rags. She had plenty of bite marks and whelps from claws on her body. She had kept her mind cleared and killed all the ruby heads that had come after her.

She walks over to where her sai had landed that she threw. She picks it up and walks over towards Cassandra and Vince. She glances towards the reddish crystal laying where Bogdan had been standing.

All the coven members were exhausted. You could see the veins beneath their skin. They slowly make their way outside and collapse near a huge tree.

Amy could see that Cassandra was having trouble carrying her husband. Even with the help of the other coven member. She walks over to help Vince. She is careful as she moves Vince over to the same tree where the other coven members were. They looked like they were drawing energy up from the ground.

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