Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 16

Yasmine had a hard time sleeping with the storm raging outside their cabin. Justin had introduce her to Dave Martain. She couldn’t believe he was an Alpha Were-wolf. He looked like a typical old style biker. He had tattoo’s that covered his body and wore a single earring in his ear. He was bald and had a blonde beard that hung down from his face. There was a scar that went down the middle of his right eye.

She puts her house robe on and slip her tennis shoes on. Something was drawing her to go outside. She grabs her raincoat and steps outside the cabin she was sharing with her family. She was drawn to an open field not to far from the cabins. A huge bolt of lighting comes out of no where striking the middle of the field. The force from the lighting knocked her on her ass. As she was picking herself up off the ground. A huge pitch black horse with electricity crackling in its eyes comes walking up to her. It had come from where the lighting had struck in the field.

“I am Arion and I have been sent here for you.” He nudges her with his nose.

“What do you mean that you have been sent here for me?”

“I have been sent by the goddess for you.” Arion was told he was going to be sent to a young girl to be her familiar.

Yasmine slowly stands up and looks at Arion. She runs her hands on his smooth neck. His hair felt smooth under her touch. The rain had slack off some since she came out and since his arrival. He had a black saddle already on him, but no bit. After several tries, she manages to climb up into the saddle. Her legs barely came down to the middle of his chest. He was so muscular and tall. She didn’t feel the rain while she was sitting on top of him. She goes for a ride for the rest of the night. He was so swift and every time his hooves hit the ground it was like thunder going off. Yasmine rides him up past the campground entrance. The guards at the entrance couldn’t believe what they were seeing when Yasmine rode past them.

They heard the sound of thunder coming towards them and then something pitch black rode right past them. Yasmine stops before she gets to the main road they had turned off of. She couldn’t believe how fast they had moved. She could enter into a horse race and win instantly with Arion. She notice he wasn’t even breathing hard right now.

“How fast are you Arion?”

“It would only take me a couple of hours to get to the other side of this country.”

Yasmine turns Arion back around and head back to her cabin. She stops in front of it and runs inside the cabin.

“Mom, Dad, Aunt Lily you need to come outside and met Arion.”

Ryder comes rushing out of the bedroom followed by Lydia and finally Lily.

“What’s going on Yasmine?”

Ryder was looking at their daughter and notice she was soaking wet.

“Why are you wet?”

“You have to come outside, Dad.”

Yasmine runs back out to Arion. He was still standing where she had left him.

All three adults rushes outside behind Yasmine and come face to face with a huge unknown pitch black stallion. They could see energy crackling in its eyes.

“By the goddess, what are you?”

“He’s called a Thunder Horse.”

Maggie had been woken when she felt the release of of so much energy near them. Even Kelly had felt it. Kelly and her had come out to investigate what caused the release of so much energy. Tabitha, Ava and Courtney hadn’t felt it. Ava should had, but looking around she wasn’t outside.

Arion looks over towards the woman that had spoken and could tell she was part-Royal Fae. The young girl standing next to her was part-Fae as well, but not of royal blood. He did see the bind that was there connecting them as mother and daughter.

“What is a Thunder Horse?” Yasmine was curious and so was the rest of her family.

“Why don’t we go inside and talk.”

Yasmine looks at Arion “are you going to be alright out here?”

“I’ll be fine Yasmine. Go ahead and go inside with your parents and that lady.”

Yasmine hugs Arion and heads inside the cabin with everyone else.

“Would any one like a coffee or anything?”

Yasmine looks at everyone.

“I would like a hot chocolate if you have any.”

“Yep, do you want marshmallows or whipped cream?”

“Marshmallows please Yasmine.”

“No problem Kelly.”

Yasmine whips up a hot chocolate for herself and Kelly and coffee for everyone else. She gives Kelly her hot chocolate and sits down next to
her mother.

Maggie had been watching Yasmine. She reminded her of Ava when she first came to live with her.

“So, what is a Thunder Horse?” Lydia was looking towards Mrs.Vreeland.

“A Thunder Horse is a fabled ancient Elven war horse. They were breed to fear nothing. The thing is, the more frightful a creature is, the more angry a Thunder Horse gets. They can generate an electrical field around itself to protect its rider and when it is running or galloping, it sounds like thunder. They come from another dimension and there aren’t very many of them. Actually, they were rumor to have gone extinct according to an ancient scroll I read.”

“So, why is Arion here?”

Yasmine was looking towards Mrs. Vreeland.

“What did he say to you when he appeared?”

“He said he was sent by the goddess for me.”

Both Lydia and Ryder look at each other. Even Lily was looking at her.

“Well, I guess he is your familiar now.”

Yasmine heard some laughing in her head.

“He’s outside laughing at me.”

A smile appears on Maggie’s face.

“I wonder if I’ll ever get a familiar?”

Kelly was looking towards her mother.

“You will one day sweetie.”

Just as Maggie says that. There’s a popping sound and a legendary Blue and Gold color Thundered Bird appears above Kelly’s head. It flies down and lands on her shoulder.

Yasmine just giggles.

“I think you got your familiar Kelly.”

Lydia was looking at Kelly with a smile on her face.

The Thunderbird chirps at her.

“I think it wants you to stroke it?”

“No, she’s saying her name is Ariana.”


Yasmine leans against her mothers legs and just watch the Thunderbird. It was a pretty bird, but she liked horses. She figures that was why the goddess sent her a Thunder Horse as a familiar.

Kellys stroke her Thunderbird on its chest carefully with a feather she summoned. Yasmine slowly drift off to sleep.

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