Blood Moon Part 18

Isa cuts the head off a zombie as it attacks her. She blocks another one as it tries to grab her.

“I feel like I’m in a Michael Jackson video.” As Isa defends against another zombie.

“I know what you mean.” Johnny was enjoying killing the zombies.

“You know, this is really creepy and I’m going to have nightmares for years.” Carol was standing near Isa, protecting her back.

“You’ll get over it, Carol. Has anyone seen Lucy since we came through?” Isa blocks another attack from a zombie.

“The last I saw of her, she was fighting that person we were sent after.” Johnny had spotted her defending herself from the perp they were sent to retrieve.

Isa slices through another zombie. She wishes the sword Sparrow gave her could burst into flames, but that wasn’t one of its abilities.

“We need fire to kill these things.” Johnny slices the head off another one.

“I want to know where he is getting all these bodies from?” Carol takes two down near her.

“There has to be a graveyard nearby.” Isa slices through another zombie.

Sebastian was on his way back to the manor house when he notices dead people rising from a graveyard.

“What the FUCK!” Sebastian stops the car and watches as they headed deeper into the woods.

They were ignoring him as they pass right in front of his car. He pulls over to the side of the road and parks his car. He changes out of his clothes and changes into his hybrid form and follows behind the zombies to see where they were going.

After a while of following them, he spots members of his enforcer group fighting them. He couldn’t believe how many dead bodies had come back to life, but the question was. Who was summoning and controlling them?

He looks around and spots two people off fighting. One was a woman dressed in ancient Roman style armor but didn’t have a shield. The other was a tall bald man wearing skin tight hard leather suit that looked like something from the newer Batman movies. He was wielding a
wicked looking sword as he defended himself from the woman in Roman-style armor.

As he moves to go over and help the woman, several zombies near him attack. They were preventing anyone to interfere in the fight. He spots Isa nearby with two others. They were holding their own against the zombies.

Lucy blocks a sword strike from Sivieth Kashie. The fine hair on her arms stands on end as the magical energies from his sword, cascade down her sword towards her arm. She could tell it was death magic that he was trying to use against her. She could feel the evil presences emanating from the sword each time he struck hers.

“You know, this could go easier if you just surrender now. Because sooner or later, I will suck the life out of you.” As Sivieth swings his sword towards Lucy.

Lucy blocks with her arm guard and swings her sword towards his side. The vibration from his sword strike shock her arm. Her forearm felt numb from the strike. Her sword strikes bounce off his armor.

“In your dreams Sivieth.” As she punches him in the face with her free hand.

Her hand burned when it touched his face. She flexes her fingers after striking him. The evil energies running throughout his body made him as strong as she was. Plus, add in the magical gifts he inherited from the vampire blood, put him a little over what she could do.

Sivieth channels his death magic through his sword as his next strike is blocked by the woman. He had no idea who she was, but she had a lot of energy. As the death magic travels from his sword, over towards her sword and down her arm. He hears her scream as it engulfs her body.

Lucy swung her sword to block Sivieth’s strike. Just as their swords met, she could see his death magic travel down her sword and surround her body. Every abuse she had experience in her life came back at ten times fold. She screams at the top of her lungs as the pain threatened to overwhelm her.

An evil smile appears on Sivieth’s face as his eyes glow bright red as he feeds off her misery. He was enjoying the misery he was getting from her. He was seeing and feeling all the misery she has experience in her life. He was getting enjoyment off it. Especially, the death of her brother. That excited him the most.

Lucy focuses her energies and slams shut her memories like Shayla taught her. She wasn’t going to let what happened to her in the past, stop her. She summons her magical energies and hit him hard with it.

Sivieth wasn’t expecting what he just got hit with. He felt his power thrown right back at him, stronger then he had sent towards the woman. He causes him to stumble backward as the power cause the energies he was using to summon and control the dead faulters.

Lucy strikes hard after hitting him with her power. She slices through his armor, to the skin underneath his armor.

“If you think you can hurt me, think again.” Lucy swings her sword again and this time she starts using some of the dirty tricks Titanis taught her.

She does a roundhouse kick to Sivieth’s face. Her metal cover boots connect with his face, sending him ten feet backward. She moves towards his fallen form and swings her sword, leaving a deep gash across his chest. Her sword cut deep into his armor and chest.

Sivieth winces from the deep gash to his chest. He could feel his energies to teleport coming back. He puts both his hands up in front of him and sends a black energy ball towards the woman.

Lucy tries moving out of the way but gets hit with the death energy. It plays havoc with her body as every nerve in her body and joints feel like it is on fire. She reaches down into the earth and draws energy into her body. It refreshes her body and gives her the energy she needs to resist the death energy.

“You like playing with magic, let's see how you like this.” Lucy felt an underground river under her when she reached for energy. She causes the water to erupt from the ground and form a bubble around Sivieth.

Sivieth wasn’t expecting the ground under him to erupt. The next thing he knows, he is inside a ball of water and choking. He starts to feel himself passing out as he drowns from the water entering his body. He tries to fight it, but he just can’t escape from the water or use his powers.

Lucy solidifies the water into a solid object, sealing Sivieth inside. Lucy watches as the zombies stop attacking and return to their grades.

“Thank god.” Isa was covered in whatever fluids the zombies still had inside their bodies.

Johnny and Carol look at Isa as they revert to their human forms. Both were covered in greenish fluids from ripping through the zombies.

“How did you guys get here?” Sebastian approaches Isa, Johnny, and Carol.

“Hey, Sebastian. We were sent here to help Titanis’s little sister over there.” Isa points towards Lucy.

Sebastian looks over towards Lucy as she walks towards a person encased in a crystalline object. Sebastian was curious who the person was.

“So, Sparrow sent you guys?”

“Actually, Lucy over there brought us. She opened a portal here. Let’s see how everyone else is.” Isa and Sebastian walk over to Lucy. They could tell she wasn’t looking too well.

“Hey Lucy, are you alright?” Isa was a little concern about her.

“I’ll be fine. I’m trying to figure out what I am going to do with the thing.” She points towards Sivieth Kashie encased in crystal.

“Can’t you just kill him and get it over with?”

“No, he has ingested to much ruby from a powerful vampire. If I kill him, he’ll come back as an actual vampire. That is why I sealed him in this crystal. Maybe, your Alpha can do something with him.”

“Oh, I think she can. She is a Grim Reaper.” Isa knew that Sparrow could have some fun with him.

“Well, were ready to head back home.” Johnny comes walking over.

“Alright, I’ll open a portal.” Lucy opens a portal back to the Manor house.

“Can you open one to the garage as well?” Sebastian wanted to take his car back.

“Yes, I can.”

“Good, give me a few minutes.”


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