Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 5

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Theia couldn’t believe how cold the water was in the swimming pool. It felt like it came down from the artic ocean. She was on her fifth lap and she still had another forty-five laps to do. Since she woke-up on her first day as a girl, she has been doing nothing but training. Titanis has been like a drill sergeant to her and when she did something wrong. She got a whack on her ass with either Titanis’s hand or during sword practice with the flat of the blade from Titanis’s sword.

Titanis stood on the side of the pool and watched as her little sister swam in the artic water she had purposely made for her. She knows she has been hard on her, but she had to get her up to speed. After she is done with her this afternoon she’ll give Theia two days to herself so she can do as she pleases.

“Come on slow poke. Pick the pace up or I’m going to make the water colder to entice you to move faster.” Titanis was being easy compare to her instructor.

Theia picks her pace up and after two hours she is done doing her laps.

“Can I take these weights off sis?” Theia had ten pound weights attached to her wrist and ankles she had to swim with.

“Yes, and when you get out. Go take a shower and change your clothes and see me afterwards.” Titanis walks off.

Theia wonders why her sister wanted to see her. She climbs out of the pool and takes the weights off. Titanis had left a towel for her to dry off laying on the back of the yard chairs. She grabs the towel and heads inside the house and up to the second floor and take a shower to raises off. It doesn’t take her long to change and check her make-up.

Titanis has been after her on making sure her make-up was done right every time she wore it. She brushes her long amber color hair. At first, she wasn’t to trill about the tattoo she had, but it has grown on her and now she loved it. Another flower had appeared on the vine on her right thigh with a group of bumble bee’s buzzing around it.

Theia had put on a nice pair of slightly faded skinny blue jeans, a red top that had roses embroidered on it that came down to the bottom of her butt with a pair of comfortable tennis shoes. Her ears had been pierced and she was wearing ruby and silver ear studs. Titanis had given her a necklace that had their mothers symbol that hung from it just between her breast. She had brushed her hair out and put it into a pony tail. Her owl was asleep on his stand.

Theia grabs her purse and head down stairs to find her sister. She checks the kitchen and library which Titanis wasn’t in there. She goes into
Titanis office and notice that Shayla was in there and so was her sister.

“Ah, good. You’re finally dressed and ready. Since the only thing you have been doing since you woke-up has been nothing, but training.
Mom has decided that you deserve two days off to do whatever you want to do. These are the conditions however. First one, No one can know you are the daughter of Athena. You must keep who your parents are secret. You aren’t ready to deal with people who would like to get revenge on a goddess. Second one, remember you’re cover story. If you run into someone who knows you, pretend you don’t know them. Which will be true. If they persist, just stick to your story. Third one, try not to get yourself into a situation that I need to bail you out of. I really don’t feel like banging heads today. Fourth one, I will know where you are no matter where you go. We are linked by blood now. That means all you need to do is think my name (Τιτανής) in Greek to summon me. Also, don’t go around flashing money either. I’m going to give you two thousand dollars cash and I have put a limit on this card for seven thousand. It has your name on it.” Titanis hands the card and money over to Theia.

Now, I can either drive and drop you off and you can catch a cab back or you can use your scooter.”

“Would you mine dropping me off.” Theia figures until she practices with the scooter, having her sister drop her off would be nice.

“No problem sis. If you want me to pick you up. Just call me and I’ll come and get you.”

“Unless I have her tied up in bed Theia. Then you might have to wait a little while.” Shayla was looking directly at Theia, even though she
couldn’t see.

“Doesn’t sis ever wear you out Shayla?” Theia has been curious about their love life.

“Nope, I know how to wear your sister out. She may be a demi-goddess, but I know how to make her mind mush.”
Titanis just looks at her wife, even though she knows it wouldn’t do her any good.

“Come on sis and sweetie.”

Shayla gets up and grabs Titanis shoulder as they walk out of the house and over to the Hummer she owns. Everyone loads up and drive into town.

Shayla pulls a cell phone out of her pocket “here’s your new cell phone, Theia. My number and your sister’s number is programed into it. We know all you have to do is just think your sisters name in Greek, but sometimes it’s easier to just use technology.”

“Thanks Shayla”

“You’re welcome.” Shayla turns back around and sits back and hum a little tune since the radio is off.

After twenty-five minutes, they arrive in town.

“Okay, where do you want me to drop you?” Titanis glances back in the rear-view mirror towards Theia.

Theia looks around and spots a place call Vamps.

Titanis sends her senses out and gets nothing bad about it back.

“Okay, but remember what we talked about.” Titanis pulls over and lets Theia out.

“Have fun sis.” Titanis drives down the street as her and Shayla head towards the movie theater. She didn’t feel anything bad about the place. So, she was comfortable about leaving her little sister to check it out.

Theia watches as her sister and Shayla drive off. This is the first time since being turned into a girl that she has been by herself. Theia notices an advertisement for a group called Incubus. She wonders what they sounded like. She walks around till she finds the entrance to the club. As she walks in, the lights where low and everyone was dressed in gothic attire.

There looked to be an area that looked like it was set-up like a court where several well dress gothic people were mingling. Theia walks around listening to some of the music being played. She has never heard Gothic style music before. The music she was currently listening to was soothing and mysterious. It had an ethereal sound to it. Almost like some Celtic music she has heard before.

The way the gentlemen were dress you would think they were form the olden days or something from an old vampire flick. The women in the place were wearing leather and Neo-Victorina clothing which really shows off their legs. Some were wearing bodysuits that were so shear you could see their black bras and panties through the material. She closes her eyes and allow her body to move with the music. It touched something deep inside of her. She was swaying back and forth to the timing of the music. Letting the choir, she was hearing carry her off.
The next thing she knows and feels is others around her as they dance to the tune being played.

The music sends chills down her back as it plays. When it stops, she opens her eyes and notice she was surrounded by others. Theia smiles at them as she moves towards the bar. Just before she gets there, a gentleman dress in old style Gothic Victorina style suit stopping in front of her. He had his long hair hanging down on either side of his head and the rest swept back into a ponytail.

“Ah, my butterfly. It’s been awhile since you have grace us with your presence. Rumors abound saying you have past beyond the veil of this world onto the next.” Thorn couldn’t believe he was seeing Rainn before him. Rumors had it that she had pasted on from a drug overdose.

“Excuse me sir, but do I know you?” Theia had a feeling this guy knew the former occupant of this body.

“Of course, you know me Rainn. We used to make such beautiful music together.” As he wraps his arms around Theia’s waist and pulls her against his body.

Theia pushes away from him “I’m sorry, but I do not know who you are. You must be mistaking me for someone else.”

“I think not my goddess. I have seen this unique tattoo you have on your left arm and know for a fact that it starts on your right ankle and travel up your leg. He had rub his finger on her leg tracing the location of the vine.” A playful smile appears on his face.

“Yes, I have a tattoo that is as you describe, but I really don’t know who you are.” Theia had a confused look on her face and hopes this guy understands she really doesn’t know him.

Thorn stops and looks at the woman before him. She looked exactly like the Rainn he knows, but she was claiming not knowing him. He could see her tattoo and there was something different about one of the flowers on her wrist. It was a deep purple rose with white stripes running through it.

“Well let me introduce myself, my lady. I am Lord Thorn Bradly and this my Lady is my club Vamp.” He watches her reaction to see how she responds.

“Theia” She flashes him a smile.

“Just Theia, my lady?” Thorn couldn’t believe she only gave him one name.

“Yep, just Theia. I have no last name.” Theia should ask her sister about that.

“Then Lady Theia, will you join me for a drink?” Thorn extends his hand out to her.

“Sure, why not.” Theia places her hand into his.

Thorn escorts Theia over towards the area set aside to look like some sort of court. He raises his hand and motions for a waitress to come over.

“Jessica, please bring me my usual and a” As he looks at Theia to see what she was drinking.

“I’ll have whatever you are having.” Theia looks at Thorn and smiles.

“Then bring two please, Jessica.”

Once Jessica comes back with their drinks. Thorn sits next to Theia and make small talk with her.

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