The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Attractive...

The Good,
The Bad,
and the Not So Attractive...
Sometimes I feel like I'm in my own movie, complete with music and all sorts of good stuff. Anyway, yesterday was one of those days. First:

The Good!

My son graduated yesterday from his Radiography program. He received an award for Best Patient Care, and the Head of the Department said that he'd gotten kudos from the professional staff and even patients at the hospitals where he practiced. On Tuesday the head of the Radiography Department at the foremost Diagnostic Hospital in Manhattan invited him for a job interview on Monday. She was impressed enough with his interactions during the seminar that she bumped him to the head of the line. My proudest moment as a parent, all this left me in tears. My wife's sister and her husband took us out to dinner, leading to:

The Bad!

The morning was kind of scary; I discovered blood in my urine I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning, along with my physical therapy and chiropractic (great medical practice). Still, it's frightening until I find out what's going on. Later at dinner, I had to use the restroom, and I had a flashback on the way back to the table. The decor in the hallway by the restrooms was a near duplicate of the hallway at the apartment where I was abused. Dark walnut doors and trim, dirty-looking faux stucco, and an display of antique glass doorknobs. I walked back into the bathroom and had a very huge brief cry before rejoining the family. While I was in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, leading to:

The Not So Attractive...

Having to face myself in the mirror was very painful for two reasons. First, as many of us might feel, I looked at my 'real' image with sad disappointment, realizing that I might look like 'that' forever, which led to more tears. But I also took a look at myself and realized I didn't like the person I saw; I wasn't happy with some of my comments lately, and I did want to apologize for offending folks; enough said of that besides that I am sorry.

So there you go! A very long day today. My fibro has flared up but the physical therapy seems to be helping the vertigo. I'm making great strides in therapy, and I'm glad to be here. I'd just like to be able to pick and choose which movie I want to be featured in. Thanks for caring! Andrea

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