It's the Arts!

It's the Arts

Tonight we'll be looking at the brilliant work of Joan d'Arte, a Pre-Raphael School painter whose commentary on the transgendered life is considered the most representative of both genre' and subject.


First, I give you


You can see the pure ecstasy of the boys as they marvel at the soft hues and feel of their new clothing. One of the models, Percy Newsome, was heard to say, "I don't care; if she can't pay me, I'm keepin' the bloomin' dress, cor!"

* * *

And now,


...a lovely portrayal of a young man in transition. d'Arte herself decided to paint the girl after hearing her remark that she never realized just how big her hands were.

* * *


Another example of genre' and subject combined in awesome expression?

No Fair!

...d'Arte personally chose the models after overhearing an argument they were having outside the local pub one evening. The 'knight' was practically in tears, it was said, while protesting,

"No fair; you got to be the girl last time. I'm tellin' mum!"

* * * atypical example of d'Arte's work, we find clever whimsy come alive in

Oh...That Went Rather Well

....the artist herself is the subject here; a rendition of a date gone bad. She wrote in her diary, "Dearest Joan ....Perhaps I should have waited until the second date to tell him?"

* * *

...another fine example of Pre-Raphaelite and Transgenderism melding into a visual delight?


...the brother of the artist's partner, the lad is seen here looking up sheepishly at his mother, fearing the worst. His mother was fine, having purchased the very gown only days before just for such an occasion. Ah, would that we all had mothers like her!

* * *

...a simple yet telling portrait here...

Waiting of the artist's more challenging subjects; 'Miss' Belladonna kept complaining about missing out on Ruggers!

* * *

and finally,

Wonder of Wonders

....originally thought to be apocryphal, recent restoration work on the painting revealed a small caption next to d'Arte's signature. It read, " that's what that feels like."

Simply a brilliant but seldom recognized artist... Miss Joan d'Arte.

A BBC Presentation, this has been a Movin'Dirt/CairnsGirl co-production. Directed by Susan Heywood and co-written by Zoe Taylor and Julie Cole. Jennifer Brock is Executive Producer. This is Kristine Roland speaking.


all paintings by John William Waterhouse (1849? to 1917)

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