Star Trek 50th Anniversary Topshelf Celebration.


Think of it for a moment? Fifty years of Sci Fi innovation perhaps linked inexorably with questions we all had about gender and the Enterprise and...okay, a lot of us? What? Okay, a few of us really conflicted folks here. Did we want to be involved with a Star Trek woman? Or better still? To be with a Star Trek woman and BE a Star Trek woman? Well? It now really seems, looking back on the span of the series in its various permutations. we can actually see that those questions were answered, with the proof right there all along....

In the chronology of the Star Trek universe, here are but a handful of examples

At the beginning, the first hint of Star Fleet dysphoria can be found in Star Trek: Enterprise, where T'Pol, liaison from the Vulcan High Command and Science Officer learns that humans can be quite a curious race...

Harb (1).jpg

From The Original Series – Before there was a James T. Kirk, there was a Christopher Pike, and instead a a cold, logical Vulcan as First Officer, there was a not so stuck on logic woman simply known as Number One…


And of course, as the series developed, things weren't necessarily as ....binary... as we may originally surmised?


So many of the fans of The Next Generation had their suspicion, buttressed by the idea that Beverly must have adopted her son after all, but for an entirely different reason than anyone could have suspected...


Deep Space Nine was not only Deep in Space, but a tad deeper in exploring relations as well... with the odd surprise or three...


And of course careening through the Delta Quadrant included pleasant discoveries of an Alpha nature....


and we cannot explore the Star Trek Universe without taking one last peek - the reboot almost needs no explanation...


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