Plain Jane...

Plain Jane

the Jefferson Diner....

The woman sat at the booth by the window. She was a big woman both in size and in presence; almost out of place and more suited to dine at the fine tavern next door. She leaned down and touched her calf, feeling the soft smooth hose that adorned her legs, revealed by the split in her long satin-lined green wool maxi dress. A moment later she looked up to see a very nervous girl standing before her.

“Your tea, ma’am. Have you decided?” The girl shook nervously; afraid of both her own shadow and the woman before her.

“The Cobb Salad, please.”

Her words seem to electrify the moment as the girl was startled. She nodded, smiling as she backed away slowly. Delia lifted her glass of iced tea and took a sip as she watched the girl walk away. She was very plain looking, and Delia noticed that the other wait staff seemed to ignore her when they gathered at the station while waiting for their orders. A few minutes later the girl hurried back to Delia’s table with the Cobb Salad.

“Would you like some more iced tea?” The girl said almost apologetically. Delia peered at the tag on the girl’s uniform before saying,

“That would be nice….Jane.” The girl blushed at the mention of her name as she looked down at her name tag. She went to take the empty glass from the table when Delia reached out and touched her hand, causing her to spill the glass, sending ice all over. She flinched at her ‘mistake’ when Delia once again reached out and touched her hand.

“It’s okay, sweetie. It’s just ice.” Delia smiled gently and the girl’s face grew even redder.

“You know how beautiful you are when you’re humble?” Delia pulled the girl closer, a gentle tug that brought the girl nearly nose to nose with her.

“Let me take you away from all this?” Delia said with a smile. Her breath was hot and sweet and the girl shook slightly from the sensation of the moment.

“Really, you need someone who will take care of you the way you deserve.” Delia stood up and looked around the room at the other diners.

“Excuse me,” she said loudly over the noise of the various conversations that filled the restaurant. Almost every eye turned and faced her; the attention she sought was almost complete.

“Excuse ME?” She spoke louder; loud enough to gain the attention of the wait staff who had ignored the young woman earlier.

“Jane and I have an announcement!” The girl turned to face Delia, her expression a mixture of embarrassment and joy as she put her hand to her cheek in wonder.

“We’ve decided that this establishment is not worthy of her presence!” Delia pivoted around to face the wait staff. She offered a smirk as the boys and girls eyed her. She took a step in their direction before turning back to the girl.

“Allow me?” She said gently to the girl as she placed her hand on the girl’s cheek. Her fingers brushed against the girl’s earlobe playfully before settling softly on the girl’s neck. She leaned closer hand began to kiss the girl; softly at first in tentative exploration as the diners gasped in surprise.

She continued, but now with both hands gently supporting the girl’s slender neck as the kiss grew hot and romantic. In a moment Jane had changed from a seldom noticed duckling to a graceful swan who gained the admiration of the crowd. She startled everyone by reaching around and down and in a second had the girl bundled in her arms; sweeping her away from all that as she carried the girl to the sound of...

“Johnny? Did you remember to take out the trash?” The loud voice echoed in the hallway as Johnny woke up with a start. A moment of foggy semi-awareness was followed quickly by a tentative,

“Ye…yeah, Mom…I….”

“Well, okay, honey. I’m heading for bed myself, okay? Love you,” Johnny’s mother called as she walked down the hallway. A second later he heard the door open as his mother entered the room. She walked over to his bed. He gripped the covers tightly that lay across his body. She leaned over and kissed his cheek and shook her head, the scent of her Aveda seemed to fill the room. She walked to the bedroom door and stopped. Turning, she smiled at the boy before saying at last,

“I forgot to tell you…Delia called. You left your chemistry book over at her place. She’s going to bring it on the bus tomorrow.” The boy blushed. She went to exit the bedroom but turned one last time.

“Honey?” The word was soft and gentle, but seemed to bode of more than just a final ‘good night. He looked up gingerly, his hands still gripping the blanked tightly to his chest.

“Make sure you put my uniform away when you’re finished with it.” She said with a soft laugh. He looked at his mother and then down at himself. A peek underneath the covers revealed a pink polyester dress that covered a perky if entirely faux bosom. On the left breast, just under the ‘Jefferson Diner’ Logo, was a name tag, covered with a piece of white medical tape with a hand written name. His face grew hot and he wished he could just die right there when his mother spoke one last time.

“Sweet dreams, baby, okay.”

“Okay, Mom…love you.” He said nervously as his eyes filled with nervous fearful tears. She stood at the doorway and sighed.

“I love you too…..Jane.”

Up Where We Belong
words by Will Jennings
music by Jack Nitzsche
and Buffy Saint-Marie
as performed by
Lee Ritenour
from the Motion Picture
An Officer and a Gentleman

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