Vivacious Vagaries

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Some like it hot and some like it cold and some, like the proverbial little blond-haired girl, love it just right. Here are some examples of the artist, Louis L’Amour Orles, known for gender-bending oils on canvas. Vagaries lie within the souls of the model and the artist; some a bit confused and some delightfully surprised by the end results. Ranging from just interested to fully committed, the ‘girls’ in the paintings below wend their way along the gender continuum…

...for Alison Mary

241828117181.jpgAndy wondered how his girlfriend would react when she realized
just how much he resembled Jennifer Aniston….

Jim had trouble figuring out why his wife had him dressing up like Helen Mirren….


Lonnie was inconsolable….his mother insisted no heels or hose until he turned fourteen…


Alan could never figure out why Louis had him posing on the floor
when a perfectly good chair sat nearby…

Cheyenne Again Archive_0.jpg

Jimmy thought his chin was way too big; the artist assured him it was ‘just right.’


In a very kind gesture, Louis agreed to paint Arthur as he convalesced from his orchiectomy…

Picture 6_0.png

‘Wow,’ Tommy thought…’I do look just like my sister even in a tee shirt…’


John began to relax when Louis assured him no one would recognize him…


After seeing the finished portrait, Billie’s mom suddenly realized she had a daughter instead of a son…


Bennie wondered if he’d be finished with the pose in time for baseball practice…

Linda Tracey Brandon.jpg

Louis stared at the mirror, confused… “I guess I really like dressing for me as well as the models…’

All paintings by Linda Tracy Brandon

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