Three pretentious poems for free...espresso $4.75; $20.00 cover charge..don't forget to snap your fingers, baby!.



Oh futile expenditure; all is lost
Damn my unkempt toes
Ripping through sheerest Wolford hose*
At 38 pounds oh too dear a cost!

* * *


So What?

You said you see me
As a woman like any other
Never mind, you say
That rejection today
So what if it's from my brother! (WTF?)

* * *



Oh vain vacancy, absence of vaginal veritas
Wishes for mammalian manners missing so far
With fairest of feminine face and form
Now new nicety as the norm
Now outside as inside the women we are….


* http://www.nancymeyer.com/lingerie/search2.asp?s_id=0&search...

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