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What better way to spend a Thursday evening (EST) than to peruse through blurbs about old transgender sit-coms? (Don't answer that!) Anyway, for your amusement and/or time-filler between things that actually mean something, I give you Big Closet TG Land!

Homespun humor your thing?


Annie Taylor is a small town sheriff with a big city heart. Watch as she gets into all sorts of adventures with her boyfriend L.E. Smith, deputy and closet crossdresser.

and for those fans of unconventional comedy?


Laurie David stumbles and starts with misadventure after misadventure as a quasi-celebrity and comedy writer for a popular TV comedy show. Laurie’s life at home is just as unpredictable with her long-suffering wife Cheryl; a post-op transwoman and carpenter for Habitat for Humanity

and who can forget...


A sportwriter for the New York Post, Raymona enjoys a great life with a great wife and a very supportive family other than her mewling big sister Roberta.

the laughs never end (perhaps because they never began)...


Gillian, erstwhile preoperative First Mate of the S.S. Guppy, gets roped into a three hour tour which turns into a three season commitment to this marginally entertaining knockoff of another more popular series. Still, the lovey-dovey scenes between Ginger and Gillian are priceless.

and who can forget this gem (I sure can)...

download (1)_2.jpg

Tammy (No Tool Here) Taylor has her hands full with her DIY TV show and her struggle to please her psychologist wife as well as raise three 'trans-girl' teens.

for those of us who remember when comedy was queen.... this isn't it at all...


A spinoff of a classic, you’ll smile as Little Ricki moves after her GRS to Costa Rica with her girlfriend Lupe.

download (2)_1.jpg

It’s a laugh a minute as surgeons and nurses alike find love and laughter in a Veterinarian Hospital in Manasquan, New Jersey

who knew that tripping over an ottoman would lead to lots of laughs...


The laughs keep coming as post-op comedy writer Robbie Petrie learns that it can be just as much fun at home with her lesbian wife Lana.

High School was never this funny... really...

152886497 (1).jpg

Everybody wondered what happened to Kenny after grad school. And everyone is about to find out as Karen Kotter returns to the classroom. Health and Physical Education take on a whole new meaning....Whaaaat?

and finally, from our friends across the pond...


Watch as Angina and her pre-op husband Trish frolic and romp through life as care-free house-sitters and dog walkers in Etobicoke, Ontario.

This program was made possible by a grant from somebody with a lot of money who wanted to feel good about herself, but was too embarrassed to brag... and by viewers like you! This has been a Queensland Queen/Movin' Dirt production. This is Bobbie C. speaking.....

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