hey...isn't that picture off center???

You don’t like what someone just now had to say.
It bothers you, you disagree, takin' umbrage; what the hey.
They expressed an opinion which seems awf’ly foolish to you.
You’re faced with a decision, just what are you gonna do?

Are you rantin' on the site? Are you gettin' all upset?
Are you ventin' at a comment…does it make you want to fret?
Are you yellin' at your puter… for what you view is such a crime?
Are you rantin' on the site? Are you wastin' all your time?

She said it you regret it …it shouldn’t be in print.
He repeated you’re defeated… why can’t they take a hint?
They're just so f'in' foolish; you'll confront them there and then...
You decided in an instant that you’d do battle once again.

Are you rantin' on the site? Are you gettin' in a blather?
Are you pissed off at a comment… even though it doesn’t matter?
Are you yellin' at opinions…is there someone else to blame?
Are you being just as ob-too-oose? Well ain’t that such a shame?

(cue great guitar solo)

Hey…that’s not a great guitar solo. I’ve heard great guitar solos and that’s not one of them.

Whatya mean, not a great guitar solo…it’s terrific…rivals even Page and Clapton.

Now wait a second…I’ve heard Clapton and that’s no Clapton.

What about girls…they play guitar? Just another mean misogynistic exclusion of women.

What women…you’re not a woman…

Whatya mean, he’s not a woman… he says he is…

I accept all women….

That guitar solo sucks

Are you rantin' on the site? Does it feel just like a crime?
You’ve got better things to do with your unencumbered time
Are you rantin' on the site? Drivin' admin quite insane?
Are you rantin' on the site? Bein' such a royal pain….

(Cue Dual guitars)

Hey…that’s almost as good as Boston!

Nah… Boston is so much better than that

I went to Boston once to go to a Aerosmith concert

That reminds me of a story… I’m in the Combo? Orchestra? Band?

Boys in girl bands dressed in cool miniskirts…wow

Wasn’t there a series once… a girl ranting on the site incessantly?

Yeah The Reluctant Complainer

Doesn’t sound so reluctant to me!

I think anyone who expresses an inflexible opinion is foolish….

I think you just made your own point!

Isn’t this where I came in?

(cue marginally acceptable dual guitars….)

The authoress admits to seeing herself in this musical mirror, and offers apologies to any and all whom she already may have pissed off!

Reelin' in the Years
words and music by
Don Fagen and
Walt Becker
as performed by
Steely Dan

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