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Title Code Author(s)
Left For Dead Solo Otome-chan
A Piece in the Game of Gods part 33 Thu Morpheus
Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 18: Achtung Baby Thu Shadowsblade
Arabian Nights Chapter 06. Thu Michele Nylons
The Awakening - Chapter 04. Thu Michele Nylons
Nora Midnight Part 13 Thu LadyDragon623
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 59 Thu Teddie S.
To get a Hero Solo Dauphin
Prisms and Periwinkles Solo Amalia Solara
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 1 - on Amazon Kindle Wed Angharad
Princess and the Plague: Erika goes to Hollywood 6 & 7 Wed Anistasia Allread
A Legal Trap - Chapter 8 Wed Rachel M. Moore
Glyph 3: Ink in her Veins part 3 Wed Morpheus
Bian -24- Chicken Club Wed Erin Halfelven
Down to the Last Man Solo Kateri Waters
The Devil's Chamber Part 6 Wed LadyDragon623
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *21* Awkward Feeling Wed Maddy Bell
Night Fox Chapter 14 Wed LadyDragon623
The seduction: part 5 Wed Monique S
End Transmission Solo Melanie Brown
Wildcats and Wildcats 2 Tue Leslie Moore
Ying-Yang Solo ampws
Blood Moon Part 14 Tue LadyDragon623
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 26 Tue Bronwen Welsh
E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 2 Mon Dorothy Colleen
Girl’s Night Out - 5 Dara Speaks for Herself Mon Jessica C
Reversals - Ch15 Mon Rachel Wren Clark
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch13. (Part I) Mon simkin452
Ginny's Story Chapter 60 Mon Karen Lockhart
Pea Pod 3: Give Peas a Chance on Kindle; Peapod & Peapod 2... Mon Wholeman
Caroll's Capers Solo Charlotte Dickles
Politics is... a Power Struggle [2.4] Mon Nessa M
A Starlight Summer Part-5 Mon Enemyoffun
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Penny's World pt 20 Sun Sophie Jones
Stephanie, part 18 Sun Debbie V
Angel Of Justice Chapter 16 Sun LadyDragon623
The Job 59 Sun Cyclist
A Second Chance -- Chapter 50 Sun Dawn Natelle
Summer with Aunt Ashley Solo Bryony Marsh
Tant que c'est toi Solo AuPreviner
You look cute as a girl! Part 1 Sat Sexxxy Amanda
A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years.... Sat Nagrij
Disco Doll ~ Part 5 Sat Shauna
Masks 3 - Template and Energia published on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
An Irish Tale Solo Joyce Melton
Emily's Strange Life Chapter 5 Sat Polly Adler
The Voyage of the Visund -4- Sat Penny Lane
Naughty Outdoor Adventures Solo Daphne Xu
Alexa Chapter 35: London Calling, Part 1 Fri Kris Traverse
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 3 Fri WolfJess7
Julina of Blackstone - 086 - Say Hello to Haligo Fri Julia Phillips
A Visit To VentureRealm Part 3 Fri efindumb
Forgotten: Chapter 11 Thu TGSparadox
Time on My Hands Chapter 10 - 199-200 CE: The Trip to Alexandria Thu Jennifer Sue
Take Two Girls - Part 5 Thu SamanthaMD
The Last of the Fey Thu Anesidora's Urn
Here, but Forgotten Solo AuPreviner
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Sun poetheather
Happy Gets Squashed Solo Laika
Damsels Solo Bailey Summers
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Parental Permission_03

This is the third installment of Parental Permission. Start with chapter 01. First and foremost, this is a Smoking Fetish / TG fiction story. It's about Hank, a teenage boy who gets caught smoking by his parents. This is the story of him getting parental permission to do the things he's always wanted to do but didn't have the guts to do on his own. It's a personal adventure story.

The Unicorn's Gift - Part 7

The thing you fear, and feel so near,
you try desperately to hide.
The light the dark they struggle
and you take it all inside

Then one day you realize,
that the story too long told,
no longer huddles near you,
lies imprinted on your soul.

The light and dark still struggle,
a fight of right and wrong.
But in it’s resolution
the place where you belong.

Sarah Lynn Morgan

The Unicorn's Gift
  The_Unicorn_s_Calm.pngPart Seven

Timeout 4- Reel to Real - Chapter 11, it really is, honest: The Homecoming

The train trip continues. A VIP calls Joanie's private cell, providing her with multiple thrills. Joanie glimpses motherhood, in more than one way, her reaction surprises her. Suzy and Joanie have a happy homecoming, Joanie’s tusch stops traffic. Joanie travels to Iowa, gives Eric an ultimatum, “Now get those clothes off, and you’d better be up for it.”

Andy Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." What if your 15 minutes came late in life, and fame decided to never let you go? Could you survive the circus your life would become?

P.S. Never trust sneaky authors and their teasers.

The Prince Bride - 6

The Prince Bride - Chapters 13 & 14.
By Missy Crystal

Prince Charles was heir to the throne. At his christening, three of the four fairy protectors of the Kingdom (the kind with wings and wands) appeared to give him the customary blessings for a future king. The fourth fairy sister, arriving late from partying all night with the elves, mistakenly believes the baby is a girl and gives her the blessing of being a happy bride. Can the fairy magic be undone? Will the prince grow up to be a queen of one kind or another? Read the story and find out.

And Loving It!

<In the Get Smart television series, CONTROL agent Charlie Watkins was a master of female disguise. Played by actress Angelique Pettyjohn, she/he was a sexy, gorgeous undercover spy. Maxwell Smart found blonde bombshell Charlie, much to his chagrin, disconcertingly attractive. Written a few years ago, an updated And Loving It! is presented on Big Closet in honor of the Get Smart film release.>


Drabble Theatre: A Matter of Taste

Dinner was over, dessert was delicious, and the coffee was, too. ‘Maddy always knows the best places to eat,’ Jason mused as they left the restaurant. Luck or magic, he didn’t know — and didn’t really care.

He kissed her lovingly.

“Mmmmmm,” she whispered. “Yummy. You taste …”

“Like what?” he asked, curious.

Drabble Saga 3: Those Lovely Bones

They took him to a hair salon in the hotel across the street.

"Give her the works," said Larry to Beth, the hairdresser.

"I'm not a ..." Davey began.

S-Idol - Part 14

Parental Permission_02

This is a Smoking Fetish / TG Story. It's about Hank, a boy who gets caught smoking and winds up with Parental Permission to do the things he's always dreamed about and some of the things he never would have dreamed about doing. They're short chapters and should come in at one a day. It's bizarre and unbelievable from afar, but when viewed up close, it can be a fun ride. There is no time element- maybe it happened in the 70's or maybe it happened last week. Oh, did I mention this is a Smoking Fetish / TG Story?

Marcie And The Amazons: 9. Living The Dream

Cassie came close, and knelt in front of me. "Listen to me, and listen to me good. Whatever you believe right now, whoever you think you are, for Mom–" she grimaced for a moment "–for Mrs. Auburn, you have to at least *pretend* to be her daughter, okay? If you don't, if you say that you forgot, or that your last name is Donner, she will flip right out. And believe me, she does not need that right now. So, until we can straighten out all the stuff that you don't remember, can you play along and be Juliette Auburn's daughter?"

Marcie And The Amazons by Kaleigh Way

Drabble Theatre: The Wizard of Ozzfest

"Dude, we HAVE to get back there and see Zodiac!"

"Noone gets backstage without a pass." The security guard pushed the two overweight men back.

"Cummon, we'll do anything!"

Parental Permission_01

Arlene fired up a cigarette and exhaled angrily and glared at her son. "I still can't believe this. Didn't they teach you anything in school? Didn't your father and I teach you anything? What about sports? Did you ever stop to think about that? You know you can't play sports if you smoke. Are you stupid? Tell me Hank because I want to know. Do your friends smoke? Is that it?

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 323

Easy As Falling Off A Bike
by Angharad

After waking followed by ablutions and breakfast, I phoned the local police. "Exactly, for what do you need me to attend the station?"

"We need a statement Miss Watts."

"I thought I'd made one to the officers who attended."


"I don't think I could add to it."

"We'd be grateful if you could pop in and make a new one."

A few changes

A Few Changes
By allie elle

Part One

Steve sat in his favourite tree looking out over the fields; he swung
his legs idly as he watched the dusk sun. He was happy with himself; he
had managed to avoid the fallout from his latest escapade. He had
managed to lock most of the doors to the Martin's farm house and make
it so only one door opened. He sat there laughing to himself as he

A Mothers touch

Synopsis: Billy was a normal boy or so it seemed, behind his eyes
though there raged a battle and slowly the conflict was eased by his
mothers touch.


A story by Allie Elle.

Billy stood there hands on his hips looking down with a sneer on his
face at his defeated opponent and wiped the blood from under his nose.

The Unicorn's Gift - Part 6

The struggle makes us stronger
As we pass through life’s travail
And all without our knowing,
if we live, or if we fail.

We face the pain and strife,
that threaten to divide us.
To our surprise we find,
a strength that burns inside us.

So tempered, by the flame.
And, forged like steel or iron.
We find within ourselves,
The courage of a lion.


Sarah Lynn Morgan
The Unicorn's Gift
  The_Unicorn_s_Calm.pngPart Six


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