The Beautiful Girl in Town 12 The Concert Draws Second Thoughts

The Beautiful Girl in Town 12
The Concert Draws Second Thoughts

By Jessica C

Shy Bruce talking to Deanne, the beautiful new girl…
Deanne helped Bruce with crossover day…

Morning Angel Chap. 3

Falco Special Effects, New York:
Emily examines the artificial wings she helped create. She managed to retrieve them after Teela was taken to the hospital. The ER doctor couldn’t cut through the harness that Teela wore when she used the wings. She was also relieved her best friend and business partner was okay.
The custom-designed stunt suit had protected Teela when she took a grenade to her chest.

By Any Other Name. Part 33 of 35

Chapter 33

I was feeling as if I was getting places, now. The next thing I did was to call a flight training school at Gatwick. I asked about getting the full instrument ratings for both Pipers. Although I had done some of the training when I was learning to fly, I hadn’t gone all the way to get the certification.

Hatchlings Remorse 01

The scent of freshly brewed coffee and the faint hum of my PC fan were the only things that kept me grounded as Johnathon's voice rose in pitch, animatedly gesturing towards the towering shelf crammed with D&D manuals and meticulously painted figurines. My bedroom had become a sanctuary for us—a mishmash of anime posters fluttering on the walls whenever the window was left carelessly open, casting colorful reflections on the polished surfaces lined with various gaming paraphernalia.

The Isle of the Wise

The Isle of the Wise

Lorik had announced at their first evening meal on the Isle, ‘I shall give Godwin till the next full moon to consider his boon.’

‘There is no need, Lorik,’ the young man replied. ‘If she has a mind to it I’d like to take Ailidh to wife. If she has no mind to it I have need of naught, so I’ll ask for naught.’ It was a bold request for Ailidh was Lorik’s second daughter. Many wondered why he hadn’t asked for Ceinwen Ailidh’s elder sister, for Lorik had no sons and marrying the elder girl would make him Lorik’s heir.

‘If she has a mind to it, Godwin, you have my blessing.’

Roberta Galbraith - Making Waves - Part 4 of 6

The next day was a big anti-climax compared to the previous one. Working on the catalytic converter thefts was right up her street and the sort of policing that she loved. From that high, there was always a new low not far away.

Anna Haseya Smith

My twin brother tried to enslave me.

Anna Smith and her twin brother John had just turned 13 when both her parents went to the Amazon on a research mission for 6 months. Their parents were lead researchers. They worked long hours before the mission, so the children were accustomed to being alone much of the time when they were not at their school. The youngsters knew how to have groceries delivered, had debit cards and could transfer funds around various accounts.

Make a Wish, Part 2

So I got onto the landing craft, and before we landed I settled down to start my sleep cycle along with another explorer, Melissa Canelli. When Canelli and I woke up, our pilot Clara Callahan still watching our team’s video feed, and gave us a recap.

“It’s going OK. Our two explorers entered the building we had been observing via drone earlier. It took about 20 minutes before any of the people appeared, and the first one ignored our people and went into another fantasy. The second, a woman, came out about 10 minutes later, and Carmichael called out, ‘Excuse me!’ which was translated by her wearable device into both of the languages seen on the sign here. But the woman ran and hid from our duo, and after a few minutes went into another simulation. So it went for several more people. Finally we got a woman to help us.

Battle Scars Part 2

Nathan's heart raced with fear as he thought about the weight of expectations resting on his shoulders. The entire squad had their hopes pinned on him, and the thought of letting them down sent shivers down his spine. He couldn't afford to fail, not after acing the national level selections and being hailed as the youngest squad leader ever. Amber could see the worry etched on Nathan's face and tried to calm him down with her words. "Just do your best and leave the rest to destiny," she said, gently ruffling his hair. "If it's meant to be, it will be."

Diva in Disguise 11

Diva in Disguise Chapter 11

This photo-shoot was going to be a big mistake! A connection between Mistie and Jennifer appeared an inevitable result and that could only be a disaster for the former’s career. Apprehensively I awaited my impending downfall.

“Oh, yes?” I croaked, attempting to put on a brave face as I prepared myself to hear the coming revelation.

It didn’t materialise!

Instead Tam’s conjecture was baffling. “Vera Ralston!”

What was he talking about? I’d never heard of Vera whoever the woman was.

“Vera who?”

Listening to Jekyllase, chapter 08 of 17

“If you could be Jennifer all the time, would you want to?”


“I’m not sure. I don’t think so. I like being me, too, but if I had to choose between never being Jennifer again, and always being her... I think I might choose Jennifer.”

A Summer's Odyssey - Now on Kindle


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After his mother dies the only option Kris has is to take his kid sisters to grandma's house. But Massachusetts to Maryland is a long way to travel on only $50. How will they make it, will grandma be able to keep them and what kind of life can they expect?


A Summer's Odyssey

By Jennifer Sue

Now available on Kindle

Jock to Joanne

Jock to Joanne
The image is from Flonker on Deviant Art
By Maryanne Peters

“You know, the worst thing is that you look better than me,” said Rafe. “I have been cross-dressing for years and I finally get my old friend the big jock from school to dress up and … you’re simply gorgeous! I’m a bit envious.”

Demon Queened - Chapter 40 - Family Once More

After flubbing a powerful incantation, meant to give newly coronated Demon Queens the wisdom of their ancestors, Devilla Satanne awakens to memories of her past life as Jacob Divington, a human from Earth. Having gained a new perspective on life, she quickly comes to a rather horrifying conclusion: she's been a complete and utter brat! No wonder everyone hates her!

And then there's the fact that she's apparently been reincarnated as the villainess of Tower Conquest, a lesbian porn game with a surprisingly intricate plot. One in which the Heroine conquers Dimona Tower, turning Devilla's people against her in the process. In victory, the Heroine brings about a glorious age of peace between demons and humans for the first time in millennia. ...Which actually sounds pretty good for her people, come to think of it. Devilla knows her terrible behavior is beyond forgiveness, but maybe she can still make up for her past mistakes? She just needs to make sure the events of the game unfold correctly. Though there is one little detail she'd like to change - the part where Devilla herself is killed or enslaved!

The series cover was commissioned from

Demon Queened Cover, featuring Abigail and Lucy grabbing Devilla's arm and hand, respectively, on opposite sides.

Run, Red, Run: Chapter 15

Run Red_0.png


Chapter 15: Caged

Red was just going to visit her sick grandmother; she wasn't expecting the big bad wolf.


“Wait, wasn’t the moon supposed to rise at 4:58?” I asked, briefly hoping that all my worries might just be for nothing.

The Twilight of the Gods -- A Story of Mantra, Chapter 6

Eden Chap 6_0.jpg

Mantra and the alien scientist Gabriel have discovered that a Third Force exists that can match the power of the zombie goddess Nemesis. To gain the Third Force as an ally, they set out on a quest of discovery. They will be surprised to discover the nature of the Third Force, but they will be even more surprised to find out what else is awaiting them at the end of the trail.

Parallel Lives Chapter 29

“Natalie: I’m sorry Nathan, I really am. I don’t know how many times I can say that. I just can’t do it anymore. I remember thinking at the time that I couldn’t go back to my old life because it was fake, but now… I don’t know what to think. Everything’s starting to blur together. Me and you are starting to blur together. It’s all so disorienting.

I don’t know what I need to do in place of this, but whatever it is, it can’t be this. God, can it not be this.

I’ll get back to you when I find something.”


My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

A chance encounter presents a woman with the opportunity to shape a man into her ideal lover and husband. After they are married, a couple of events lead to a rekindling of her unfulfilled sexual desires from her college days. Unable to act directly, she drafts her unsuspecting husband into helping her live out those desires.

My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

By Zylux

Copyright © 2014 Zylux
All Rights Reserved.

The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 3

Rick lets Officer Wolfhart led her to a special worker from the city. The woman that Robyn took Rick too, was part of a new department. The department was setup to help people who have been exposed to the Blue Lace Drug and its derivative a new street drug called Venus.

Sasha watches as her daughter walks away with Rick. She now needed to find out who the magician was that changed Rick Jones and what that cabinet was. She waves goodbye to the people she knew and leave SWAT headquarters.

Rebirth And Retribution Chapter 07

When Genesis' grounding was over, her parents let Jesse come over. When Jesse came, he sat right down with Genesis in the living room.

"Hey beautiful," said Jesse. "How's your sister?"

"My dad talked to the doctor this morning," Genesis answered. "He said Ramona's doing a little better. She's staying awake for longer periods of time."

"Ah," said Jesse. "Has her hair started falling out yet?"


"You know when you do chemotherapy, your hairs starts to fall out?"

"Oh, she's not quite there yet," said Genesis.

Katie Ann - Chapter 67: Christmas Day

Katie Ann

Katie Ann

What do you do when you look seven years old but you’re actually a college student in your late teens? For Kathleen’s entire life, she had fought against people treating her much younger than her actual age. Feeling obligated to grow up fast to show people she wasn’t the age of her size, Kathleen never let her inner child out. Tired of fighting against the world, she explores the adult submissive world. What she finds, however, is an enjoyment of regression. Had she made a mistake? Would life be better if she just let people treat her the way she looks at seven years old?

Becky Anne

Devin (A Smart Tech Story)

Author's notes: I created the idea for this technology a while ago. This story idea came to me this morning. I just kept the idea flowing and maybe later I will come up with other short story ideas like this.

My name is Devin. I've been touted as a painting prodigy. The turning point in my career, a moment that would shape my future, came when I had my first gallery show at the tender age of sixteen. Since then, my work has been in high demand, keeping me busy and allowing me to live a comfortable life.

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 6

To Save the Worlds
by Monica Rose, Qmodo

Chapter 6

The entrance to the garage was blocked by armored trucks, obviously the work of the invaders who were firing viciously upon the base security personnel. The gap between the trucks and where security crouched behind their vehicles was only a hundred feet, but seeing the other side was difficult. The air was blue with powder smoke and the acrid smell bit her nose and throat.


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters


James McAdam had been dating the girl for a while when she told him about the job opportunity that had amounted to nothing.

“It is a private nurse job for this super rich guy, but despite my qualifications and experience he rejected me when I met him earlier today,” she said. “It would be a great job, because is very rich, very old and very sick, and said to be very generous. But he is looking for somebody special, and it is not me. Perhaps you should apply. You don’t have a real job.”

A Life Well Spent

this was a story i wrote a while ago. it never made it to anything and i figured i would post it here and see if any liked it. a bad editor and bad publisher kind of killed it. it took years to straighten it out somewhat. i hope you like it and maybe have some feed back because im not sure right now if i will continue writing or not. anyway This is a story about Allen, who one day meets a ghost, and his life is changed forever. He learns things in life are not black and white. A lot of grey areas he never thought about. His whole life changes, and he gets a chance to start again.

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Captain Kathrine Wheeler is the terror of the seven seas join her in a thrilling adventure of daring, swashbuckling, and piracy. Will romance blow the young captain off course or will she stay true to her love them and leave them past.


Stewardess Forever
A Vignette
By Maryanne Peters

00 stewardess.jpg

I always thought of it as just a fetish. I was a compulsive crossdresser, a transvestite who had found a special way to get my thrills. I wanted to appear to be an airline stewardess.

I remember as a small boy being bounced on the naked knee of a beautiful air hostess (as they were in those days) or perhaps that was just a dream? Anyway, I was fascinated by them from a young age.

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